WTF Is a Repo? WTF Is a Repository?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the software you want to install stored and managed from a central location? Well, it’s possible using repositories, packages, and package managers. Forget searching for your disc. Stop looking for that damn download button. Start using repos today!

WTF Is a Boot Loader? WTF Is GRUB?

Boot loader? Boot manager? GRUB? rEFIt? The terminology and names never cease! Fortunately, I will clearly explain boot loaders, boot managers, and more!

WTF Is Booting? Why is It Called Booting?

What a strange term. Booting. What is so important about a computer starting that it deserves a special name? And why boot? Why not start. Or go. Or allons-y for us Doctor Who fans.

Who Is Root? Why Is He In My Computer?

The special user of an operating system, with permission to do everything, goes by many names. Superuser. Administrator. Big Kahuna. In Linux, that user is root. Want to know why? Keep reading…

WTF Is a Hostname?

Hostnames are important in computer networking. The hostname is a computer readable nickname for a computer. Linux uses the hostname anywhere it wants to display the computer’s name (such as a terminal prompt, login screen, and much more). Fortunately, understanding and setting the hostname is easy to do.

A sea shell.

WTF Is A Shell? Why Is It Important?

You’ve heard it. You’ve read it. You’ve seen it. That mysterious shell word. What is it? Why is it important? Why do Linux geeks talk about shells? If you’re asking these questions, then step into my office. I’ve got answers.

Clash of the Text Editors: nano, vim, and emacs

In the early days of Linux, file editing was done with the terminal. While graphical editors are now commonplace, terminal text editors are still important. Today, I’m going to teach you about the 3 most popular text editors.

Mageia 4 guides your through configuring your computer as soon as it boots up.

Linux Distro Spotlight: Mageia 4

Mageia is a newer, but very popular RPM based Linux distribution. It offers simplicity without sacrificing flexibility. It is fast, stable, and easy to use. Today, I’m going to discuss its strengths and weaknesses, and convince you it’s worth trying out.

Linux Permissions Made Easy

Aren’t Linux permissions weird? Don’t you miss Windows/OS X where permissions rarely, if ever, matter? Well, despite the weirdness, permissions aren’t difficult to understand. With a few minutes of reading, you’ll be an expert!

11 Reasons Linux Sucks

Yes, you read the title correctly. As great as it is, in several ways, Linux sucks and needs improvement. So here are 11 reasons to avoid Linux in favor of one of those other operating systems.

6 Reasons To Install Linux Today

You’ve heard about it. Your friends are trying it out. There are websites devoted to it. But you’re wondering why on Earth would anyone use Linux? Well, come on in and I’ll tell you.