11 Reasons Linux Sucks

A few days ago I talked about why you should try Linux.  Today, to the chagrin of Linux fanboys everywhere, I will explore the other side of the issue with 11 reasons the average desktop user would want to avoid Linux.

So here we go!  In no particular order, here are 11 reasons Linux sucks.


Reason #1: It’s Complicated

Linux is more complex than Windows or OS X.  Sure, once you are familiar with Linux and its idiosyncrasies, it’s not hard to use.  But the initial learning curve is steep.

As with several of the upcoming entries, this problem isn’t as severe as it was a few years ago.  There are now a handful of distributions that work straight out of the box for most people, and setting them up is only slightly more difficult than a recent copy of Windows.

But even with those improvements, new users must, at least, sift through all the available distributions to find the easy ones, learn how to download the right install image, learn to burn the image to a disc or create a bootable USB thumb drive, get to the install portion, and decipher what each prompt is asking.

This is not an insignificant hurdle for many people.  Good Linux users are good because they experiment and seek more information.  If you are unable, or unwilling, to learn and work through Linux’s complexities, you may want to avoid Linux.


Reason #2: You’re Alone… Almost

How many Linux users are there?  It’s difficult to pinpoint this exactly, but relatively speaking, it is safe to say not many.

Problems you encounter are your responsibility to fix.  You can’t pop into any computer repair shop with your Debian rig and get help.  The only help you’re going to get is through Linux forums, IRC channels, mailing lists, and occasionally fantastic Linux blogs such as Down To Earth Linux.  😉

Not everyone has a problem with this.  I fix my own computers, and vastly prefer talking via typed messages over the Internet, than in person or over the telephone.  It’s my mindset.  But for many, this is horrible and a valid reason to avoid Linux.


Reason #3: It Changes Constantly

At it’s popularity peak, the Ubuntu distribution looked something like this:

Ubuntu 10.10, Maverick Meerkat, Released April 2, 2010

It was sleek, lightweight, polished, and easy to use.  Since the first versions of Ubuntu, the layout and workflow hadn’t changed much.  Each update included small tweaks and improvements, there were a few color scheme changes, but everything was largely consistent and familiar.

Less than one year later, Ubuntu releases looked like this:

Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal, Released March 7, 2011 (lots of people decided to avoid Linux that day)

Ubuntu opted for a radically different user interface, called Unity, that was buggy as hell (it’s much more stable now).

This isn’t a purely Ubuntu problem, and it isn’t restricted to user interfaces.  Linux distributions often make radical changes that break or change things you used to do with your computer.  Again, this is not as bad as it was a few years ago, but it is still a problem.


Reason #4: Pointless Competition

Wayland or Mir?  Gnome Shell, KDE, Cinnamon, Unity, XFCE, MATE, or LXDE?  OpenOffice or LibreOffice?  Banshee, Amarok, or Rythmbox?

This is one of the few entries in the list that is getting worse, not better.  A short while ago, there were two major desktop environments, Gnome and KDE.  Each had its own strengths and weaknesses, and were distinct from the other.  Now, Gnome Shell, KDE, Cinnamon, Unity, XFCE, MATE, and LXDE are all major desktop environments… and most do damn near the same thing.

Why start Cinnamon from the ground up when some configuration tweaks to Gnome Shell could have accomplished the same thing?  Why did they reinvent the wheel?


How about the much-lauded Wayland and Mir display server?  What major feature does Mir have that Wayland does not?  They do the same thing!  Why are we making two products?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe competition is great.  But only when a competitor improves upon the other’s limitations.  Gnome was fast and simple, but it was plain and offered limited customization.  KDE offered all the shiny widgets and customization that Gnome lacked, but it was more complex and resource intensive because of it.  Each served a distinct purpose and catered to a specific audience.

What purpose and audience does Cinnamon have that Gnome Shell can’t fulfill?  All these pointless competing products make it difficult for Linux promoters to make clear recommendations, and make it difficult for newcomers to figure out what the hell is going on.


Reason #5: Mediocre Hardware & Peripheral Support

While you can run Linux on a wider variety of exotic systems than its competitors, it often chokes on common hardware.  It’s not Linux’s fault.  Many hardware manufacturers don’t provide support for Linux, so developers are left to reverse engineer support.

But, that doesn’t mitigate the annoyance.  You can’t simply purchase any video card that plugs into your computer.  That wireless card in your laptop?  There’s a good chance that will give you some trouble.  Oh, you bought a digital camera?  I hope it doesn’t require any special drivers or software to get the pictures off.


Reason #6: It’s Slow

Okay, it’s not slow.  It’s just not fast anymore.  The current version of Ubuntu runs slower on my powerful gaming desktop than 8.04 (Hardy Heron) did on my then old Pentium 4 laptop.  It’s kind of sad that I no longer notice any performance difference between the most recent version of Fedora and Windows.

In order to get that lightweight, snappy feeling back in my computer, I need to use a distro built on simplicity and speed, such as CrunchBang, or use a barebones distro such as Arch and add in everything myself.


Again, it’s not exactly slow.  But it’s no longer a given that it will rocket past Windows and OS X like it used to.  This was a huge selling point to Linux!

“Tired of the bloated feeling of Windows Vista? Throw on the easy to use Ubuntu and your computer will kick ass again!”

Now that’s gone.

“Well, it’s still kind of fast, but on a computer that old, it will struggle. If you really want speed, you can try a different distro that’s not as resource intensive, or upgrade your computer.”

FFS!  I feel like an iPhone salesman apologizing for an iOS update that crippled everyone’s old iPhone.


Reason #7: Programs Suck

Okay, they don’t exactly suck, particularly since most of them are free.  But in many areas the competition is so much better.

Let me give you an example.  I am an engineering student, and I absolutely need Windows.  Linux programs for computer aided engineering are garbage compared to the competition like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Catia.  And there is no sign this will change any time soon.

And it’s not just engineering.  How about video editing?  You can not do serious, professional video editing on a Linux rig.  You need Windows or OS X.

Office work?  Everyone keeps saying how great LibreOffice is, but for many tasks, Microsoft Office is the only way to go.  Complex Excel operations do not transfer over to Calc.  Heavily formatted Word documents break completely.  And outside LibreOffice, Evolution and Zimbra are not suitable replacements for Microsoft Outlook in even the smallest enterprise setting.


Linux can not replace Windows or OS X for many people because the software is so lacking.  Once you start getting out of servers, supercomputers, or strictly generic web surfing desktops, the software choices are poor at best.


Reason #8: Gaming

A couple of years ago, gaming on Linux was a joke.  There were a few open source games that, while fun, were nothing compared to the Call of Dutys, Battlefields, Skyrims, and Grand Theft Autos of the day.  Yes, there were a handful of people that they got their game working on Wine by spending 3 days configuring it and accepting defeat on certain features.  But serious gamers never bothered to go through all that work.

Today, things are definitely better.  Ubuntu, Steam, and others are working hard on making gaming not only possible, but decent on Linux.  Unfortunately though, it still has a long way to go before contending with Windows.  A serious gamer could not live on Linux.


Reason #9: It’s Free

This is one of Linux’s greatest strengths… and greatest weaknesses.  Let’s put aside the moral, ethical, and philosophical aspect (I’ll get to that in a minute), and deal strictly in reality.

Developers need money to eat, and with a few notable exceptions, Linux and Linux software doesn’t provide it.  With their money and will, Microsoft had about 1000 highly skilled developers working full-time on Windows 7.  These developers worked as a cohesive, managed unit all working towards the same goal, and produced a great product in a short period.


Linux, on the other hand, is a mixture of code, some of it 20+ years old, from millions of developers of varying talent, working on whatever the hell they feel like.  Now don’t get me wrong.  That a powerful and functional operating system is the result of this chaos is fantastic and awe-inspiring.

But, it kind of sucks.  It means Linux is always on shaky ground.  There are never enough talented developers working together on enough of the operating system.  And when something does gain significant progress and momentum, it often fragments into multiple projects all doing exactly the same thing (see reason #4) because there is no unifying vision or management.


Probably the most professional, well-organized, and best part of Linux, it’s kernel, is heavily invested in by companies like Red Hat, Intel, and IBM.  And subsequently, most of the kernel is written by developers paid to do it.


Reason #10: Philosophy Versus Practicality

Now on to the ethical, moral, and philosophical aspects I dismissed in reason #9.  A large portion of the Linux community like Linux for philosophical reasons.  They fundamentally disagree with the principal of closed source and/or for-profit software.

And there is an equally large part of the Linux community that doesn’t care at all.  They like Linux because it works best for what they want to do.  They don’t care if they use proprietary drivers from evil corporations.  They don’t care if the software is closed source.  They will pay for software if it is worth paying for.  Linux just happens to fit their current needs.


Whichever camp you fall into, you find the other side supremely frustrating.  If you’re a practical user like me, it’s annoying that MP3 files don’t play out-of-the-box in some distros because of some philosophical licensing debate.  If you’re a philosophical user, you hate that some distros throw your beliefs under the bus in favor of saving users 2 minutes of time.


This schism in the community only reinforces the other divisions and rivalries discussed above, frustrates newcomers to the operating system, and provides yet another reason to avoid Linux.


Reason #11: The Community

When members of the community aren’t being reasonable, polite, and helpful, they are complete jerks.  Forums are filled with infighting, unhelpful responses, and downright nastiness.  And by filled, I mean you occasionally stumble across these posts.

Okay, enough with the jokes.  Yes, the majority of the Linux community is helpful and civil.  Maybe a bit abrupt, but not mean-spirited.

But it is not uncommon for miniature wars to erupt for dumb reasons.  If you are outspoken about flaws or problems with Linux, or open source in general, you can expect severe verbal attacks, and possibly much worse.  If you begin contributing to open source projects, your contributions will likely be ridiculed at one point or another.  Hell, one of the towering figures in the open source community, the creator of Linux himself, Linus Torvalds, is a well-known asshole who viciously berates people on regular occasions.

Just peruse the comments on this article personally attacking me. Here are a few of my favorite gems:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



This is the End

I can hear the Linux fanboy fingers pounding on the keyboard right now.  They plan on telling me about an obscure software package that I didn’t mention.  They intend on regaling me with all the flaws in Windows or OS X.  Or they will get really defensive… almost as if I mentioned politics or religion.

So let me say this before your fingers fly.  I LOVE LINUX!  I’m not trying to create an impenetrable picket line to stop people from using Linux.  If you want to feel all warm and fuzzy by hearing how great Linux is, read my last post.  Windows and OS X have plenty of faults as well, and if this were a Windows or OS X website, I would write about those.

I am aware that many of these “problems” also have positive effects that have helped shape Linux into the awesomeness it is today.  I am also aware that Linux has made phenomenal strides in recent years.  Hardware support, usability, compatibility, and much more are the best they’ve ever been, and are only getting better.

This post’s intention is to, as honestly and unbiased as I am capable, give constructive criticism on Linux’s weaknesses to inform the curious, and, hopefully, inspire more positive changes.


All right, now you can use the comments below to yell at me.  I also highly recommend you share this post on Twitter, Facebook,  and Google+ with as many rude and crude hashtags as possible.  Oh, and make sure to sign-up for our newsletter so we can deliver more anger inducing material to your inbox!


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John is a sailing instructor and mechanical engineering student who happens to be a computer geek. To find more information about John, visit his website or find him on social media by clicking on the icons below.

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1,205 Responses to “11 Reasons Linux Sucks”

  1. Harvey Carson

    Yet another Windows-Linux-Windows, etc. etc. etc. user… I’ve been using computers since 1981. From my experiences, if you like to work on your computer then get Linux. If you need to do work on your computer, then get Windows Or better yet, get a Mac if you can afford the price.

    I finally switched from Windows to Linux (with Virtualbox Windows 10 guest) about 1 year ago… I’ve been trying to make a permanent switch for +15 years, but Linux (client) seems to be never quite ‘complete’ if you have computing needs that are not main stream. Of course gaming (…getting better…) remains non-competitive. A few of my personal frustrations… the latest SketchUp no longer runs under Virtualbox (no really competitive Linux CAD programs); DesignSpark Mechanical CAD only runs on Windows (I currently run it as a virtual machine on Windows 10); no Garmin gps support (again Windows virtual machine); Cura 3D printer software has a Linux version but the previous profile/machine settings are not pulled into the latest updates; no icloud or iTunes support (yes I have an iphone and ipad); no cross-platform cloud support between ios, Windows and Linux (ios being the big road block); Digikam Appimage only runs as full screen (seems to work okay, but another time sink to sort out); printer drivers are subpar (just recently had to use a Windows 10 app to print a pdf file… printed fine using the Windows 10 virtual machine). These examples are just a few of the Linux short comings that continue to impact me personally. So I’m reverting back to a dual boot system with Windows 10 and Linux. Seems like a much simpler solution. I really (REALLY!!!) don’t like Microsoft (…and really want to like Linux) but I continue to spend way too much time getting Linux to meet my needs versus simply installing a Windows 10 program (although probably not free) that works. If the pending new Mac mini is affordable, I may finally bite the bullet and transition 100% to Apple ios and live with the wall garden frustrations. Would be much easier with our family of iphone and ipad users. But I do continue to like to ‘work on my computer’ and explore the Linux offerings, so I’ll likely always have a Linux distro or two installed. Cheers

  2. gulijja

    I have just switched to Linux because windows wouldn’t boot…..it did the usual thing of trying to fix itself….and couldn’t find a fault. But it still didn’t boot. I thought ruined my false sense of security with windows. Currently loving Debian.

  3. SIne Nomine

    I think the “boot” process is still outdated with all desktop Linux distros. Between the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) system to replace BIOS and an SSD, Window’s boot times will always be epic for fresh installs. So long as you don’t have a bunch of startup programs, it can stay that way. If Linux could figure out a similar system or tap into UEFI properly, you could see similar boot times. Linux might take 5 years (minimum) to do it though, since there is no real unification for Linux and no real goal focus. Everything’s based on whims, which doesn’t work well if the agenda is to put Windows or OS X to shame.

    As for the GUI, that’s a crying shame that Linux can suck that bad at trying to do similar actions on high-end hardware in a native installation that a Windows user can do with ease on mediocre hardware in their Windows native installation. Even worse when you can increase the speed through virtualization… on Windows. It says a lot about a Linux distro and their goals (or lack thereof). Half-assed coding perhaps or something more rooted in a newer kernel version?

    When I do anything Linux related, I stick with LXDE (or it’s closest similar environment) most of the time if I want a GUI. Good interface, good performance from a Live Boot install. You commonly see LXDE used with Lubuntu and Knoppix. I’m not programming software in Linux, so I don’t even know if Lubuntu or Knoppix would be worth checking out and what software they have access to. It’s a shame Linux is so fragmented with so many distributions that it’s hard to find the one that works for you with little to no effort and a plethora of apps that are easily available regardless of your distribution. A PC is supposed to make your life easier, not make your life harder.

  4. Michael Conerly

    Good read, I work with linux mostly but when it comes to entertainment i will always have my winblows “gaming” is far better on windows… when we get that on linux i am sure i will be all linux.

  5. Johnny Vegas

    well i loved this article. I I actually love windows 10. I hear why people hate i and guess what, you can fix and tweak most of them which is what you have to do anyways with LINUX. it is like geeks of high school can finally talk trash and they do so with some pretty thin arguments against the mainstream. I am in grad school and I cant use LINUX and i don’t want to because the software freaking sucks! I hate Microsoft but damn their office programs run circles around anyone one else without even getting winded. LINUX is a fun hobby at the moment and I will continue to tinker and learn, but I cannot toss it aside until LINUX can compete and i mean truly compete. However, that will never happen. If someone says they are competing now or beating anyone…well keeping eating yours shrooms for breakfast because you are tripping balls.

  6. cave

    maybe you are stupid, and don’t understand linux, each OS is constantly changing, Windows is the worst, and linux is faster than other

  7. Daniel Hopkinson

    As a relatively new convert to Linux I do see all your problems with the system (God knows, I put up with them trying to get to terms with the OS with little or no response from developers or the community)! But Operating Systems like Linux WILL be given extra elbow room unlike Windows because they are free from outside commercial forces. We want these products to get better. I may have cast aside my sails of Bill Gates’ Windows, but I feel a gust from the bedroom coders, the insomniac developers and the masses who say I’m not paying the thick end of 200 dollars for something that may or may not be finished! I came here on a promise… I would like to see that promise delivered…

  8. mikej

    I have extensive Linux experience and your article is pretty accurate, I am a fan of Manjaro as a Linux desktop OS.

    While using Linux requires more intelligence than most OS to run is true this is NOT a good thing.

    Linux users berating users for not being intelligent enough to use Linux are actually the Idiots.

    Using a Desktop OS that takes up more of your time, has sever limitations when it comes to drivers, software, support and usability which limits what you can do with your computer compared to the competition is the STUPID position to take.

    I’m MORE than happy to pay MS a one off fee for a stable transparent OS so I can use my PC rather than constantly fight it.

  9. BigBenBalls

    Just another personal opinion. We can argue on every single point in the article but for me the main points are:

    – Not sure if the latest versions of Linux distros (Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, etc.) are completely spy-ware free. Linux is a lot more transparent than Windows but lately with introducing systemd and a few other technologies that may no longer be as obvious.
    – Microsoft and Apple can spy pretty much all your activities and probably do most of the time. Fact.
    – Windows is a much better choice for gaming (if you play games).
    – MS Office is better than Libre Office in terms of look, functionality and speed.
    – Linux is a lot more customisable. Gnome and KDE and the rest of the shells.
    – Linux gives you a lot more freedom.
    – For the last 20 years I used pretty much all popular Linux distros and had different experience with all of them. Currently use Ubuntu in my laptop and my PC. Not a single issue. All HW works perfect and all my dev tools work OK (SublimeText, VS Code, Atom, compilers, etc.)
    – Apps for Linux generally suck. There are lots of well written and nice apps though. Getting better.
    – The servers space is not part of the discussion but let me mention it. BSD and Linux are the kings here. Overrun even UNIX in recent years. Still no perfect though (but what is perfect anyway).

    List can go on and on and on. There is no a clear cut. There are points to suit every one of us but let’s not judge other people preferences. It is very subjective and articles like this, I would say are pretty useless (sorry John, nothing personal).

    For me the most annoying thing is that the big companies spy on you and use your personal information for their benefit. Not to mention our phones. Grrrr.

    Good points John. Not all of them though. 🙂


  10. Geneine Whiteman

    Dear John, that sounds strange, anyway I am a senior (76 tomorrow) I have an older computer…..a friend set me up with Ubuntu/linux with Firefox about 7 years ago. I never have been able to figure it out. I finally gave up and got a tablet. Now I would like to go back to using my computer BUT NOT WITH UBUNTU/LINUX AND FIREFOX!!!!!!!!! How can I ‘scrub’ my computer and start over using a senior friendly set up without using a slighammer. Can you give me any ideas. Thank you so much for ‘listening’. Geneine my email is eagle3h@gmail.com

  11. p. stephen w

    Yup, agreed. As a desktop, it kinda blows. However, as a developer deploying to *nix, its the only way to go. The others have critical issues; case insensitivity, 260 char path limit, launch control, bash v2, no good cli, 16gb rams, etc.. I have high hopes for win10 with linux but haven’t had a change to use it yet.

  12. blub

    and last but not least my experience is that when you go for dual or triple boot you’ll always get back to windows in that moment something is not working out of the box. Tried it often and everytime it was “omg, not working in linux go back and install the exe in microsoft”. This happend until I decided to stand my man and only runinng linux. Yes it took time but I would never regret….

  13. blub

    arch hast the best wiki on the net in my opinion so also beginners can step in and the best you’ll automatically learn what you’re doin. If you don’t want try manjaro linux, based on arch but not that complicated and most hardware problems automatically solved and you’ll always have up to date software / system

  14. blub

    ububntu in it’s behaviour is not the best guy in the scene – wayland were comitted for the next display server and a lot of distros
    have been in, they started to develop mir. mir is dead. then a lot of distros comitted to systemd and ubuntu started upstart. so ubuntu is not the best example if you complain about fragmentation.
    if you complain about hardware run a distro with a rolling release model with up-to-date kernels.
    gamers, you can now have a virtual machine which is able to communicate with the graphics via gpu passthrough and you’ll get good performance
    And yes, linux isn’t easy at the beginning. but what you get if you get in touch and come up with time and passion is a system the exactly fit your needs. usin linux for four years now and I’m still not done with my configuration (arch+i3wm) but I have never been more productive than now with a computer system.

  15. wololo

    funny thing, almost all webservers run linux? hmm I wonder why; want to play games? install WINE, it sucks, but so do windows devs

    • Sine Nomine

      Funny thing, he said desktop systems, dumbass. And he’s right. Linux really sucks in those particular spots. Boo hoo. Cry a river and get over it. Linux isn’t perfect and WINE is not a good replacement for playing Windows-based games.

  16. dotMCL

    I’ve always thought of Linux of being the sort of OS you can configure to do a specific (professional) task at excellent performance. For the most part that has been the case. Granted you’ll not be able to do any meaningful media work on it (unless you work exclusively through a browser), but for server type applications / compute intensive tasks it is plenty.

    Now that being said, I’d not recommend Linux as a daily driver for common home desktop use, especially if you want a pretty interface. The current modern DE’s are incredibly power hungry, to the point that my high-end gaming/productivity PC can’t seem to handle the mundane task of moving windows around / rapid switching without stuttering. You want to run a video on a second monitor while doing something else on your primary? Keep dreaming, it will crawl, or at best your video/audio will stutter while doing a poor job of maintaining some decent level of window management. I’d also ask why it takes around 20-30 seconds to boot if on Windows 10 it takes roughly 5-6 seconds. I’m not going to complain about gaming, I don’t want Linux for that, I need it for programming purposes, but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to go back 1-2 decades in terms of GUI performance. The funny thing is that it can boot and run faster inside a VM than being native installed, which is all sorts of wrong.

    Before you go ahead and tell me my distro selection was wrong, well I’ve went through the following: Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, Debian and Solus. My experience was roughly the same, the only slight variation was ease of installing various apps and drivers. I don’t have time to keep going through various forks of every large distro out there, bottom line, it’s bad for general desktop use.

    TL;DR: If some distro of Linux can bring the same level of performance from the server side to desktop use, this would be amazing. It may sound like I’m focusing on unimportant details, but it makes the user experience horrible. Someone already stated in a comment: Windows/OS-X make simple things simple and complex things complex, Linux makes simple things complex and complex things simple, best way to summarize the user experience.

  17. Aye Java

    l been using linux for the past 5 year and I luv alot more about the system then I don’t like, and for those times I have windows 7and 10 to go to, but I spend most my time on both my Linux pc’s “yes I have 4 computers, well 5 actually counting the surface 3 pro.” Yes I’m a nerd, but I didn’t grow up one, honestly wish I had because I would be much more advanced in skills. But I have arrived and the main reason why I luv Linux is simple. I luv to know how things work especially computers. Now I am currently learning my first high lvl computer language “python” which I never imagined I would have the patience to learn, but thanks to Linux I have much more confidence in my ability to be patient and enjoy the learning process. Linux is my corner Stone of my computer knowledge, before Linux all I knew how to do was turn on windows and use the initernet. And one day I seen a terminal and it all changed for me. And now I am able to do something not everyone can do. And it feels pretty good to look a tech wizard to my friends and family, and I seem to always be the they run too when they screw things up. Today I work on both systems regularly and play with code I between there.

  18. muaadelsharif

    I think that a lot of what you’ve said is absolutely true! As a full time Linux user for almost 5 years now I share some of the frustrations here, but a key point is that is you are free to use Linux if you like, and you are also free to use whatever you like, telling people what to do isn’t cool.
    Oh, and flaming you like that, that’s bad.

  19. Alex


    I have a been a long time Windows user since windows 98 and I sometimes used linux here and there (school, friends’ computer, etc…).
    Linux is great piece of OS. It’s fluid, fast, responsive, but glitchy due to the lack of hardware and software supports and yeah, the community really sucks.

    Recently, I put Linux Mint on my laptop in dual-boot, then after being bored of getting pathway conflicts between Windows 10 and Mint, I decided to jump ship and use Mint as my main OS.
    Well, it didn’t last a week before I got fed up.
    I wasted two hours to get one software works on WineHQ.
    Got very happy, but then, I got an issue with the OS while trying to update WineHQ to the latest version, which messed up my update and software managements, attacked my kernel, whatever.

    I tried looking around for a solution but the support people from exchat were either arrogant and or not willing to help, and after looking in Linux various forums, the solution was to reinstall Mint completely which was the best solution, time speaking.
    Seriously, when your computer is your tool of productivity, I don’t think you got the time to waste 5 hours to look for a fix for one issue then finally decide to reinstall.
    Plus some softwares I used to work with weren’t available on Linux and I tried using the Open Sources version which weren’t professionally adapted.
    Frankly, Linux would have been better if practicality was above philosophy.
    I have to go back to Windows, which sucks, but no choice.
    Yes I do love the fact of being free, no Windows, no Apple, but as long as Linux is still behind to bring real pieces of softwares to respond to professional needs, it won’t emerge victorious from the OS battlefield.

    Best Regards.

  20. Sohrob T.

    I’m a macOS user who is trying to dabble in Linux and I’ve found the process very frustrating and I echo your sentiments. While I like the open source movement’s philosophy, in practice it leaves much to be desire and there is something to be said for having a stable supported operating system environment. Great piece thanks!

  21. Neill J

    Good on ya John, I’m using ubuntu for the first time and I wonder why make it so hard to use, feels like using commodore 64? I am not a geek by any stretch but thought I would try it but found even the things like opening and closing windows is ordinary. Takes a cut lunch and waterbag just to find out how to watch online tv or movies. If youtube works why couldnt terrarium tv or similiar…don’t get it maybe secret society

  22. MintToon

    Well I must be lucky because I’ve been using Linux Mint for a good few years now with no problems whatsoever.

    It does everything I need for everyday home use. All common browsers work (except Internet Explorer (without wine)). Multiple music players. Multiple video players. Thunderbird for email. Every Hp printer/scanner/mfp has just worked. Cameras mount. Android phones/tablets mount. Some apple i devices mount (grrrr apple). Tip: A workaround for getting music onto your iphone is to use a 3rd party music app that allows ftp upload 🙂 Netflix works in Chrome without issue. I don’t fiddle with config files or recompile the kernel. It just works for me, Plus I don’t have to worry about viruses or spyware.

    All in all Linux Mint has been very stable for me and I am just an everyday home user. I’m using a duo core Lenovo SL510 with 4Gb RAM. Not a very powerful laptop but my operating system is up to date and I feel safe using it.

    And it’s free 🙂 Love it.

  23. Sandro

    You cited a low of reasons why Linux sucks, most of them are true for every OS, like #11: The internet is a big asshole infestation. What makes Linux different than MS or Apple is the lack of people whose job is to give online support.

    A few reasons are just bullshit, but whatever. The big problem with this article is that NONE of the 11 reasons are reasons to avoid Linux, there only exists ONE such reason: you don’t have a hacker mindset. If you think things should always JUST WORK, and you won’t be able to figure out why it’s not doing what you expect it to (often it’s not a bug, you just don’t see the reason why it works in such a way at first) then you should steer clear.

    I had never used Linux before, until one day I decided to give it a go. I downloaded Ubuntu 9.04, asked a friend what the heck was that the installer asked about / /boot /home /dafuq within 3 minutes of explanation I already knew everything, and never had to ask that again. Then came the time to install NVIDIA drivers… LOL… like a year before Linus Torvalds actually said “FUCK YOU NVIDIA” while flipping off a crowd and some cameras. THAT. WAS. A. PAIN. But with every new symptom (not bug) I understood a bit more about how the OS worked, and why NVIDIA sucked, and what I should do next. I wasn’t thinking ‘damn, why won’t you just work?’ that’s a thought for people who don’t have the mindset.

    Some people will read this and think I’m saying only computer geeks with a computer science degree should use Linux, but that’s not at all what I meant. I think most people now are used to googling whatever problem they face, and that’s 95% of the skill required. So pretty much the only reasons to avoid Linux are: you want everything to work right away, and you don’t think you’re capable of fixing things if they don’t.

    If that’s the case you might avoid all technology, cause in that aspect, it’s all in a pretty bad place right now.

  24. Mike

    Krita: the latest version is 3.3.3. Doesn’t install on my system from PPA: Linux Mint 18.3 because it’s based on Ubuntu 16.04. It’s recommended I use the appimage for Linux. So, I downloaded that.

    Set it up as recommended.

    Starts up ok.

    Created a file.

    Save. (GIF file)

    “Could not save”

    “Reason: The temporary file xyz is gone before we could copy it!”

    NOT exactly a basis for detailed work on a paint program advertised as an alternative to Photoshop.

    GIMP doesn’t do that. Inkscape doesn’t do that. I’d be willing to bet Photoshop doesn’t do that.

    But Krita does.

    I’ve been using Linux quite awhile. Started with Ubuntu.

    I can select the image, copy it, paste it into Pinta, a basic photo editor and save it from there.

    Bit of a pain.

    It’s probably just me. And Krita is everything anyone could possibly hope for and want. I’m just too stupid to figure out how to save.

    A basic function of just about every program out there.

    Why should I even be having this problem out of the gate.

    If the other programs can figure out how to save, hard to say it’s a system config problem or I’d have problems saving anything.

    Nope, just Krita.

    I recommend Linux because it’s free.

    I’ve never told anyone, and never will, that it’s perfect or will solve all your problems. It isn’t. It doesn’t. And it keeps changing (as you’ve noted).

    Perhaps if I downgraded to what I can install from the terminal, but, it’s a few versions behind the latest: 2.97.

    Just one of many examples of the LITTLE things that can drive one right up the wall trying to get things done.

    Krita looks like a program with a LOT of promise that I’d like to exploit. But, I’m dead out of the gate, can’t save (except as noted).

    I’ve learned more about creative solutions using Linux than I did the first 57 years of my life before I started using Linux.

    It wouldn’t be accurate to say I love linux. It wouldn’t be accurate to say I like linux. It would be accurate to say I use linux.

    It’s not Windows. And Windows has a bigger privacy and security target on its back than Linux. And, Linux is free.

    I don’t have the patience, time or money anymore to spend on keeping up with the latest version of Windows, switching to Mac. Not that doing so, would fix my problems and just not create more in a different direction.

    There’s a lot that Linux does that just works for me: GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, OpenSCAD no big problems.

    Krita, like a lot of other programs I’ve stopped using for much the same reasons, couldn’t even do the simple I’d expect of it.

    I’m a geek. I’m willing to get my feet wet. I’ve done PC support. I don’t claim to be a whiz, a genius, no computer degrees. Just your basic average geek.

    63 years old, but, still a geek.

    And running into basic problems like this, aren’t helping to sell me on linux or to persuade others (with caveats) that linux is a preferable choice to windows.

    This just happens to often for me to get on board the cheerleader bandwagon.

  25. Liz Nonyabiz

    Good down to Earth article, much of what I have experienced myself as an Engineer.
    But since the death of WinXP Windows is approaching the level of Linux.
    I’m retired now & don’t need the latest & greatest in CAD.

    Things I strongly agree with:
    Things are more complex than it used to be; hard to customize anything unless you edit the CSS file morass.
    LibreOffice Calc (Excel) SUCKS! Especially with large amounts of data.
    The Forums are full of condescending JERKS! I figure out most myself.

    Overall ALL OS’s are going to !@#$%&!

  26. TechRules

    For all those complaining about Linux being buggy on their system, just choose the version you want and compile it from scratch specifically for your set-up.
    To me being unable to do this is equivalent to being unable to use a steering wheel and as such anyone unable shouldn’t even be driving.

    • simens572

      Yeah absolutely, everyone should be able to compile their own systems. Heck everyone should be able to write C++ code and write their own OS from scratch. I also wonder what kind of idiots are unable to manufacture their own motherboard, CPU, GPU, HDD and RAM with their bare hands. Pfff noobs, amirite?

    • Milo Stefani

      You know what is the issue… That it’s going to take something like two or three days just to compile that.
      And let’s not even go into the issue of CHOOSING what to compile in.
      If you NEED the computer to work you can’t lose that much time.
      That means that the barrier to enter is INCREDIBLY high in turn that means Linux do not gain traction in the world at large…

    • KingJames

      Your analogy is very inaccurate. Not being able to compile an OS from scratch is nothing like not being able to use the steering wheel. You are the kind of forum user this article references.

      • David Cameron

        I agree with King James. Not being able to compile is more like not being able to strip your car to the last nut and bolt and then reassemble it without outside help, because you are unable to travel until the car works again. I use Linux Mint with the system ‘tuned’ to my preferences and the OS works every bit as smoothly as OS-X or Windows. I like Linux because it permits me to remove any installed applications and it doesn’t force me to install updates — both of those items are problems with the two mainstream commercial operating systems. I also like that Linux is not a means of collecting my personal data and having me pay for the privilege of having that done constantly.

        I tend to agree that Linux could use some more advanced software, although that does seem to be progressing now. I am an Engineer, a photographer, a musician, enjoy messing with electronics and CNC machines, so I do like some Windows software and some OS-X software. Prime examples are Mach3, Fusion360, FinalCutPro, CorelDraw, most of the Adobe stuff, etc., etc. However, I can run Mach3 under WINE and for CorelDraw (& Adobe Illustrator) I can use InkScape which does most of what I need very well. The Gimp is a good alternative to Adobe Photoshop and I have used it without issue, other than having to take another learning curve. Audacity is a reasonably good sound editor and probably does everything any amateur could possibly require. There are several video editors available, but they are not quite FinalCutPro or the Adobe equivalent. FreeCAD is a useful 3D CAD package and I have made some fairly complex projects using it. There is also Blender, which also appears half decent, but I haven’t learned to use that yet. There are several 2D drafting packages which seem to work quite well, although I haven’t done more than play with them thus far. Quite a lot of Windows software will now run well under WINE — there are lists online so that you can see if it does and which versions — I just bang it in and find out ! LOL

        I suppose I should mention that I am retired and have used computers since the 1960s and learned a few programming languages over the years. I was into microprocessors before any desktop computer came along and bought a Commodore PET with a 6502 processor and 32K of RAM — which I loved and built an interface to make it drive a daisywheel typewriter and a wordprocessor to allow me to use it .. I later bought a BBC model B and then my first PC, which ran DOS. I had written something a bit like Windows for it before Windows (95) came along. MS got Windows XP up to a point where it actually seemed to do what they said it would do and I could rely on it for my business — then they dumped it !!

        To me Linux is a joy to use. A bit like modern cars are a joy to drive when you learned on something with crossply tyres, rod brakes, sidevalve engine, crash box and headlights that were like candles. ! LOL

        So, my message … start enjoying what you use and when you feel like complaining, just think how it would be if no one bothered to write it for you in the fist place !

        Happy Computing ! 🙂

  27. John Sims

    The ONE reason linux does not suck for me is the command line. The one and ONLY reason actually. Hardware support is dead in the water. Googling support is a sad business. And the “community” is very busy stabbing each other in the back. Sometimes they stab you from front as mentioned in this post but more often a bunch of developers works in house for money closes off their source and then makes crazy claims about how open source they are.

  28. pablo

    I’ve been using Linux for about 12 years (as I try so hard not to change it with anything else) and I’m gonna agree with you on everything. Especially since I’ve been struggling with an Asus laptop that runs Linux pretty crudely (the propietary NVIDIA drivers don’t work well, the X desktop is bad, the Wireless network and Bluetooth drivers are bad, etc), and I don’t see that’s going to be fixed anytime soon.

    It’s true that from one side, not everything is the fault of the developers because, as we know, companies often don’t see Linux users as a profitable market and therefore you don’t see them making as much quality software for them as they would for Windows and MacOS X users, if at all (videogames, office suites, drivers, etc). Sometimes the hardware is closed sourced and you have to reverse engineer it to barely make it work. I don’t think the lack of software from companies is what makes Linux suck.

    But aside from that, a lot of the Open Source community (obviously including the Linux one) has lots of serious problems, both as developers and also as people themselves. These problems are a great reason why Linux is still pretty bad in lots of things that aren’t supposed to be and they cannot blame it on its users or companies who make closed source software.

    First there’s this lack of methodology, professionalism and organization. Like you said there are lots of developers of different skills programming completely different things instead of focusing on a single project and making it better (or worse, depending on how good they are at coding and computer sciences). Then again, you hardly get paid for contributing to Linux so I suppose you cannot expect to see the same amount of effort and functionality you would see on Windows or MacOS X. It’d be great that was the case more often.

    Second, some people tend to think because something is free or open source, it must be automatically better than its closed source competition, but that isn’t enough when you happen to be a professional in some area. Not for nothing you see almost every designer using a licensed copy Photoshop instead of Gimp.

    Also you don’t want a computer to keep it trying to fix it half the time whenever something goes bad, you just want to use it and that’s all! There’s an insane amount of bugs and glitches that never got fixed and developers only keep adding useless features instead of fixing the ones already existing.

    And last but not less important is how childish the fanboys can be. Seriously people, have some damn self-criticism, stop blaming other people for choosing Windows or MacOS X (especially when it’s understandable why they wouldn’t choose Linux instead) and accept the fact that there’s a lot to be fixed. Like I said, people don’t want a computer just to keep trying to figure out how to get their damn Wifi working somewhat good or compiling Wine to run Photoshop on it. They want a computer to USE IT. And Linux leaves a lot to be desired in that regard.

    I applaud you for this article. If the Open Source community wants their products to be more accepted, they need to get it together, improve themselves and improve it too. I’m not saying it’s bad either since it’s improved in lots of things too and in some aspects better than Windows and MacOS X, but it could be much better.

  29. v2

    I love getting old discarded hardware fully working again with Linux distros. Recently I tried, unsuccessfully, to get an old AMD Turion X2 Toshiba Satellite laptop with 4GB of RAM going in Linux. Tried multiple 64-bit distros from Lubuntu to Manjero. None of which were able to run Xonotic on this old hardware with the on-board ATI graphics. I was able to get Compiz going in Linux Mint XFCE but no go for the open-source FPS. Xonotic does work on old distros that support Fglrx but the open-source driver that the ATI video chipset is stuck with on the newer distros is just not complete enough.

    For entertainment value and expecting a major failure, I tried installing Windows 10 LTSB. After installing the Windows 7 64 ATI driver, the OS was able to run Xonotic and a bunch of other games on the old hardware at low settings pretty smoothly. First time I was impressed with Windows 10, ever. If Win10 didn’t have the built-in spyware it might of stayed on this laptop. For now I will use it with Kubuntu 14.04.

    Point is, Linux is known for being able to give new life to old hardware, but, sometimes that is not true either. The forward moving torrent of progress is leaving fully capable old hardware behind. It is understandable since people work on Linux mostly in their spare time or under a corporate banner that prioritizes the new vs. the old. Who would want to go through decades old ATI software code to fix video support for the few people out there still using that old ATI chipset? It is more exciting and requested to get the new AMD Vega going.

    • druvalium

      I have a Toshiba Satellite running Ubuntu. It’s running in 32 bit, not a problem, 64 wouldn’t install. The Turion is only a 64 processor by accident, I guess. And the ATI card works fine. Quake runs fine. Never tried Xonotic. Frankly, I’ve never had a computer that I couldn’t get Linux (some form) up and running. NEVER. As in Pii 24mg of ram running Puppy Linux. G4 PPC running Debian. Pentium 4, Intel Graphics 16MB, 1 Gig.

  30. Abominable Intelligence

    I’ve been developing and deploying systems software on Ubuntu for years, and what I’ve learned along the way that the trick to /really/ appreciating Linux is to forgo any and all DWMs and X in entirety.

    Let’s face it – Linux on the desktop sucks donkey bollocks. It’s complete and utter rubbish. It’s buggy, inconsistent, patronising and fragile. I’ve lost count of the number of times I had to spend hours or even days getting my desktop back after some obscure update hoses the lot.

    Happiness is essentially telling the wider dev community to take their gnomes and unities and whatnot and shove it up their arses so far that it will never again see the light of day.

  31. Aman Sharma

    Linux in not for people who want just next-next-next for installation. Its is not made for gaming OK.

    • Abominable Intelligence

      That’s a typical response from arrogant fanbois who don’t want to admit that it takes a special kind of dumb to make something that supposedly “isn’t for dumb people” while pissing through their eyeballs when staring at LotD adoption rates and wondering where it all went wrong. Meanwhile, the reason is that nobody in the OSS movement seems to give a shit about the quality of their work and handwave it away with cliches about it “isn’t for dumb people”.

      To all Linux distro devs – You want your OS to succeed? Then stop being THAT dumb arsehole and take some pride in your work.

  32. SC

    I totally agree w this article, I am SIMPLY attempting to build a small mediacenter PC for a family member and Linux was the choice of OS and its been a disaster. BUG AFTER BUG AFTER BUG. The lack of users, too many distros, and the failure of a collective community make Linux almost dead in the water.

    • exanime

      I’m sorry but you simply do not know what you are doing… Kodi is a breeze to install in Ubuntu and runs like a charm

      • markolinux77

        SC knew enough to be able to comment here, and I’m gonna take a wild guess that SC knows enough to be able to get a small mediacenter PC built up using Windows and other Windows-based software. If someone can set something like that up in Windows, why isn’t the same project possible in Linux, unless you “get lucky” and pick the right distro? Does SC suddenly lose half of his/her IQ and start drooling on the keyboard from stupidity because they are now staring at a Linux screen? Of course not. Linux CAN work for a lot of people, but there’s no central, accepted clearinghouse for people to go to for making the correct decision for their needs.

        Windows solves that by being the ubiquitous OS. All that’s left is to choose the right software. There are maybe 3 or 4 “flavors” of Windows available at any one time – “Home” edition, “Enterprise” edition, etc. There are what – hundreds of editions of Linux available at any one time? How is that a good thing, in light of this particular issue? And how does that relate at all to “knowing what I’m doing”?

        YOU knew that Kodi is a breeze, and that Ubuntu runs like a charm, but where is the Big Water Cooler that everyone knows to gather at where they can know this as well? There is none. There is a giant, one-story office building, that covers a square mile in surface area, with 50 entrance/exit points, and once you go through one of the doors, you see a giant cubicle farm that disappears into the distance. Where to begin? Well, that’s the big question, isn’t it?

    • druvalium

      Huhn. I’ve had a plexserver up for 2 years with no problems with my Roku. Runs on a Dell Optiplex. No worries, no problems. I guess I don’t understand. I have these problems with Windows, but not with Linux. I use Mint.

  33. herlando

    Calling ‘reasons’ to these sort of tendentious and sophistical pieces of pseudo-argumentation is hilarious.

  34. Denny Hiu

    As much I love and use linux for everyday use, You’re right! I can’t disagree with you. Your article is the most valid criticism of Linux distros in general. There are so many Linux distros with varying degree of easy-to-use, but after I try bunch of them I settled on Linux Mint, it is the most useful, stable desktop environment that I still use today.

    I hope one day, all of your point in this article will be addressed sooner rather than later. Me too want a better Linux experiences, no bugs, great – useful UI, more compatibility with common hardware, easier system error logs, more software (i don’t care if it is proprietary/non-free), etc.

    Please ignore any mean spirited comment here.

  35. nameless

    Firstly linux is not at all complicated (mint for example)
    Secondly There is a large communities eager to help you for example ask ubuntu or arch wiki.
    The qoute on qoute #4 reason is silly gnome 3 and xfce are used to achieve different things and it is good that there is a large variety of DE and distros etc
    linux is way faster than windows and mac by far.
    gaming in linux as quite improved in the last year and the gap is also closing
    the linux is free argument is the best thing about it because people how develop linux develop it as the system they would like to use(from the bottom of their hearts)

    I bet you know nothing about linux

  36. Seweryn Saniewski

    You’re weak. All this 11 are andventages. Linux is secure, fast, fully and customizable. When you use interenet, you use Linux or UNIX. Linux is a clone oof UNIX. UNIX was written in the university, by 4 scientist, in the middle of 60s, Windows by amatour in the garage. You cbeen using wrong distro. Ubuntu sucks. Try Gentoo. Say thank you to Linus, thanks for him you can use GPS. And if you think some software sucks on linux, you can always change the code.

    • Womble

      You’re behave like a sociopath. Why don’t you develop some self-control? Then maybe you will be closer to being as elite as you obviously believe yourself to be.

      Anyway, Windows wasn’t made in a garage. Microsoft had already been in business for nearly 10 years when it came out. Not too many people with a Harvard education could reasonably be referred to as amateurs either.

  37. Alipiss Lamyurycatypiss

    I have been running Linux Mint double boot on my PC’s for about 10m years now.

    I love Linux. I have installed Linux Mint on external hard drive to back up Windows10 partition and Windows10 hard drives. I also use Linux Mint install on external hard drive as an emergency backup operating system to fix Window10. Linux handle really well all the type of existing file system. Really easy with Linux to look at the EFI booting partition. Linux has worked well for me as an application to backup and restore hard drive. The dd and gzip comment has worked well and I was surprised at how good it restore hard drive. I also love the fact that I can install Linux Mint on a SD card (SanDisk Extreme with 90 Mb/s writing reading) and double boot either from the internal hard drive or from an SD card. I have Linux Mint install on a SD card as double boot on both of my PC.

    Now the bad of Linux. Driver are not as good as window drivers. Graphic, sound and touch pad drivers need a lot of improvement. If you have no money because of a bad luck, Linux well do the basic such as web surfing, youtube video and internet banking. Not bad for something free.

  38. Dr. Jon Overton (@realpj)

    #7 – Professional quality video absolutely can be and *is* created on Linux platforms – big animation studios like Pixar and Dreamworks use the Linux OS!

    Also, here’s the latest documentary in my Ultra Frontier Explorer series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF87IwmJ0jI&t
    this was produced in 720p using the FlowBlade application run in Kubuntu LTS Trusty Tahr OS (with Audacity used to pre-mix the music tracks)

    – all this^ was done on an ancient underpowered Samsung NC10 netbook with only 2GB RAM!
    – that said having proven it can be done I don’t recommend using such weak hardware for video editing, better to get a 2nd hand ThinkPad with e.g. an i5 CPU, an SSD and 16GB RAM at least, the ThinkPad rig is a lot quicker running FlowBlade in Kubuntu.

    • Milo Stefani

      Well the big animation studios like Pixar and Dreamworks CREATE their own animation software, and are not letting it out… so the choice of OS is relatively immaterial, they could have done it on OS2/Warp…

      • druvalium

        Not true. You can download Renderman and Cinelerra, and Disney animation studios use all of the tools that are in the repos, I think their render farms are BSD as a base but since they got bought (Pixar) I don’t know what they do with the day’s video anymore… That’s not all they use, but eventually all their stuff hits Gitlab eventually. I’m sorry you guys are all having such problems. Like I said, I have the problems you’re describing with various versions of Windows. None with Linux. This computer is running mint with KDE and has been up for months, and it’s my desktop, and I have three virtual machines that I use with it as the host. I’m sorry you’re having the kinds problems you are. I just don’t have them.
        By the way, they use unix based systems for all kinds of reasons, and the choice of OS is VERY important to them. Windows boxes give about 80 priority to the desktop and thus background tasks don’t get as much cpu.

  39. j fuess

    Thanks John, I got a laugh out of this:)

    I have used KDE for years and the interface hasn’t changed much. Linux isn’t for everyone, but I do enjoy software that isn’t trying to sell me something every time I click something. The applications are lacking, but some of the commercially available ones are pretty good, and I don’t mind paying for software if it’s decent.

  40. Guy Hurst

    As near to correct as one mi8ght get. LOL

    I too love Linux and now that I am retired I have had the time to use it. Windows updates crashed my best laptop and my desktop a few days apart in December and it was an insufferable pain to try and get them back. So I ventured out again and played with Linux again — after Windows crap destroyed weeks and created such consternation.

    Anyway, Windows recovery (or whatever they call it at this momen) has always been a joke. It always reminds me of a Robin Williams golf bit. He opined (in a Scottish accent) that the damn flag they put on the green is just there to give you hope. Windows pretend-recovery-stuff is just a damn flag to give you hope. It does not work.

    For me Ubuntu 17.10 works. It is much much faster than Windows and does not break (I know, it is breakable and I have done that every so often, but I cannot blame Linux for novice misbehavior.) And yep, you gotta know more and know to look and find the things that make it work for you. I am by trade a lawyer and only an amateur computer person. I must declare however that I hope I never never never ever have to be saddled with Windows or Apple again. (Google’s Android is slamming down the same highway trying to make me hate what they are doing with it, too.)

    Anyway, it was fun essay. Thanks.

  41. bravissimo

    Linux is strictly for nerds & boffins, typing commands into a terminal belongs to the dark ages, you can spend a lifetime buried in the man pages. Life’s too short for Linux.

    • Larz0

      I find myself often thinking that life is too short for Linux. Fortunately, I’m paid to learn and use it. There’s no way I’d do this for free or in my spare time. (Like they say, Linux is free if your time is worthless).

      Yes,challenges are fun, but not needless challenges created because someone wrote lacking documentation.

  42. François Chaussin

    It’s so true on many levels, but really depends on yours needs.
    I’m a web developper and I’ve tried the 3 platforms (Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu).
    – Windows can get complicated to set up, since pretty much nothing is already installed,
    – it’s nearly the same for MacOS since you need yo install software for basic stuffs like http://ftp...
    – Linux is more compliant for my needs, and keep my setup clean from many limitated softwares.

  43. Larry R

    John and All .. I used to look at the complaints stacked up against Linux and refused to try it! As a long time Windows fan, I just didn’t need an OS that had as many problems as Linux. T H E N Microsoft got out of the software game and into the marketing game. That changed everything for me. Telemetry, Customer Experience Programs … oh my!

    I loaded every flavor of Linux that I could find. It took a while but I found that many of the complaints are not valid for many of the users. I settled on Linux Mint Cinnamon. It’s very Windows like and not at all hard to master. If you can effectively use Windows, you’ll have no problems with Mint. As far as reliability .. I’ve not had a single problem with stability or getting things to work with relative ease.

    We all love something that nobody else can stand, said Dairy Farmer Brown as he kissed the cow! The guy who wrote all of these complains about Linux should keep on using Windows, pay Microsoft for watching his using habits and constantly be on the lookout for viruses and pay the virus people for their software that only works sometimes! or just maybe, he should kiss a cow!

    • MyConstantErection

      Totally agreed with you…right up to the last paragraph. Did you, um, read the whole article? I use LM too, but all these ‘complaints’ are valid. Maybe if we spent less time attacking others for sharing their thoughts and opinions we could work on fixing some of those problems. Or not. Just a thought.

  44. i like linux but it don't like me

    I’ve been trying to like Linux since the the early 90’s. Maybe even in the 80’s. I just about always have a current distro or two installed on one of the many computers I have. Linux still excels at what I said it would always excel at to the friend that introduced me to it back then, an os for a dedicated computer for a specific use. IE, a web server, firewall, router, mail server and so forth.

    The plethora of user interfaces is maddening as well as the plethora of other things. It’s worse than shopping for toothpaste….too much choice. I like the power of it’s command line, so there are times I’ll go to it, but not for a general purpose desktop or laptop.

    For a windowed user interface for a multi-purpose machine well that’s where I have to give credit to Windows and MacOs. Linux people should take this article seriously, I agree with it. Linux die-hards are like failing restaurant owners that won’t listen to Gordan Ramsey. They continue to cook Linux as they think it should be, not how the majority of their consumers want it.

  45. Stacey Luster

    For me…I use Windows, I’ve used Linux, and use macOS.

    ASUS laptop running Windows (really wish that hackintosh tryout worked flawlessly though…)

    Late 2009 iMac running macOS Sierra 10.13.2

    I can say from experience, all your points about Linux’s issues and the community issues are so true. All three operating systems have their flaws. I prefer a system that just works and for me, that system is a Late 2009 Apple iMac running macOS 10.13.2. I use my ASUS laptop on occasion (for college work) but most of time I spend in macOS. I’ve seen the differences between the operating systems and basic things that I do in macOS don’t exist in Windows

    1. Batch renaming files with advanced find and replace
    2. Including easy screenshot features
    3.A computer that suspends properly every-single-time (probably due to my bad luck in ASUS hardware…PCs have always been a crapshoot for me somehow)
    4. A reliable system that just works for what I do (hobbyist writing, photography, etc. A computer that doesn’t jump to 100% CPU on boot up)

    I can go on, but I won’t you hit the nail on the head with this article my man. Linux has a lot of issues and I believe it’s because it’s free. You get what you pay for after all. And if it’s free, you’re bound to have issues.

  46. Rob Bird

    Seriously. How is it that after this long, basic stereo audio is such a hard problem to solve. Windows 95 had functional audio on virtually every piece of hardware. Linux? Choppy. Random failures. Static. How is it possible that something with thousands of posts can’t get fixed or tested broadly?

    …and this is a great example of why Linux hasn’t taken over the desktop. Holy sh**,

  47. Alan Teffeteller

    Facts, Linux today works for many people, old and young. People who are willing to have an open mind and willing to learn something, tend to do better. The most difficult to teach are Windows power users. Asking nicely after you’ve searched how to do it tends to get better and nicer people willing to help. I do realize some need Windows or a Mac to do their work, gamers, people who use commercial office suites, and pro audio and video users who must use certain software. I know computers and Operating systems. I have an open mind, much of what I do if not more than 95% does run fine on Linux distros just fine, and they’ve come a long way compared to their funky and quirky beginnings. The main biggest limitation I have which needs any other OS happens to be my iPhone. I record and edit broadcast grade audio even without a Mac or Windows. I run Elementary OS Loki, and find it smooth, versatile, and very polished.

  48. Mikamiga

    I love you. Thank you for writing this. Linux has a long, long way to go before normal (non-autistic) people will be able to use it. I’m autistic so I love Linux. I would just add that Linux can still excel on older computers if you don’t use Ubuntu. There are a lot of lightweight distros, or you can “make your own” with Arch or Gentoo and install your own desktop. But for most people, macOS is probably still the best way to go if they want to get away from Windows.

  49. NicolasMorris

    Thanks;your article has been real helpful,we are one of those clients who never should have gotten linux ,a friend who is geeksy and can write code convinced us to have him install it .We mostly just do email simple games,and fb ,can no longer up and down load photos Gimp seems dead,and other programs useless.tutorials are all geeky code writers…Linux sucks for beginners,that is for sure (but in four years it has never crashed or been hacked! plays you tube full speed and gets aroun fb ok.

  50. junkie

    Linux mint like all free OS is really – sucks. Always changes and every distribution has is own rules and commands. Simple it is imposible to install any software because linux NEVER have simple install (exe) file !

    • DerSkagg

      synaptic package manager

      Find what you want, click on it. Install?

      You’re on the most beginner friendly linux OS… I mean it even comes with an easy way to install your codecs.

    • druvalium

      What? Free has nothing to do with updates. The distro has little or nothing to do with Linux. You can use whatever kernel you want, it just happens that they provide the x86/64 linux kernel for you. I was under the impression that all modern distros have various software centers… Mint/Ubuntu/Debian has a software center. You don’t have to type a thing, or run synaptic or whatever if you prefer. And you can run an win32/64 exe if you want. Mint will install wine for you if you let it then run your exe, and it will probably work.

  51. michael

    Thanks for your honest words. if the open source community had more people like you, using Linux might be actual fun. Unfortunately the reality is as follows:

    Windows / OS X community:
    User A describes a problem that can be solved by a relatively simple fix
    User B: Sorry, can’t help, but I have the same issue
    User C: Hmm I dont know, you could try this and that, maybe that helps
    User A: Sorry, didn’t help
    User D: You need to do it like this: …
    User A: Whoa cool, works now. Thanks!

    Linux community:
    User A describes a problem that can be solved by a obscure sequence of thirty-five cryptic console commands
    User B: rtfm
    User C: omg he can’t even do that, what a loser
    User A: Ummm guys, any actual help please?
    User D: If you are too stupid to learn how it works, you should use windows
    User B: Yeah, idiots are better off with fuckdows

    The truth is, that the premise “if you are not interested to learn how it works and still want to use it, you are a moron” is one of the most dishonest bullshit attitudes ever.

    Linux fanboys don’t need to know how to farm cotton, spin wool and knit to wear clothes. They don’t need to know about mining and metalworking to use a fork. They also don’t need to know how to sythetically create polymers to use the plastic steering wheel in a car. The list can be endlessly expanded into all aspects of life. And even the most intelligent, curious Linux fanboy on the face of planet earth will simply not be interested to learn a lot of that stuff.

    And guess what? Just like you Linux fanboys don’t care about the intricacies of farming cotton in semi-arid climate, us normal human beings, we just don’t give a shit how an OS works. If it simply works. Which Linux does not.

    • DerSkagg

      I have issues with this comment…

      – Fallacy of composition – assuming that something true of part of a whole must also be true of the whole.
      – Both communities have just as toxic people as what you described in the Linux Community.

      – False dilemma – two alternative statements are held to be the only possible options, when in reality there are more.
      – Windows / OSX Users are Good, Linux users are Bad.

      – Inconsistent comparison – different methods of comparison are used, leaving one with a false impression of the whole comparison.
      – Windows / OSX problems are simple. Linux problems are complicated and require reading the manual.

    • Tekkla

      You’re funny. Try to solve a Windows problem by consulting a community and you will find endless wastes of stupid informations but nothing to solve your problem. In this case – and when you are able to use google properly – you will find more help online for Linux based computers than for Windows. If you have a real Windows problem, there is no help. There are guesses and could-be-answers but mostly you’re on your own. Even Windows itself does not tell you what’s wrong. Sure, on Linux driven PCs the solution can be very technically, but you get a solution! And the system itself gives you logs and informations about what’s happening and what’s not working. And before you think about naming me a fanboy: Nope. I use both systems to get the most and best out of my machine. There is no This-Is-The-Best thinking.

      Beside this: In all the years I’m using Ubuntu I never met a person that called me stupid or idiot or that I should be better of with fuckdows.

  52. I-Know-it-all

    Just found this by accident. 🙂
    Nice and many thanks as this is not a religious fight.
    Partially I think that Windows is running in the same direction as Linux and vice versa. Windows 10 e.g. is changing constantly and I really hate this piece of software – but the naked truth is that I am not able to change.
    You will not find anything like Cubase or professional DAW on Linux – well I know Bitwig does change this now but what is with all these Plugins? There is nothing (even on Windows itself) like e.g. EastWest Symphonic Choirs. The tools from iZotope are really good too and you will not find something like this on Linux.
    Where to find a driver for a TASCAM US-2000?

    May be it is true that the most Linux user do not want to use Linux for gaming, but isn*t it true that this is the case because gaming is mostly only possible on Windows. So there are no gamer because of no games and there are no games because of no gamer I think.

    The result is I would like to switch to Linux but I have no chance.
    The only good news is that I do not need OS-X – SCNR.

  53. Guy Merritt

    Of course, a lot of your points are valid – but I disagree with a few. I’m almost 66-years old and I started using Linux Mint, for about 95% of my computing, about a-year-and-half ago. I still use Windows XP, and, WIndows 8.1 when I want to use software that won’t run on Linux (usually my hard drive is set up for triple-boot). Anyway, Linux Mint seems to run very fast – to me, anyway. As I’ve said, many of your beefs with Linux make sense, but there’s a flip side. Viruses and malware that effect Linux are almost non-existent. It’s simple to customize the look and feel of Linux, with icon and theme packs, so you can personalize the desktop – which I really enjoy.. If you can do that on Windows, I don’t know how…. Linux Mint installs the drivers for my webcam and printer(s) automatically. Some of the software is really bad, compared to Windows and Mac, but some of it is excellent; for instance, a Linux webcam program called guvcview offers more options in terms of aspect ratios and output formats than anything I’ve found for my Mac, or, for Windows. Is Linux for gamers? Hell no. And I disagree that “you’re on your own” with Linux. Seriously? You can always get help, on the web, with Linux. I totally disagree with that particular observation. I don’t hate Windows, whatsoever – and I still use it, once in awhile. Linux is definitely for folks who like to tinker but – in my opinion – there is a lot of help on the web for Linux. And doing “fixes” on Linux often only involves editing a text file or something…. Ever tried to repair a corrupt Windows registry? Anyway, Linux works well for me – it’s really what I prefer. I have an ancient laptop, next to my bed, that runs Linux Mint 17.2 pretty well. I just use the thing to listen to dreamy music, at night, and do a bit of web surfing in the AM. Some of your points are good, I just think your article is a little unbalanced.

  54. Derik

    I completely agree with your post. 1.) It 16.04 is the newest stable version that will run on almost all Lenovo laptops. Upgrade from their and you can’t get past the login screen.

    2.) Ubuntu has never successfully supported SLI. No matter how many tutorial and guide sites I have tried, Ubunty 16.04 and prior does not support Nvidia SLI.

    3.) Ubuntu doesn’t support a primary display change when trying to support Dosbox. It just doesn’t work, and I have sifted through literally 100 sites with so-called solutions to this.

    4.) Can’t easily add shortcuts to the launch bar. You need to be a programmer for that.

    5.) With every single kernal update for Ubuntu, shit don’t work and it usually causes a clean install.

    Ubuntu is possibly the sloppiest progression of updates and deployments that I have ever seen. I have over 100 more complaints about Ubuntu, but I will leave it at this short list.

    • Tekkla

      1.) 16.04 is a LTS Version. 16.10 / 17.04 / 17.10 are stable versions!
      4.) Alacarte is an easy peasy tool for this. Ok, not installed by default, but your able to use google?
      5.) I’ve no problems at all.

      Over 100 more complaints like the 3/5 above? Let’s hear! 😛

    • druvalium

      Ubuntu doesn’t support NVidia at ALL their drivers are proprietary, no distro does, and it just so happens that they do support SLI. Dosbox full screen works just fine, BUT if you have an NVidia card you need the proprietary drivers…. because NVidia does not release them as open source. Canonical does NOT build graphics cards. Short cuts to the launch bar in Unity? Drag and Drop like a Mac.. did you try that? Course if you are using nouveau… you might have some problems.

  55. HUsam

    It is a good thing to face problems instead of looking away. It doesn’t mean that I fully agree with all the points you mentioned, I still think it’s great thing to discuss.
    I certainly agree with the competition point. I think the biggest problem with linux on desktop is the lack of centralized management or even committees that could provide the least a strategy.
    I recently upgraded my laptop from ubuntu 17.04 to 17.10 with gnome and wayland being the default. It is quite disappointing that basic features like playing a video without tearing and having a working internet connection (you might have guessed: systemd dns) were simply not working, not to mention whole system stability.
    I have been a loyal linux desktop user for 16 years now, and I am not complaining about bugs, I have always understood that having bugs is natural while walking the road towards the goal of having a polished and user friendly desktop for all, not just for developers like myself.
    It is very disappointing that after 16 years, instead of seeing that linux desktop finally got a fast remote desktop server and mature session manager similar to what windows XP had 16 years ago, I see linux desktops having no working remote desktop server at all, thanks to not very well planned transitions to Wayland.
    I wonder when will opensource developers grow up and have a strategy.

    • DerSkagg

      Maybe stop using Ubuntu? And use an os that has a committee behind it, CentOS is one that comes to mind… It’s very similar to RHEL.

      • Edward Mowah

        There are too many Linux distributions… How can any (everyday) person tell which one does what. Not everyone has the time to jump from one distribution to the next. That is the real problem.

        • fwp

          This is freedom.. And freedom need a little work.
          Be free to choose what is better for you, but you just have to read a little bit.

          Nobody will force you to use linux, so if you dont like choice, and dont like to read, feel free to go back to a gold jail OS. And you wont have to think, like on Windows 10 cause they dont allow people to stay on Win8.1 anymore..

          • apple

            Hi fwp, Windows 8.1 is supported until 2023 and who ever wishes to stay on it are able to, I have it on one of
            my pcs, and they (I assume you mean Microsoft) are not stopping anyone.

  56. rxp

    Lot’s of great comments and I too long for that Linux promised realization of a snappy OS unencumbered by complexity but gives you a path to a level of freedom unmatched by it’s commercial options. For business applications (office) I am stuck on Windows (although W10 is better) I still want to feel the freedom of Linux…at least the rumor of it. I have xfinity and I desperately want to get it to work on Linux …so I installed Play on Linux… it did not work across 5 different builds of Linux that I tried. Lou captured many of my same sentiments as well.

    I don’t normally leave comments…however this was a great an APPRECIATIVE look at Linux. I am rooting for Linux…but it seems that will require a change…almost a heading back to the original notion of what Linux was meant to be..at least that’s how I’ve interpreted the comments heard about.

    I’m a bit heartbroken as there’s not much I can really use Linux (on the desktop) for.

  57. Lou

    I get it. Every couple of years I want to ditch Windows and get going on a Linux machine. So I get back into that suit, get onto my terminal and begin building. I work and work and unpack and tweak and fix and update and unpack and work some more. Then it dawns on me that while sometimes faulty my Windows OS does allow me to do more than just tweak and fix and work on the OS and so on and so on. I dream of a day when I can actually use Linux for something OTHER than learn about how to get an OS to work properly. I hear it can be quite a system for audio recording which is what I really like doing with my computer…one day I may actually get there with Linux. Until then I guess I’m sticking with Windows, at least until I get sick of the headaches and start the ball rolling again.

  58. jeans roses

    thank you for the article; I think I fit right into the kind of person you’re talking about. However, I hate microsoft so much that I am willing to try to learn how to use linux; I tried installing solus but got a message I had to change the bios to legacy but my hp computer won’t let me. Now I’m going to try it with mint 18.3; I tried to ask a question about that on the mint site, but got one of those responses you mentioned. Hmmmm, at least I’m going into this better informed…..

    • Derik

      @Jeans. I don’t hate Microsoft because they have a better track record for users than user centric linux flavors do! The reason linux us the smallest demographic is because it sucks to use over all, unless you are a programmer like me. I use it and I have fun with it, but I wouldn’t promote any linux version to my friends because they want to be productive quickly. Linux (all flavors) just don’t provide that. What takes many users minutes in Windows will take them hours, and possibly days, in Linux. No, I think Linux is still at least 20 years behind the curve regarding the user experience.

      • Tekkla

        I completly disagree. Maybe it takes users that knwo where to click instead of why to adapt to a slightly changed ui, but that’s all. Productivity is a meaningless word until you not define what it’s ment to be.

    • Guy who commented

      The problem you had with Solus is actually Microsoft’s fault. They pushed and pushed Secure Boot and UFEI in BIOS because they hold all the security keys to it. Debian, and all it’s forks have gotten a key from Microsoft (I assume by paying for it) to allow Secure Boot to work. Solus is not based on any other distro, and is too small to afford a key. Many many motherboards allow you to get around this by simply turning off Secure Boot. Some do not, particularly those made with exclusively with Windows in mind. This is because Microsoft gives additional license discounts to OEMs who agree to implement Secure Boot.

      Solus is actually an excellent “just works” type distribution which addresses many of the problems discussed in the article. If you ever have a chance to use it on another computer that lets you turn off secure boot I highly recommend it.

  59. Harley Dickson

    Loved the article. Thank you. The berating comments (and your responses) completely made my day. “…given a bicycle…” hehehehehehehehehehe, et cetera.

  60. OrN

    That looks more like babycrying than rational and good arguments,
    nobody gets Linux for gaming,
    most of your points had somehintg like “nah, it;’s not entirely true”
    “it’s complex” if you’re getting an OS just because it’s easy-to-use, that means you’re a pc virgin
    “You’re alone” who cares about the other users, it’s about the OS itself
    “it changes constanty” you don’t have to update every single time also, it’s an open source man
    “Competition” I’d call it freedom of choice
    “Gaming” I don’t think Linux users really care about gaming
    The open source thing .
    “Okay, enough with the jokes. Yes, the majority of the Linux community is helpful and civil. Maybe a bit abrupt, but not mean-spirited.” I feel like you’re kinda overrating the whole culture on the internet (I’d say the Linux community is better than the avarage community), the community is similar to the other ones.

    Some of your points can’t be even seen as cons for the Linux.

    • Derik

      Orn, you are completely out of touch with today’s linux users. I use linux for gaming successfully today, mostly because of the lower overhead and increased stability. Unfortunately you have to be a systems programmer to do this, most of the time. Orn, I think you need to wake up and smell the new linux gen.

    • DerSkagg

      Out of every comment this is the one that nails my complaints to a cross.

      Aside from the linux gaming comment, gaming has come a long way in linux.

  61. Bjorn Dirchsen

    Thanks for a great article. You’re narrowing down the difference between the OS’s without hating on Linux nor Windows. Great and thoughtful article explaining why Linux may not be for everyone and vice versa.

  62. E

    Thank you for the post and website. I’m writing this from OpenSUSE Linux which was installed in order to run an engineering program called OpenFOAM(for fluid dynamics).

    You are %100 right. Some people think ideologically. But there is no zeros and ones. Linux is good for something (IMHO:servers, other stuff where rock-solid stable system is needed). Windows is good for something (perfect OS for an engineer where you can run almost every PROFESSIONAL program). I have dealt ./configure, make, make install, Error 1 found etc. That’s enough. I don’t have time to install a simple IDE. Next, next … is fine. I’m switching back.

  63. Sotiris

    I threw away Windows back in 2007 and went for the OS X.
    I started experimenting with various distros of Linux only 2 years ago and I settled with Cinnamon.
    In those 2 years I came down to this conclusion: apart from server technicians, Linux is only for people who do have plenty of time and patience. Not for those who want their job done. Period.
    And I don’t mean any high-end, sophisticated job. Just the simple everyday tasks.
    Wanna try some?
    Wanna try to add some text on a photo? You need the text to be outlined? Try to do so with any free, low-budget or high-end piece of software on OS X. You can try any text outline size and color with just a couple of mouse clicks. Now, try to do the same with GIMP. You see what I mean?
    Wanna calculate the BPMs of your songs library to prepare some decent playlist? There are hundreds of free (or commercial, if you prefer) applications you can use on Windows or OS X that can do the job done for a plethora of sound formats. So, go on and try to do the same job on LInux. No hope. Only a command line script that only supports MP3s and WAVs and it cannot even write the metadata with success. Even applications like Banshee, which offers a BPM detection option, gives varying (and usually wrong) results even for the same song. Even Mixxx, which might be capable of doing the job, does not support all sound formats.
    Wanna edit some simple PDF file created by someone else, using fonts not in your library? Underline or mark some text or even delete something from it and save it back as a PDF again? Just not possible. Inkscape can open any PDF but it will replace it’s fonts with those in your library, although all fonts used in any PDF are included within the file.
    Try any of the above with Linux. This list could go on forever. Unfortunately, if you want your job done, even the simple everyday tasks, you will have to go for Windows or OS X.

    • druvalium

      Cinnamon is a desktop. It’s developed and pushed by Mint. I produce and edit PDF’s every day in Linux (CentOS), and I run Acrobat under Ubuntu and CentOS. I’m sorry you folks all have such troubles, and I’m not doubting you do. I do all the things you are having troubles with on various OS’s and none of them are produced by Microsoft. Like I said above, I have troubles getting the simplest thing working on pretty much any MS OS. I had the best luck with XP.

  64. John

    Linux is a server operating system with extremely powerful capabilities. Using Linux for anything else is just retarded.

    • Derik

      John, this shows your incredible ignorance regarding Linux. Linux has been both a server AND a desktop OS for a few decades now. There has always been a battle to make the desktop versions as usable as Windows, and so far they have failed, even though I love linux (both server and desktop). YOu should read up on the past 2 decades of linux users because many have been desktop users.

    • DerSkagg

      That’s the equivalent of saying UNIX is a server os… Guess what MAC OS is a unix variant.

  65. Karl

    I’ve been a windows user since it first came out, and was comfortable with the DOS command line before that. I’m no stranger to either the command-line or GUI usage, and I spend a lot of my time “under the hood,” learning the ins and outs of whatever OS I’m living in at the time. I’ve grown tired of microsoft’s 600lb gorilla approach to what belongs on your PC, the rude way they just barge in and jam updates down your throat which break things as often as not, keeping your machine running when you just want to shut it down and go to bed, making you wait for long minutes while they shoehorn in those updates they forced you to make last night, including things like Skype (which I hate), then making it almost impossible to remove (’cause Windows Defender won’t let you delete the files or registry keys…. I’m just sick of it. It’s MY PC, not microsoft’s.

    Having said that, however, I have to say that I HAVE run into a lot of what John describes. I’m not a tech idiot by any means, and am far better off than the average “consumer-level” user, but much of how things are done in LInux (my experiences are mostly with Ubuntu starting at 8.x.x, 10.x.x, 14.x.x, and I dumped it when they jammed Unity down my throat) I find to be significantly different, often requiring command-line stuff when you can’t use the GUI do do it, different enough that I have to spend a LOT of time on the ‘net trying to learn how a given operation gets done. When I just want to get something done, I’d appreciate a down-and-dirty “this is how to do this,” not a treatise on the philosophy of file management with explanations of every possible permutation of command switches… I can learn that stuff later; I just want to get the thing done NOW, then I can backfill later. Not so easy to do many times. And the learning curve is indeed practically vertical when you’re starting out.

    So here’s a reality check, all you flamers: EVERYTHING has it’s downside, including Linux. Period. End of sentence. If you can’t live with that reality, maybe you need to examine your approach to things rather than just hurling fireballs at an honest appraisal of this fascinating (but frequently obtuse) OS. Just sayin’….

    Oh, and PS… at least learn some basic grammar and punctuation usage so you can make your flaming hate-spewage intelligible to those of us who do have basic English-language skills. The dumbing-down of America, right here on full display, folks!

    Can’t wait to see the firestorm this is going to generate!!

  66. Jor

    This must have been written by a simpleton or paid troll. I have been using both Windows 10 and Linux in work environment. Windows for Desktop and Linux for running enterprise application supporting 3.5 million transmissions a day. Whatever you mention as Linux issues very much exist in the Windows corporate environment, frequent shutdowns. However, the enterprise application runs like charm. So making generalisations like this shows how much of a MS fanboy you are or you cannot come out of the little puddle of MS because of intellectual limitations.

  67. Fran Gy (@_frangy)

    Nicely said! I use Linux for work since more than 10 years now, and I still hate it! One thing I would like to add here, is that unfortunately if you want to use Linux it is kind of implied that you need to be or become a bit of a system manager, but not everybody wants or needs to be one! Yes yes I agree it improved in time, but still not enough. I understand the beauty and ethical philosophy of open source, but to me real freedom means helping everybody enjoy open source and not only a bunch of selected few.

    • Derik

      Fran, this is true. Windows was created for people who don’t know how to use a computer, but can still be very productive. That’s their claim to fame and that’s why they initially beat out apple./mac. Unfortunately, linux started as a geek system where the folks who knew about it were very programmer and system admin centric. And now many flavors (e.g. Ubuntu) are trying to make it easy for the average windows user to use linux. They have made tremendous progress, but they still fall short, way short. However, if you have been using linux for 10+ years and still hate it, then you have never truly learned it and that’s your fault. But if you were approaching this for the past 10 years as a typical user, and linux was forced on you by the company, then that is linux and the company’s fault for lack of training. It isn’t something you can just jump into.

      • Tekkla

        “Windows was created for people who don’t know how to use a computer, but can still be very productive. That’s their claim to fame and that’s why they initially beat out apple./mac. ”

        Simply NO! Why? Microsoft made some deals wit OEM manufactures in the past that helped them to dominate the OS market until today. And now everybody’s using Windows without rethinking about the maybe better opportunities. Everything is measured on Windows, but this does not mean that Windows is the best you can get.

  68. Hey Hey

    Why not reply with something more comfortable like a coma. This article is only for Linux haters so back OFF.

    • DerSkagg

      Written for Linux Haters, using fallacies. Sounds about right.
      I could do the same for Windows, Mac, Unix, BSD… etc.

  69. Hey Hey

    +Hg Boss my mac runs windows but ive set a firewall so i want to see you try write a virus on me you idiot.

  70. Former EOS User

    Great article!!! I put elementary OS on my laptop before visiting my mother for Tgiving. WIFI heII!! Refuses to stay connected. I can’t wait to unload it when I get home. I like screwing around with Linux…because thats all its good for. But for a daily driver I will stay with Window$.

  71. Sean murphy

    I used Linux (various distros of course!) For a couple of years in college. I was broke and was using a netbook. I remember the netbook wasn’t even documented to support 2gb of ram due to some marketing constraint. But I upgraded it and burned up my Windows XP build with viruses in a few months. Switched to Ubuntu mostly and used it for school, then I got a job and wanted to play games and use it for music. And that was kinda that I just moved away from it. I tried Ubuntu Studio and others but I had to reinstall Linux so many times and the drivers were all over the place. lf I wanted to use Netflix that became it’s own hurdle. I even did the responsible Linux thing that any true Linux wingnut does and convinced a few people to install it on older hardware. In turn becoming their own personal IT help line. I ended up learning a lot but never felt like Linux was on solid ground. Maybe cause I always ditro jumped around. But It felt like a house of cards at some points. Upgrades felt more like Russian roulette. I know things have changed a lot. But Unity was a real kick in the nuts the first time I had to use it and eventually uninstall it and then fall down the hole of GUI desktops. I just ended up going back to Windows. I don’t love it at all the same way, but it always does what I want it to do and it too has gotten much better over the years. Win10 works for me and that’s all I ask of it 400 games in my steam library for my desktop and a laptop with extensive audio plugins and external Midi controllers that all work everytime I have an idea. I really wouldn’t change it at all. I still have a Raspberry Pi and use that all the time for Libretro and emulationstation. I will always love Linux to a degree. ….but I just have to keep it as a hobby in my life and not live breath and die Linux anymore. I did show my nephew Linux at a younger age and I think I made a monster. Now we debate about the viability of Linux and Windows like losers on the holidays. Somehow he’s become just as exhausting as running Linux itself. He’ll show me a setup he’s been working on and then inevitably something won’t work. He loves Linux but hates Ubuntu, thinks GNOME is alright and hates KDE, I keep thinking that in 10 years when the fight is gone out of him he’ll just own a Mac.

    • rxp

      Excellent and so true!!! Way to capture that “I want linux for my desktop” fatigue so many users run into. A part of me would settle for an awesome community…but for someone that has a question…it seems you get more flamed in communities than not as folks become insulted as you did not check this file or that file…lol. Great post!

  72. Deroda

    20 years in IT. I picked up Linux with Fedora Core. I could not agree more with every points you mention. And it makes me quite sad, ’cause from an ethical standpoint… Well there’s not that much better alternatives to GNU/Linux. Yet, I have to work on wintel machines on a daily basis, because Linux (non commercial distros) is not a credible alternative for business users (even for an NGO with strong ethical principles!).

  73. Fanis Attard

    If I was an architect I probably had to work with autocad…because I could earn money with this application on Microsoft windows environment and if I was a music composer I could probably buy Cubase for the same reason.
    And if I was working in NASA Mr John, I would like something better than stellarium….to install in my PC !!
    Oh yes…sometimes , some “goodies” are necessary τo make strictly your job with a better way and to make more money with your job….
    But …..
    I don’t have a job so … scientific !!!
    I need a computer and a free operating system (free = no cost and no cost = money for me my friend) to make my life and my “not so demanded” job a little easier and better.
    Today….with a rather old PC and some modern linux distros , I can do almost everything I want much easier and much better – no cost !!!
    I am terribly sorry but … I shall never need autocad on my poor life !!
    I understand the problem if someone is a professional….gamer…
    In this case … there a lot of solutions , perhaps a gaming machine … not necessary a Microsoft one….
    Best regards !!

  74. Gerlando “gerlos” Lo Savio

    Luckily most of the problems you point out in this post are mostly outdated or completely solved in 2017.

    Partly because the Linux community and the fixed them, partly because of what Microsoft, Google, Apple and others did in the meanwhile, partly because some of them were just signs of evolution of projects that were young at the time.
    And because some of them were not Linux problems at all (at #7 you complain that LibreOffice had problems reading Microsoft Office files, but you could say the same thing about MS Office reading LibreOffice files, or reading Apple Keynote files).

    It would be nice if you could add somewhere the year you originally wrote this post for historical reasons. 🙂

    • Vlad

      I’m still having lots of trouble with my synaptic touchpad. Also when I plug in headphones the sound goes out. I’ve looked for hours for solutions to these problems with no fix yet. Sorry. It’s hardly fixed in 2017.

      • MyConstantErection

        KTHX Bro! Gerlando, aren’t you glad this guy showed up? To tell you that you’re stupid and clueless? Where would you be without this life-changing insight? Man, Derik…you’re a lifesaver! And so helpful! What would have become of us if you hadn’t shown up to help?

  75. Ricky

    The trouble with Linux these days is Canonical and Red Hat. I am a senior software engineer with over 26 years development experience from the early days of DOS and Red Hat 5.1 to now. In 1994 I reluctantly started using Windows…2002 I left the Microsoft world completely and have been developing and using open source since then. Both of the Linux companies above employ arrogant anti-choice developers who vomit out things like Gnome3, NetworkManager, Anaconda, systemd, and even bizzare junk like memcpy in glibc that runs 24 times slower than the older version did…but only if it’s not statically compiled (but, hey, we have this corner case where it runs faster). Because these companies are so large in the open source world, their versions of bloated, buggy, crappy software get forced on the rest of us, and causes fragmentation of the open source world. Gnome3 is the primary reason everyone is porting to QT, and QT is not as fast as the GTK+2. I’ve spent hours with awful Red Hat designed systems debugging the trash they put out (kickstart, spacewalk, oh my). I’ve had to add special code in my applications to support Unity…the only window manager that removes your choice of left or right-click for systray icons! My netbook used to play 1080p videos…until I ‘upgraded’ to a systemd Ubuntu. Now I get choppy videos. Distros like gentoo and Devuan are giving you choices again, but even so, there is still the glibc nonsense oozing from Red Hat. There are still some great distros out there, and some Window Managers that don’t radically change every few years (XFCE4, anyone?) – they are just not main stream, hence the perception that Linux Sucks – and who can blame them? Unity was far worse than Window 8, and I despise Windows. Yet for many, they get the default desktop, which is usually Unity, and I have to agree with them It SUCKS!! New users don’t know they have a choice. A nicely tuned Linux box will run considerably faster than Windows and last as long as the hardware does without rebooting. I don’t know, maybe it’s time to become a BSD user before some big company comes along to ruin it too!

  76. sentairanger

    I read this article linked from the Linux group on Facebook and apparently from the comments and the article, just don’t use Linux if you hate it that much. That’s it. I use Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, FreeDOS, etc. because I’m open to using different OSes and when I do I get a better view of how each OS behaves. Plus since I work in IT I decided to help Windows users with their issues and help them make their experience painless. This article sadly doesn’t do that. So my suggestion is don’t use Linux if you don’t like it. No need to write an article like this. Everyone has their preferences so just know that. And to the commenters here: you’re not helping. The philosophy should always be about freedom so I choose to let people experiment with Linux or any other OS as they please.

    • volcomstoner016

      I absolutely agree. Stumbled across this article while looking for articles for troubleshooting malware bytes on Android. Freedom of choice. I could write reasons why I dislike Windows, Mac, and Linux but I dont. I also like all the OS’s in different ways for different things. I am also an IT professional and do need to use all these OS’s for all sorts of processes. Linux is highly suggested in the security world, IE Kali (formerly known as Backtrak). I do like however that you explained why you don’t like Linux in your own opinion. It just shouldn’t be geared towards average desktop users. This should be your opinion only and know that others have their own opinion. Its not that it necessarily sucks its just that you wouldn’t choose to use Linux in a daily matter.

    • Vlad

      Pointing out issues doesn’t mean you don’t like something. There are very valid reasons other than lack of preinstalls that have limited linux’s userbase. I for one keep struggling getting my hardware supported properly

  77. Zach

    While I am consistently and incredibly irritated by windows (its like the ford of the software world…#1 best seller of crap, but feeds the mechanics very well) I think you did a great job here. Some of what you said cut me a little… But I see what you are getting at. The only real disagreement I have, is I have multi booted many different hardware configurations, and am always faster in Linux than Windows (not one exception yet) even on mine, yes I have one box duel (well….octa) booting and even with all the windows tricks, a plain old run of the mill mint (no tuning) is faster, and my wife dissent hear me screaming at a computer because it just decided to go for a friggen coffee break instead of obey a simple directive. I fix a lot of windows machines (and fords) I use Linux distros to save their ars most of the time lol.. (Wish I could boot into a ford with a gm) in fairness, usually, if I am looking to “fix” windows.. I’m booting a ram based OS…Depending on hardware, depends on what…but you made that point already 🙂

  78. Kill-Bill test_run

    I’ve been using it with little difficulty since 2003. Slow? Then stay away from bloated distros like Fedora. I used PclinusOs for years and now use Lubuntu, mostly because they are just like running Windows XP. Right this second I’m using a Kill-Bill live distro (207 megs) since I’m on someone elses Windows machine and don’t wish to leave any tracks behind.

  79. Tariq

    I think #9 is the biggest problem. The fact that the developers are not making money means that they often don’t care much on how easy the software is for the everyday user. GUI makes the software you use more intuitive and easier to understand. But it will also take more time and effort for a software developer to make. And what software developer will want to spend their own free time making an already working product easier for some other person?

    I use linux as a web server, but it difficult to use. I tried to install the default ftp server, vsftpd, but it just kept giving me problem after problem. I finally got ProFTPD working after messing around with the configurations but it was more complicated and more time consuming than it should be. On windows, you download a server with a GUI (that has a free version) and get it up in running in 5 minutes. No problems.

    #11 is also important. I’m a web developer, professionally using the .NET framework, but on my own projects using Tomcat/Java/MongoDB. I will probably be berated by the Linux community for my above difficulties with setting up an FTP server on Linux or the fact that I mostly use Windows. I’ve seen it time and time again, insults to people for just asking questions or giving constructive criticism. The maturity level of some of the community is on par with a Middle School.

  80. ezagent

    I agree with every reason listed. I hate and love Ubuntu. I dual boot, mostly into Windows 10. Most of my apps are synced across devices. My laptop is now a secondary device, my phone and tablet are primaries. For guitar lessons I use Windows apps. I experience frustration with Windows and Linux. Yesterday I went into a rabbit hole because wifi started to work intermittently after a v10 upgrade, forced upgrade. Windows still sucks. Linux requires a bunch of time to master, but both operating systems can create time sinks when something doesn’t work right. If you don’t like googling and sifting through forums for answers, try ringing your brother in law, see how far that’ll get you.

    With regard to you being a dick for criticizing Linux, you must be. How dare you criticize Linux. May the Microshaft torture you as it does us.

  81. MichaelP

    You keep referring to ubuntu. So of course linux sucks for you.. Try something like OpenSuse Arch Fedora.. My 10 year old i3 cpu boots arch plasma 5.10 in about 4 sec

  82. Tomasz

    I agree, LINUX sucks ,but there is no alternative. I bought laptop, HP with win10 installed, Hp assistant stopped working just in 10 days. Advise was to reinstall so I did, it didn’t work. Windows update somehow stuck at 4% so next step was hard reset, xubuntu live cd, some DIY with wireless network card and I am up and running. Now I am trying antergos, looks very well (gnome), works fine. Summing up: Linux sucks, but works..for me 🙂

  83. A B

    I agree with you.

    Gosh, it’s been some years and reading this article is still fun (and it’s still mostly true, especially if we focus on the “constructive” side). And yes, I still use linux (and mad at it sometimes).

    Anyway, I think nothing wrong with typing on a console. some of tech development need to do that, even in some big industry of tech requires to do that. Also nothing wrong about funding the industry, if industry gives us what we want. Maybe this kind of linux fan forgot they brought some game console or smartphone and brought the new one when the old one is… old, which is funding the industry.

    So yes. Linux sucks. but the more we can tackle those sucks, the more we understand how the tech works and more we want to keep linux. And yeah, sure, there will always some sucks that just… unecessarily sucks (and it could subjective too).

  84. grey

    the programs is number one reason. I’m a recent convert to linux, but I do love it. not just philosophically but actually find it a joy to use for the most part but I used to work in video post-production and still like to do a fair amount in my free time and there aren’t any software suites available on linux that even come close to the ones available on pc.

  85. kirm

    I’ve been on Linux for about 10 years now and I still have to completely agree with everything you’ve said. The biggest problem IMO is something you mentioned; no management, no visionary. You need this to steer to the final goal. That said, I’d never go back to Windows. There is so much about it that I absolutely hate.

  86. LK

    I cannot download LinuxMint or FreeBSD. No button to download – wasted 1.5 hours trying to find out what I was doing wrong.Went to multiple sites What a cruel joke. No problem finding the way to buy the bootup disc. The price is not bad, but what a cruel way to waste someone’s time – they must be laughing their heads off about this.

  87. amrith h namboodiri

    linux is slow based on only one distro you tried…..linux is slow if you install gnome or kde on a really weak laptop but fast if you imstall lxde xfce budgie or mate..thats the beauty of linux …some of your ponts are true but this post is crap

  88. Duh-huhuhuhuhu

    You should have written and posted this exact article back in 2001. That’s about how current and accurate 90% of the info (as well as point of view) is. What year are you stuck in? Seriously..! You may as well have been writing an article about Windows 95 and bitching about it. Why not write about how bad Windows ME “is” (Not was)

  89. gway


    At last i got you another points, I too have to add something, to get your system working on linux OS the major drawback is being connected to the internet for every little job for e.g. installing applications.

    Secondly there are toooooo many dependencies to satisfy before you can get a small piece of software running on the system. Third, you don’t know where your softwares are going to be installed so that you can take a backup for later use, except for making a repository list of installed apps, that will again make you sit for ages to install the apps using internet.

    Installing of application, you’ve to wait for one to finish before you can start with another, no parallel or simultaneous installation. Ok i can deal with it, but the offline installations have lots and lots of dependencies that downloading them for later use become useless and such a waste of time at many times.

    Tried Knoppix, Fedora, Puppy (feel much better, not many dependencies to satisfy for the pets), Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Arch Linux, currently using Linux Light, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Lubuntu via USB, Puppy 6.3 as well, While Peppermint 8 (love the look and feels) installed to HDD along with Knoppix along with Windows 8. Peppermint provided grub boot for all. All latest versions of linux OS.

    Now, after updating and upgrading(waiting for long hours to complete, my problem, have a slow connection) something or the other broke, such as no keyboard or mouse response, later pulsaudio broke had to do fresh installation later and now not ready to run the upgrade command. Fed up of downloading each and every application everytime for installation, as you can’t use the offline packages (.deb) without internet connection, it comes up with lots of dependencies.

    I can’t understand why can’t linux people make offline packages with all included so one can use these without internet connection, and just install them and use. I find this is the biggest drawback i’m facing with linux right now.

    It really sucks! Most of the operations are performed using the terminal. Its good they made many keyboard operations similar to windows otherwise i would have been dumped it already.

  90. David J

    I agree with most of what you say. The programs are inferior and many have a graphical feel from the 1990s.

    The turning back to Windows for me was when I needed to use the console (over hyped terminal) to make Google drive work every time the machine boots. Stone age stuff.

  91. jsassu27

    I agree with your point concerning Linux not being the kind of operating system for the average computer user who is only concerned with things like word processing, email, and web browsing. However, in regards to your statement about the number of Linux users in the world, Linux is technically not an operating system. It’s a kernel, for anyone out there who isn’t familiar with what a kernel is, its basically the foundation on which an operating system is developed. The kernel makes it possible for your computer hardware and software to communicate with each other and carry out the type of tasks that will then allow you to expand said software in to more complex tools. I guess in a sense the Linux Kernel can be considered an OS, but we’re talking about an OS which would be the bare minimum required for your machine to have the capability of installing other software. Those who develop different Linux Distros, use the kernel as the starting point for their creation unless they are modifying a distribution that was developed elsewhere in order to put their own spin on things. This is usually the case with about 75% of Linux distributions. In my opinion, the reason Linux isn’t as “popular” amongst average computer users is because they don’t understand exactly what it is, nor do they have any real interest in learning. They want an operating system thats already good to go (something that is also possible with numerous Linux distributions) and is as straightforward as possible. Not only that, but Linux is open source software so you wont see the kind of advertising that you get from Apple and Microsoft. In other words, 99% of Linux creations and distributions for PERSONAL USE, are not created for profit. Most of the ones you will find are just interpretations of their developers personal preferences. Now, back to the part about not many Linux users in the world…. Linux is the most widely used OS on the planet. Hands down. Thats because of its versatility and the ability for anyone who chooses to learn about it to then be able to use it to build literally any kind of operating system you could possibly ever need. The Android Mobile OS is the most dominant mobile platform in the world today with close to 80% of all mobile devices in existence being powered by Google’s Android OS. Well, the Android OS is nothing more than another Linux distribution. Google took the Linux Kernel and built a revolutionary mobile platform on top of it, and if you really wanted to do the same yourself you could! Anyone could! Obviously we all don’t have the kind of cash flow that Google has, but what makes Linux so beautiful is the fact that 99% of software development made for it is all shared free of charge amongst the Linux community. Apple’s iOS platform is also a Linux based system, although Apple heavily modified how it works in order to lock it down and stop consumers from being able to modify the system in any way. They completely removed the level of freedom you would normally have in almost all other Linux environments, but at the end of the day its still Linux. Smart TV’s, car stereos, microwaves, refrigerators, heavy duty equipment like CNC machines and pretty much anything else that has some sort of user interface that allows for you to interact with it are all powered by some form of Linux distribution, which was designed specifically for those devices in order for them to function. The idea that software should be created and shared for the overall advancement of technology and everything it affects as opposed to software created strictly for the purpose of monetary gain, is the fundamental basis of why Linux was created and then GIVEN (not sold) to the world so that individuals all over the planet could then use it as a tool for creating tomorrows technology! If Linux was never created, the technology revolution we’ve seen in the last 30 years, would not have been possible (at least not at the level we are currently operating at today). Writing an article with the title “Eleven reasons Linux sucks” which is nothing more than a laundry list of your own personal feelings, and misconceptions concerning its purpose, seems like a pretty pompous conclusion that you’ve come to my friend. The reason you don’t like it has nothing to do with Linux itself, but rather the fact that you don’t understand it and you never will unless you’re willing to learn about it. Linux was not designed for your mother to check her emails! Thats what Mac is for. I don’t know how to fly a space ship, because I’m not interested in becoming a pilot, so I don’t! I’m not gonna write an article called “Eleven reasons space ships suck” because I don’t know how to fly one. Linux was designed for those who are interested in developing software and other tech innovations. If you don’t like it, guess what? You don’t have to use it.

  92. shivani

    John Morris 🙂 you seem to have got so many replies for your post 😛 simple you dont like Linux dont use it.. I happened to read your blog when i was looking out for a solution related to the dragging issue in Linux graphics.. felt funny 😛 just chill .

    • Kill-Bill test_run

      wow, these people here are really hating linux. I can’t see why. The right distros are small, fast (boots in 3 secs on a ssd) Most common tasks are super easy, with a degree of choice that you do not get from The Evil Empire(MicroSoft). Linux freed us from the tyranny we used to experience. BEST YET, I DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT VIRUSES, NOR SPEND AN HOUR A WEEK JUST MAINTAINING WINDOWS !! i loved xp, until I got a virus and my pc was down for 3 weeks before anyone came up with a fix for it. 🙁 Thats when I tried my 1st linux live CD, PcLinuxOS. Windows was history for me in just a couple months after that. There’s even a site where you can also “build” your own version by selecting premade modules. So if you just want to get email, cruise the net and play music, you can have one that does nothing else. Multi-Media builds are popular. See, you have a choice, unlike with Windows.

  93. Rob.

    Maws law has Microsoft to thank. The OS continues to insure that people keep buying new computers every few years, as their old machine slows, thus funding the industry. If everyone used Linux this would never of happened, so keep it niche I say, let the fools be parted from their cash.

  94. Rellik

    I have three Linux Machines and one WIN 10. I’m a retired real-time software engineer so I have time to mess with and make Linux work. I generally find forums to be useless, because the problems I run into nobody ever has. I usually figure the problems out myself.
    I’m interested in cheap, home office stuff, nothing at the level of a professional that has to make money using a computer. Linux works good for that.
    Mr. Morrris makes some good points.
    Linux is good if you need it for specific uses like servers, super computers and guys that have time to mess with
    obnoxious machines, otherwise, just pull out your wallet, pull down your pants, bend over and take it like a Sandusky
    pupil. from the “professionals”

  95. Colinux

    Linux does suck. Plan and simple, it is a toy for geeks with no girlfriends.

    The saddest thing about it is that a lot of these boys graduated and moved into industry.
    They now dictate the direction of much of the enterprise environment, and feel that useless idiot toys like RHEL are a better solution over OS’s such as Solaris, which is 1000% better than any distro of Linux had ever been.

    I can install Solaris 10 or 11 x64 on to just about any hardware, get a functioning gui and configure manually networking, dns, apache and an Oracle or mysql database in less time than it takes a Linux “expert” to flap about getting rhel to install the bare cli with no networking, and then it still doesn’t work without a RH subscription.

    RHEL still uses LVM. it is so antiquated that it is a joke.
    Solaris zfs is 20 years more advanced than anything any Linux distro has to offer.

    Systemd is a hideous joke too. So what if your silly little linux install takes less time to boot.
    How many times do you need to reboot to to gain the benefits of systemd over ext4, which is SO much better.
    But nearly all the distro have licked Redhats arse and followed suit.

    XFS hahaha….. Just google “why is ext4 better than xfs” to read all your need to know about REDHAT trying to take over the world.

    As a desktop Linux is still a joke.
    Try installing fedora 25/26/27 without it either failing to install or failing to boot correctly.

    RHEL itself is an INSULT to the concept of opensource.
    You can down rhel 7 with shitty systemd and 20 years old xfs but you then need a redhat subscription to get it to do anything.

    The rest of the Linux distros are nothing more than endless forks of each other, trying hopelessly to compete for 0.0001% of either market, server or desktop.

    The in your face truth is that the best desktop for the average joe for either work or play is Windoze.

    The besk enterprise operating system in the world EVER is Solaris 10, with Sol 11 being a pain but actually just a bit different. Both are 1000000% stable, reliable, solid, bug proof, virus proof and for x64 processors 100% FREE.

    Linux is, to coin an old phrase I used 20 years ago “Linux is a toy that you can use to learn the basics of UNIX before moving on to a REAL UNIX operating system.”

    Sun Certifed systems admin & Oracle certified Professional, who uses Solaris 10/11 and RHEL 6/7 daily in my professional life.

    ***Magiea Linux is by far the best distro available.***

    • jsassu27

      And the Academy Award for “Most asinine comment in a public forum” goes to….. This dude. You literally started off with one of the most arbitrary generalizations I’ve ever come across, like you were trying to make a point that all Linux users are somehow still virgins (which would be a pretty perplexing phenomenon if it were true). Then you did a complete 180 and just totally schooled the rest of us virgins here with the Jedi like level of Linux knowledge you clearly posses over the rest of us. So, does that mean you’re still a virgin too?

      PS…. I bet you $1000 I bagged more girls during my 4 years of high school then you have your entire life…. And I was using Linux the entire time…

      • Gavin_Darkglider

        I can see some of your points where it comes to RHEL and Fedora Core. I have also used Solaris, and OS/2, and even Novell Netware Server/Client back in the day. Each has advantages, and disadvantages. EG Solaris is Unix, not Linux, so while in some aspects they are the same, in others they are completely different. On top of that, being a “sideshow” Unix(Oiginally A.T.T owned and maintained OS, leased to U.C. Berkeley(Hince BSD) later bought by IBM) it is just like any bastardized linux distribution(Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Arch, etc.) It is also very similar to BSD, which also has some advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I dropped out of the Distro war a long time ago. Now, I run Gentoo, which I can roll how ever I want, patch however I want, etc. The major downside is the amount of time I waste doing installs and updates, but in the end it is worth it to know that my stuff will be optimized to my hardware, patched to my liking, and updated faster than pre-rolled distros. I hardly ever have to reconfigure things, once I set it up, it works. As far as configuring apache, oracle, mysql, etc….. These applications all have a standard configuration format across all platforms, so your point is pointless. When you say you can install an X64 version of solaris on any hardware, I would call bull shit. I would love to see you install it on a RISC based CPU, even a 64bit one(ARM, or MIPS), Or even on a PPC based arch. It isnt going to ever happen, as those CPUs do not support X64 compiled programs, and some of them use a different endian depending on the CPU. You would have a better chance of getting it to run on an I386, but since that only supported 16bit processing, I would say probably not.The Linux kernel on the other hand has been written with support for these CPU’s. Now the programs that run on top of the kernel also have to be supported, or at least compile for these architectures, but for the most part GCC will handle that just fine. I would agree that RHEL’s choice in partitions is stupid, and systemd doesnt really increase speed in any worthwhile way. If you ask me it is garbage. I prefer OpenRC, which basically uses bash scripts, with a few simple specific API’s. All in all, once you understand the pieces of linux, and the fact they are changing, you find it to be a very versatile system, even if you dont like this piece or that piece.

    • Jaime

      News flash, rape victims can’t be virgins.

      One of these days I’ll use the superior automation and command line flexibility of Linux to hack my dad’s computer and broadcast extreme graphic imagery so as to hurt him on the inside as badly as he hurt me all those years ago.

  96. Joe Florio

    I LOVE Linux Mint, and right now I am using 18.2 which is currently the latest version, it’s sooooo much better that MS, heck almost anything is better than MS. However I am having a problem getting the right drivers for PCI Cards for instance, in many cases they are non existent.
    Should anyone know of a download or upgrade for a Diamond XS 7.1 Multimedia PCI card, please let me know, I have been unsuccessful finding the right one for this card.


  97. FennecTECH (FennecTECH)

    Ive been a linux user for a long time Most of what you say is truth but i must disagree about the community aspect Ive found a few of the smaller distros (ie manjaro) have really cool communities. The whole being ridiculed thing? Thats just the internet. Hardware support has come so far in the last years to the point that most any computer works right out of the box! (unless your trying to put linux on an hp stream 7 that is nothing but pain.) But i like your article.

  98. broddr

    I have to add this reason – which is my main reason for ignoring all flavours of Linux as my main operating system:
    Nothing works. Everything requires hours and hours of research to sort this problem, add this library, change the settings of that obscure and indecipherable configuration file.

    Every single time I have attempted to use various distros I have spent many pointless hours scouring the internet for the solution to some simple problem. Most of the time giving up because a solution can not be found.

    Well, that’s not strictly true – many solutions can be found – there are a million people in forums and groups giving easy solutions – the trouble is none of them actually work.

    Or they do work, but changing whatever to enable the solution results in two other problems. Solving those two problems results in four other problems and so on and so on.
    You never actually get to solve the initial problem you started with and watch a whole day disappear while you go through all the solutions.

    And usually the hug problem that generates all these hours of wasted time and complicated attempts at solutions which don’t work or just spawn more problems.

    Something massive and intricate. No. Something as simple as connecting to the internet or getting a laptop trackpad to work.

    What happens when I install Windows or Mac OS?
    Everything works.

    Everyone on the support forums is an asshole. They just are.
    They know everything and assume everyone else should know too. They ignore the fact that they are using a support forum.
    If everyone should know everything, why the hell are you on a support forum?

    It is a complete waste of time and energy for anyone who wants something other than spending all their time fiddling with it to get it to work.

    If you want to use a computer for anything else and not spend all your time tinkering with the OS – Linux is not the way.

    • Dsula

      Tried to use Linux 3 times as my main engineering computer. Nothing works out of the box.

      Then tried to use Linux on an old laptop to play movies. A whole day went by to make it play the movies WITH sound.

      What a useless garbage this Linux is.

    • Harold

      Why can’t they just make one version that works ? If it can’t do new things, so what ? Android does it. They just keep adding endless pointless updates which stuff everything up. If something is bugged, just add a workaround like MSDOS.

  99. WhoCares

    You should really shut the fuck up idiot, and go back to fucking sailing. You have ZERO clue what you are talking about and your list of “reasons” is a fucking joke. Fuck off back to Windows wanker.

  100. martin

    I have been a linux user for years and would love use it as my main OS but sadly it doesn’t work well enough for my needs. IMHO if someone wants a simple desktop to do the basics then its fine. If someone loves fiddling and does not mind using the terminal to fix things then its fine too. It’s also brilliant because its free and will run on a wide range of kit. But now I have a fast PC and need a desktop that handles most things I throw at it so I can forget about the operating system and get on with my work. Windows 10 or even android on tablets/ phones is far more solid and functional for me.

    I’m no expert but I believe that Linux forms the backbone of many servers and the internet and of Android. If it really did suck then it would not do these things. However, I think windows 10 is just better on a decent PC but given that millions of dollars go into windows development that’s not surprising.

    I disagree about your views on the community. Nearly all the communities of all the distros I have used have been extremely friendly and helpful. This is one of the great pluses of linux. Without those communities I would have been lost.

    Where android has done so well is that it has a solid and stable core which has let developers focus on developing apps which install without problems from a single play store. This is so unlike linux where it seems that nearly each distro has to have its own store and installing new programs can run into problems with dependencies, something that I have hardly ever experienced with Android or windows10.

    IMHO if Linux really is to compete as a main desktop then there would need to be just one Linux base version and a common software repository which contained the various desktops (or launchers – to use an android term) and programs or apps. If the developers could do that then things might really move forward. But I guess that would mean losing all the various branches and forks of the OS and perhaps that would destroy the whole concept?

  101. Avram Securewitz

    the live cd is always fresh without virus and i can browse in bank sites or buy.

  102. T

    Honestly those comments you included at the end are some of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

  103. Tim

    I agree with a lot of the things you said here. I do enjoy using Debian and often find it my go to for some tasks but even as one of the larger distros I still run into all kinds of nasty problems that make it so I would never want to be stuck only having linux. My biggest qualm with linux that you really didn’t touch on is workflow. The workflow in linux is absolutely horrid and can grind your projects to a halt at the worst times. I’ve found now that I’ve gotten older and more experienced it’s always necessary to use the right tool for the job instead of playing favorites.

  104. Jim Stone

    I Do not like Linux as too much time spent trying to get it to work vs productivity or enjoyment. It is not keeping up with latest necessary codecs to utilize internet video. I guess I got what I paid for lol.

  105. Œconomist

    Reason #4 contradicts both #3 and #6.

    I migrated away from Gnome Shell primarily because the developers of Gnome Shell quite literally decided that people such as I were doing things wrong, and that we should be compelled instead to do things as they saw fit. (I was very much reminded of the user interfaces of the ’70s and earlier.) I’ve been told that they’ve since walked that back a bit, but I would rather live without a computer that return to using code from a group that had treated me with such contempt. I could migrate because of the competition.

    And I migrated to Xfce because most of the shells were resource hogs, whereas Xfce was concerned to be light-weight. I could find a light-weight shell because of the competition.

    Here’s one thing that I’d change to improve Linux greatly: Eliminate WONTFIX and any equivalent, and require developers to read and then enter by hand the count of unfixed bugs whenever they log into any of the devices coördinating development. As a practical matter, it will not typically be feasible to fix every bug. But no case should ever be closed if the bug wasn’t fixed, and every development team with unfixed bugs should have to live with a Hall of Shame.

  106. headsign

    I’m not a programmer. I’ve been using computers since 1995: mostly under Mac OS and OS X, but also Windows from 95 to 10 and Linux, mostly flavors of Ubuntu from 6 to 17.04. I’ve installed Linux several times for myself and for friends who just needed a laptop with a browser, mail app and word processor. My Linux experience is 1:1 what this article describes with the addition of inexplicable corruptions of installations which could only be fixed by either reinstalling or spending hours of internet research and forum discussions. About Windows: XP was reliable, 7 is still my main system, but it has displayed many very weird problems, mostly about not being able to update and has now started to lack support for users of newer systems just because MS decided so. About Windows 10: well I installed it twice and it was a total mess. It broke on both occasions and I swear I wasn’t doing anything weird. Usually, my windows machines are for gaming and checking websites that I make. So here at last: the only OS that has never failed me is still OS X. It’s like you can throw anything at it and it will still work perfectly. The only downer to it is Apple’s policy of not supporting you recently purchased, very expensive hardware and trying to force you to trow more money at them. All in all, using computers has no golden solution. You have to choose your poison and live with whatever inconvenience it brings.

  107. Neb Radojkovic

    I couldn’t resist so I am back… I am an AutoCAD Draftsman and I have 1 Windows computer only because of AutoCAD. I use Linux on my MAIN computer and on my laptop. My wife uses Linux on her computer. I have a Media PC that runs on Linux. I must have installed at least 40 times Linux on other people’s computers. My hobby is computer repair and building. Guess what – 99% of the time it is a Windows computer that needs fixing. I often say that this is the last time I will go through the agony of installing Windows, doing the updates and searching for drivers with endless restarts and aggravation of waiting and waiting… I install Linux with everything needed in about 45 minutes and that is when I am not in a hurry. I honestly don’t understand why would people, who are not professionally obligated, using that large virus called Windows? Not to talk about cost. Cost for every little software on top of not really cheap OS.
    So I still think that you are kidding and just trying to provoke this endless river of comments. Linux is pure and simple and free. Cheers!

  108. rei

    Linux sucks mostly because of the community (#11). I have tried several times over the past two decades to get into Linux, but each and every time I have tried to get some help, there is some neckbeard that sends me screaming into the night.

  109. beatrice rae

    i am a 57 year old women never had a computer till i was 44 years old and used windows but my brother convinced me about linux after years of nagging,i finally did this year and i am so glad i did and stuck with it everything i learned about computer was hands on my own,i ever learned how to rebuild my own computers i am old school and grew up back in the country and had no knowledge of internet or cell phones , so i guess for me i came a long ways ,and yes i love linux and will never go back to microsoft .

  110. John

    Seems kinda irrelevant now.

    PCs are being relegated to the role they had in the 1980s – word processors and spreadsheets (wow!). Linux can do that fine. If you want to go on the web or watch a film, you can use your telephone or television. PCs were always rubbish at games.

    • Jack

      >word processors and spreadsheets (wow!). Linux can do that fine
      It doesn’t have MS Office so no it can’t.

      >If you want to go on the web or watch a film, you can use your telephone or television.
      Both suck and are slow.

      >PCs were always rubbish at games.
      Only if you’re poor.

      • Harold

        MS Office is available on the internet.

        Every single PC is unique ; you spend about 30 times as much time getting it to work with your system as actually playing it. And then it runs glacially slow and/or crashes.

  111. sda

    Imagine if the ford “model a” were the only vehicle ever produced because it an effective method of transportation improved upon over the years but still Ford “model a” vs 2017? Yes linux has drawbacks, but freedom has its drawbacks, however those who demand freedom, will find a solution. Turnkey MS, OSx just watch your router lights buzz when your doing nothing, its eating, gulping, digging, slam dunking all the data if can possibly gather on you, your habits, websites, depth of your naval, etc because you clicked “ok” on the 40 page license agreement. I built my first computers, loaded from cassette tape through microphone, I could out type the keyboard buffer and compuserve had to wait to catch up. I loaded SCO, Interactive, Sun from 60+ disks, then tapes, then cd’s, then dvds, with no video except vga at best. Mac’s and PC’s in the house but all variants of linux (unix, 4dos, bsd, etc etc) were where I did my work. 45 years later, I keep MS on virtual drive to assist consulting, everything else fits in Linux or I don’t use it. One could say, jeepers doesn’t that limit your ability to task without Windows, NO unless your using something insanely graphic intensive (gaming, etc) or hardware specific, emulators work just fine for all else IF you must run the commercial stuff. I stick with Linux, its a matter of principle, I know what information goes in/out of my machine, but I setup ip tables and more. The average joe can go down and buy a 200 dollar unit and pop lightweight os on it and browse, email, social network, video chat, etc etc – your presumption herein is people actually WORK on these things, far and few between. Most home users can enjoy the very same results coming in under the price of a copy of Windows – gaming and such aside BUT those are overcome with some hefty hardware, NVIDIA has been proactive in “blobs” for video and steam is moving like a steam roller – kinda slow – but they ported over some titles pretty quickly and around 40% of my games from years past are ported, half life, borderlands, etc. So YES Windows, OSx stompts the bu’jesus out of Linux when it comes to costly software, but look over the solutions that STILL REQUIRE XP and no amount of “run as” or “compatability” mode gets it working, even more, the company is long gone and your interfaced to your main frame publishing system, payroll and more. I’ve been at both ends and most folks can do well with a couple hundred bucks, kids too!

  112. Name (required)

    I’m a Linux user and I agree with almost everything you wrote. Especially with #3, #4 and #7. Quality > quantity. Thank you!

  113. smgbarkay

    Every operating system and/or distro has its strength and weaknesses.
    just use whichever is the right tool for the job at hand and stop this childish “XXX IS BETTER THAN XXXX!!!!!” flamewars. they are way beyond pointless.
    if you have time to flame someone for using a certain tool for a certain task just because hes not using YOUR tool of choice, use it to make your tool of choice better^

    or, your know, DUAL BOOT.

    i use Windows for play and entertainment + the occasional “bloody excel list” office work.
    Linux for everyday IT System engineer work.
    terminal beats putty.
    simple as that.

    • Michael J

      I dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows Vista (Service pack 2, don’t call me ridiculous just because it’s Vista. It’s like 7, but you try running Windows 7 on a Dell Inspirion 530, age ~12).
      Windows 10 is better for gaming, Linux is good for flash games (Yes, I play them. And love it. 10 MB Cookie is better than 10GB game).
      Windows 10 is better for offices, unless you find a website that accepts LibreOffice’s junk.
      Linux? Programming? BOOM, instant decision.

      Saying that Windows is better than Linux is like saying that Minecraft is better than Roblox. They. Fill. Different. Needs.

      What is wrong with bloggers these days?!!!

  114. Citizen

    Why don’t I want to use Linux? Because there’s no reason to use it for a typical PC user. Why the hell would I make life harder on myself for minimal gain? I can understand a hobbyist fascination with Linux, or even a philosophical one (i guess…) but at the end of the day, I just want to browse the internet and play games. I don’t need Linux to do that, and neither does 99% of the population. I don’t oppose the existence of the platform or anything, but it always grinds my gears when some Linux kid crawls out of the woodwork to start ranting about how a game isn’t supported or something. You chose this life, man. There’s no one to blame but yourself.

    • Citizen2

      Linux is always going to be philosophically-motivated, except for maybe these two exceptions: you built your own PC and don’t want to dole out extra cash for a M$ license, or you are someone who doesn’t understand internet security (typically these people only need a familiar user interface)

  115. PK

    Although many of the things you said are true, some are not. Try LXLE, it’s light and beautiful, runs like charm even on old computers (mine is a dual core). Also, most of the issues encountered can be resolved by using google for answers, which is true about Android too and everybody uses that. I agree that all the flavors etc should try to merge and minimize the effort towards few good distributions. Of course there are some good points for Windows too and that is why i have dual boot, but i mostly work on LXLE on the PC. Can’t comment on lack of specific programs as my needs are of general nature.

  116. glucid 42

    I’ll grant you that you’ve raised a few valid points. I’m writing as an ‘almost novice’ Linux user who can at least follow simple instructions to get me out of sticky situations. Interestingly though, some of the points you’ve raised would make no sense to those who don’t know anything about Linux, but as I’ve already dabbled in Linux a little bit, there were a few things I read that I couldn’t help nodding to in agreement. The only advice I’d give to those who contemplate learning about Linux and how to use it: only jump on the Linux bandwagon if you’re game for a challenge. If you’re used to Windows or MacOs, and you’re content with that, then stick to it! Linux does require extra effort, and sometimes it will seem like it’s not worth the effort. I jumped on the Linux bandwagon because I just wasn’t happy enough with running only Windows. If your curiosity won’t leave you alone, then, by all means dive into it head first. Learn for the sake of knowing more, and stay open minded. Surprisingly, there are enough people to lend a hand. The Linux world is a bit like democracy: it’s not perfect and it’s messy at times, but it’s free.

  117. windowssucks

    Oh i forgot, Linux is much safer than windows can ever be due to the system structure and privileges and so on…No antivirus needed…plus some people think its hard to install apps on Linux, its not, the opposite is true in most cases, one click and youre done with the latest managers… I am sure I forgot more useful points about it, just see yourself…

    • Rata

      It’s awesome how perfectly you represent his point #11 . Hopefully one day you may grow up.

      • Citizen2

        Actually, your comment perfectly represents point #11. Point #11 referred to the toxicity and flamewars that can be formed. Reading OP’s comment seems more like he’s making a comment on the article, and you’re the one instigating any sort of toxicity. 😉

    • seeker

      Somewhat true, but the paradigm shift for program installation from Windows to Linux is so drastic that it took me (and I assume many others) a while to appreciate how truly simple it actually is. Then the simplicity falls apart as soon as you need a program that isn’t maintained in your distro’s repositories…

  118. windowssucks

    Yea Linux might not be good for you ^^ besides that it is just great, stable, fast, down to earth. The thing is: you are the problem here lol Just stick to windumb forever, who cares. Free buggy software full of ads crap and bloatware. Keep rebooting a thousand times a day lol Oh right, some “important” games were not coded for linux so linux sucks *facepalm* ^^. To all other people who want to try Linux, just install the latest Mint Mate or Cinnamon. Its the best os you can have right now. Special software is available too, maybe you have to pay for professional purposes like on windumb. This post is the most pointless thing ive ever seen.

    • Alex

      It’s a very useful post. Indeed I wish I had read this post before installing linux. I had to spend hours to figure out how to install some apps that i installed with some clicks on Windows. The fact is that linux is not suitable for an average user who wants to get the job done. It’s for tech people who want to write lines of codes to get some simple tasks done and then feel they’re pro. I prefer the easy way cause I value my time.

    • seeker

      I’m really not sure if you’re serious or trolling, but either way you’re the shining example of exactly what the Linux community DOESN’T need.

  119. John S

    Two big problems have always plagued Linux on desktop. One is driver support that just works and you don’t have to struggle with terminal windows to fix them, if they are even fixable. Second is software, Linux has nowhere near the software Windows has available or the support for that software. You pretty much end up looking for answer’s in forums with Linux. These two problems are still forever the stumbling block for average users adopting Linux. Because Linux desktop is just a bunch of fragmented distro’s all working for what, 3% market share. You got to figure its not going to ever be successful mainstream. Chromebook’s are the solution to a mainstream Linux solution. Get a big company to support and update it properly and have the money to market the hardware to compete. Waiting for users to come to you and download your distro will never happen. Not in big numbers.

  120. rambo919

    1- If you can actually get Samba to work properly… it was probably by accident.
    2- Wine is nice but spotty and slow…. just TRY playing Civ4 with a large mod and compare the difference in speed between wine and windows, the first is in mud and the second is on oil.
    3- Paid apps will almost always be better than free, Inkscape is a PAIN half the time and when you ask what is going on “you just don’t understand how it works”… the app should understand ME not the other way around.
    4- Copy and pasting gets REALLY confusing with ctrl+v/crtl-shift-v/middle-mouse/whatever
    5- Not everyone has the memory to actually remember all the cmd commands + parameters leading to puzzled frustration half the time.
    6- There is a strange paranoid manic fear of centralization, no finger on any hand properly functions with any other. openSUSE is closer to the ideal than the others but still so imperfect that trying to make filesharing work can completely cut off internet access with the end-user having no clue as to what the hell he did because yast was supposed to manage everything for you.
    7- “normal” people that just want to get on with life NEED things to just work out of the box, they NEED automation and easy GUI configs, ridicule does not help them “convert” to the “linux is life” cult. They have neither the energy nor time to take apart, clean and put back together again the engine…. they just want to drive the damn car.
    8- Due to bad drivers winxp can sometimes run faster on older hardware. Not all working PC’s are newer than 2010 with Intel/nVidia/AMD gpu’s.
    9- MS Office might suck (2010 and it’s horridly badly implemented paranoid DRM that half the time broke the install for example) but LibreOffice sucks more.
    10- The big DE’s (KDE & Cinnamon especially) keep seemingly randomly breaking.
    11- WinXP is dead, Win7 is the competition & Win10 is the enemy. Stop comparing linux to win10, it’s effect might seem clear atm but it’s future is still in some considerable doubt with only the death of Win10 giving a clear picture… with Win7 dead when the time comes there had better be a better status quo than the current hobbyist disaster that is linux or we are all doomed to some degree.

    • John

      1- don’t use it then.
      2- buy a playstation.
      3- well, duh.
      4 – really ?
      5- save it in the text editor, or on in a notebook with a pencil.
      6- its all part of the fun…
      7- use your mobile phone. You can get a Chinese smartphone for $30.
      8- Win10 won’t work on anything less than 6 months old.
      9- Try using WordPerfect for CP/M. You get used to anything.
      10- KDE is _complete_ and _utter_ garbage. Stick to Gnome.
      11- Know Your Enemy – Android.

  121. chris.r

    You’re fighting a biological imperative there, my friend! Rational appeals are always blown away by easier to digest, more neurologically comforting, binary arguments.

    I grew up using most anything available – and a few that no longer are (beOS) – and, so, never really understood the rabid adherence to any one particular system. These are tools that I use; my self-worth derives from other, more rewarding facets of my life than the box that sits under my desk. The box is a meta-tool and it’s brain speaks whatever particular language I need it to at any given time in order to accomplish a specific task. Thinking otherwise seems artificially limiting, a form of needless, cognitive self-flagellation.

    Good article!

    • poppiesgdd

      Hooray , the best answer here .
      It’s horses for courses , and agree
      with everything in the article too .
      I am here because I tried installing a
      .tar file into ubuntu 16.04 , but it doesn’t
      stick !? . ( frustration)
      I use linux every day , but use windows when
      I know a program has to work first time , even
      though every man and his dog can spy on me .
      I like both systems for different reasons, but I
      am not stupid enough to limit myself by being a
      one-eyed stick in the mud !.
      One system isn’t better overall than the others ,
      just different.
      When the linux and windows scatter-brains
      ( they know I mean them ) and not you , work
      that out , life will be much easier on the forums .

  122. pinguin_crusher

    Great article, love it! Windows has around 90% market share because it’s an OS that everybody wants to have installed. Linux doesn’t have even 3% market share. Nobody wants to use it because it really sucks.

    • Doris

      Yes, you are completely right, especially when it comes to servers, data bases and cloud computing, but kids doesn’t know that:)

    • Michael Nielsen

      Not so, and very biased.. Most people I have introduced to linux continue to use it and thinks it is great, and doesn’t want windows back!

      Almost 100% of machines come with windows pre-installed, most schools only expose their students to windows, and so forth.. Thus the problem is around 90% of people don’t even know there is an alternative to paying through the nose for Windows, and a significant percentage of these have no need for the extra things windows bring.

      I loathe to buy laptops, because I have to pay for a system, that I don’t even use, nor ever wanted on the computer. up to 25% of the computers price of a low enc computer, is the windows license. That is why I build my own desktops – no windows license :-), don’t need it.

      If people don’t realise there is an alternative, they won’t try it, part of Apples and Microsofts marketing strategy, and why “educational versions” are either free, or very cheap (First fix is free).

  123. jimmy

    #1: Complicated? It’s familiarly not complication. If linux your first OS you you would be saying windows is complicated.

    #2: Alone? if this is written in 20th century yea but this post is written in feb 2017. You are NOT alone..

    #3 It changes constantly: That is if you change it, you don’t have to change it if you dont’ want to that’s what’s so cool about linux, you can do whatever you want with it.

    #4 Pointless competition: Each linux distribution is their own OS. They are call linux because all of them uses the same open source kernel. You can’t just group windows as an OS and all other OS as “linux” that’s ignorance.

    #5 Only true for gpu performance actually. I have some strange hardware that is suppose to work for windows but it works like a charm in linux. That said setting it up might be complicated so i’ll give #5 to you.

    #6 it depend what you do. If you put a lot of bloat ware on the linux box it’s gonna be slow too. Linux is faster because the user can choose what’s in there down to the kernel module. For any system if you add too many junk it will get slow be it linux/windows.

    #7 program sucks: you mean software support? this is the only reason why windows is relevant.

    #8 same as #7

    #9 It’s free: Please google “deflation economics”. That’s how products are improve and develop as time goes on.

    #10 philosophy: huh? so we are talking about philosophy now?

    #11 Community: pretty sure the windows community is worst. Without collecting data I can tell majority of linux users have higher IQ then windows user.

    I’m a windows and a linux guy btw.

    • poppiesgdd

      Yes , try ” worse ” or ” the worst ” ,
      ” the ” between tell and majority , and ” than ” instead of
      then , and I think you forgot the ” s ” on user !?.
      Yes I agree , and even more literate too !.
      I’m neither a windows or linux guy , but both by the way !.
      Hooray for high IQ’s , the world would be dull without them !?.
      Thanks for the laugh !.

  124. Peter

    You’ve made some good points. MS Office looks a lot nicer than Open Office and I prefer Photoshop above GIMP a thousand times. And yes, Linux is a little complicated and if you’re an absolute zero at programming and just want the PC do all the work for you (and take the decisions on your behalf as well), than you better stick with Windows, although Linux developers have gone at great lengths to make it accessible to everyone (e.g. the Linux Mint Cinnamon version which comes as a complete package with a lot of pre-installed software to enjoy). But you’ve also written a couple of things that are completely untrue. First of all, Linux is FAST. On my humble Acer Aspire ES 15 I have both Linux Mint and Windows 10. Linux takes 47 seconds to load and open Firefox whereas Windows needs 1min 39 to do the same thing (Windows is fooling you because when the desktop appears it still hasn’t finished loading at all!). Linux takes only 4 seconds to shut down whereas Windows 18 seconds. In Linux I can easily do things (e.g. create a complex video project) without lagging whereas in Windows my laptop would start smoking if I tried the same thing.

    You also mentioned the unfriendliness of the Linux creator and its support forums, but let’s talk about Microsoft and their customer care for a moment (I could write a novel about it). Most of all, let’s talk about the things Windows does without you being aware of it. Downloading many Gigas of updates without asking your permission, for instance, until I busted my provider’s download limit and got stuck with a 64k internet speed for 2 weeks until my monthly allowance got renewed. Actually, there’s no way to control Windows Update at all! Who knows what else Microsoft is down/uploading from my PC without my consent? Who knows what information big brother Bill Gates extracts it? At least, Linux gives you full control and if you’re a bit handy you can adjust about everything. The touchpad’s lagging a bit? In Windows you can adjust a few parameters but that’s it. In Linux you can adjust ALL parameters and make the touchpad work like a dream. That’s not philosophy, that’s practicality.

    Oh… did I already mention viruses and the hard time they’re having on Linux? Or that my Linux never crashes whereas I’ve seen the dreaded blue screen many times with Windows.

    You mentioned the many Linux distros, but what about Windows? I used to love Windows 7. It was fast, neat, well built and still left you in control. Windows 8, on the other hand, was a complete disaster, so much that Microsoft released the 10 update for free! Wow! But still, Windows 10 doesn’t look nearly as nice as 7, or Linux Mint. The panes look as if a child developed them and are so ugly and confusing. Yes, the old desktop’s back but it’s still rubbish compared to Linux. So whereas MS gets the edge at Office, it loses the battle on the desktop and the overall “feel” of the operating system.

    Neither system’s perfect. I’m still trying to get Photoshop running under Linux (but have failed so far). Also the latest Skype version doesn’t work under Linux… another attempt of friendly Microsoft people to thwart the Linux threat. Well, I don’t care. Jitsi works even better for videochat. But to my opinion, the independent Linux developers who’re doing it for free, seem to have a far better idea where to go with their operating system than the overpaid Microsoft people.


    • george U.

      Thanks Peter. I ask is there any system that doesn’t have flaws? I drop windows as it deliberately makes installing stuff they don’t support difficult, again you can’t use windows for more than a year without junk filling your system and it’s impossible to totally remove without “PAID HELP”, being slow to me is a some thing that can only be determined using the least agile systems (old systems), and windows is a joke when it comes to this. Windows has it’s aspect which I like and funny enough Windows is beginning to see the need to borrow a leaf from Linux (obviously some has noticed). Do all remember when DOS came online, I live in Africa so seeing my more privileged friends battle with DOS was like looking at Linux the way many do today, but guess what Windows is great for all today so will Linux. About free, I don’t particularly like free stuff but I also don’t like the exploitation seen from Windows. I make it a habit of buying original software so was really insulted when after a Windows 10 update that broke my Office Windows asked I pay to get it fixed (after their techi could not fix it) well that was it for using it as main stream. And please Linux has good GUI releases, and talk of distro wars, well we many products out providing the same stuff and it makes it better for the consumer…

      Thanks again Peter for your objectiveness and others too both from Windows and Linux alike

    • lennybrit

      Yes, indeed, and with others here: there are a bunch of Linux distro’s, but there are only some mainstream distro’s. Look at DistroWatch. You use Ubuntu or Mint? You can choose to upgrade almost automatically. I use professional software before MS started and I did prefer OS2/Warp above Windows. Because business is dependent op applications, we were dependent on MS. So I worked with MS since the beginning and sometimes still do.
      BUT, if you are an experienced user with Mac, Oracle, BSD and so on, then I cannot hold that MS is better of perfect. Since Windows 10 is has become much better. So are the applications with Linux and BSD or Apple software. I can whatever I choose with Linux Mint or Ubuntu. It’s not true that Linux is slower! I think you made some mistakes with your installation. It is possible though that the performance for some specific applications sucks because of the software.
      Your reaction is more emotional than based on facts.
      Though I’m a very enthusiast Linux user, I can recommend you to try BSD, look at DistroWatch for your taste. It is a very safe. Maybe safer than Linux. It has ZFS.
      Anyways, working in the cloud you can use whatever OS you like. It doesn’t matter with the devices and applications in the cloud.
      Success, be happy with Windows, Linux, OS X, BSD or whatever.
      For me, I stay with Linux (and a little BSD)

  125. Look@my.email

    Great post, I came across it while searching for a problem with my l.Mint update tool. Ironic.
    Oh, before I forget it, here it comes as you requested it:

    You suck and Linux is best!!11ONEELEVEN

    No really this Blog Post is great. Reminds me of the talks “Linux sucks” by Bryan Lunduke. Always worth the time to watch.

  126. nick

    You are retarded if you think linux sucks!! Do you know mac is based off BSD and Linux? You should remove this so you don’t contaminate the rest of the world! John Morris is a sailing instructor, he bases his decision on random choice or his own personal whim, rather than any reason or system. This article is written on a biased and highly misleading nature, used to promote or publicize he own particular cause or point of view.

    • Jack

      You call someone retarded and then you say Mac is based off Linux which is 100% false.

      • John

        Both BSD and inux are reverse engineered versions of Unix, a multi-user system written for mainframes. They work in a pretty similar way. The problem with Linux is not “Linux” but the competing applications, libraries, languages and compliers.

  127. Sechisney Lexconum

    Thank you John. Thank you for your understanding. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s a fact that not everyone is all that intelligent. Your linux-fanboy critics are probably IQ 120+ techies who either forget, don’t care, or view with contempt the average IQ of the species at a mere 100, give or take. They are happy to produce an OS that normal folks can’t understand or intuit … ever. Moreover they seem to delight in our frustration. “Use Windows or Mac like a retard”, they say. Except many of us don’t get a choice. Those linux freebies tempt the IT bosses and the result is that many IT workers are dropped into the Linux ocean without a life preserver. We have to feed our families so we struggle with it as best we can. But it’s painful, sometimes very. I’m glad one of you gets it.

    • Jack

      Indeed. Not all us have our parents to pay for us. Some of us have real jobs using Windows/OS X

  128. mohawke

    Reason #4: Pointless Competition: It is not competition, it is choice. KDE never tried to lure me away from Gnome. It makes Reason #3 less of an issue. I would wager if it didn’t change often you would have abandoned it long ago.

    Reason #6: It’s Slow: I am on an old MacBook and I am running LinuxMint in virtual with zero problems and it isn’t slow. Windows runs like crap. All my hardware works including my MFC printer and Wacom. What hardware is left these days? Most people survive on a tablet with just a finger these days.

    Reason #7: Programs Suck: Yeah, I’ve bought crap on Windows and Mac too that cost me money. I find Blender and many others to be excellent tools, which I use on Mac as well as Linux. Krita replaced Photoshop recently and I ditched Illustrator years ago for Inkscape. I’ve used Open Office (LibreOffice) for years. If the majority of companies didn’t use MS Office, Open Office would be it. Just as good just people need that compatibility between business and business thinks it needs to pay for support, which usually costs extra and generally is needed when upgrading, which becomes a pain thanks to protecting their products income potential.

    Reason #11: The Community: I’ve met more Microsoft @$$holes than Linux over the years.

    I could go over them all but I will just say this. Linux is still the best design after 20 years so much so that Apple and Microsoft have used a lot of its features design ideas. Apple liked the design so much they took the entire BSD Unix and slapped a horrid AppStore on top with mediocre programers selling crap disposable web apps wrapped in a GUI. Most enterprise and off the shelf commercial software has open code in it thanks to all those unpaid programmers.

    MP3 is our of the box on most distros unless you want to try more difficult releases – again, choice! I don’t like a lot of country music but I don’t complain about radio when I turn to another station to avoid it. I personally find most of your arguments rather weak. But, I remember installing Berkley Unix and Slackware in the early nineties and I enjoyed watching it grow up.

  129. Kosmos

    Hahahahahahahaha!!! This is the most my top layman’s article of the year. In practice it looks like this: my wife used Windows and had a lot of problems out of it; after few years she changed it to one of Linux distributions, now she knows how to use a system. The same thing with my mother-in-law. Be real! It is the same mechanism as with TV watching addiction, once you throw this stupid thing – TV set – out to where it belongs – i.e. garbage bin-, you realize how asphyxiated you were.
    I am sure this comment will not be publicized. But I write it to the author to just let him know how little knowledge he has.

  130. Rocco

    I have to say that the people and the market in general seem to forgive everything to microsoft.
    if you look in the forums in general is plenty of workaround to correct the windows problems but nobody has the power of promote a class action against microsoft for all the troubles it is causing to the world.
    Every win10 update cause that something disappear or change position.
    the last is the ‘edge’ that desappear completely but the list could be very long.
    in microsoft knows perfectly this situation and this is why with the last os (vista,8 and 10) they have put the debug leap to the final users.
    Also is unacceptable that every two years we have to change windows version which is completely different from the previous.
    Naturally I am talking about the office professional users.
    These people need a stable os to use for many years and not changing so frequently.
    Finally if you think what has became the last win10 in terms of privacy is ridicolous.
    You are constantly spyed.
    Maybe the solution would be that some big company could build a linux distro with most develop efforts given to WINE in order to run the normal and the most used win software for the office.
    I think that in this way linux desktop will start growing a lot.

    • Sechisney Lexconum

      We didn’t forgive Windows 8 nor 10. We just like a consistent look and feel with programs that just work. For the last 11 years Windows XP & 7 gave us that. MS has an excuse to corrupt their own creation. They wanted the profits from forced upgrades in the enterprise. Linux has never had an excuse. Unfortunately most linux fan-boys are in IT for the love of it, not to feed their families. If Linux was only your job and not your hobby, you might feel different.

  131. Rocco

    Too late,
    Many of the 11 points are true but I have to add this:
    Instead of trying of produce linux software why do not develop WINE further?
    If people could use THE SAME windows software in linux, the scenario could change rapidly.
    Since WINE is not an emulator but allows to run windows program, this could be the goal.
    I work in IT since 1995 and the biggest problem in the companyes today is to have windows os that change constantly.
    Also now windows it is developed for general purpose and gaming and not for the professional users (accountant etc.)
    Maybe is too late for linux to run for this but it would be fantastic for the professional users.
    I have installed and used windows programs in WINE and I have to say that most of them run perfectly.
    The challenge has to be running windows program in another os like linux.
    This should be the real linux desktop goal.
    Then the people will decide if go to a native linux program o staying on windows program version.
    But all of this is difficult because a lot of linux fans (and developer) hate windows at all and this is the major point on which in microsoft are very happy!!!!.
    Think instead on linux distro that NATIVELY can run MOST of the windows programs that people use in a normal office.
    I think microsoft would stop to be happy.
    Sorry for the english….

  132. Phil

    Ok So I just installed Ubunto on my PC. Thought I would give it a try. Here are my initial thoughts.
    1) It is slow, slower than running windows 7
    2) Stuff doesn’t work (Rhythm Box, doesn’t play from the start, doesn’t play to the end) Firefox? Really?
    3) Did I say how slow it is?
    4) The help files are an utter waste of time and don’t help at all
    5) Did I mention how slow it is?
    6) When all you want to do is download and install a program it is way too complicated
    7) Oh and slow
    8) I started PC life with DOS, I don’t think we should still be having to navigate around in a text based window
    9) All Linux users seem to hate everyone who mentions a problem they are having and instead of helping offer advice that assume you are an experienced Linux User or just say stuff about how bad windows is
    10) I will give it one more week and if at the end of that week I cannot play my music, watch tv and surf the net as well as I can on windows then this is getting deleted and consigned to the bin
    11) I really hoped Linux wouldn’t be awful – So far it is

    • mohawke

      Stay away from Ubuntu. For a real Linux experience install LinuxMInt and choose the Mate edition as they tell you KDE and Cinnamon are heavy on resources if your machine doesn’t have the video or system resources to make it fly. PinguyOS is just a great! Both blow Ubuntu away. Just installing Ubuntu, because everyone does, isn’t really giving Linux a chance. If you read the Ubuntu mission statement you will understand that they do not bundle non-free software or features; i.e, MP3 support, which is one reason Mint exists.

    • John

      1-it works and its free.
      2- dont use it then.
      3- it still works.
      4-the man files are excellent if a bit obscure and techn\cal.
      5- how slow is a Timex 1000 ?
      6- but then it works.
      7- stop getting your PCs from the hard refuse collection then.
      8- Win10 has a BASH shell – Enjoy !
      9- Actually you seem to have had a pretty balmy experience, it took me months to get my system going. Dependency hell anyone ?
      10- Hah !!!
      11- It all part of the fun !

  133. Mohammed El-Shawwa

    All these reasons are not operational except in games, windows still the best one for that.
    What suppose to do if there is no competition on desktops and apps because it is why systems improved !

    Microsoft support Linux too much, and don’t forget windows 10 have linux command lines too, most devices even the site you used to upload your article it is use linux.

    What about BSD distro? it is more difficult than Linux and it is more like unix than Linux and Mac, what the most funniest Mac like linux too, so where did you get this info the linux is harder than Mac? beside you can’t said Linux harder because there are at least 250 distro of Linux and there is faster than windows and better and there is harder but perfect for hard work developing for example Ubuntu, I ran away from windows XP and I used ubuntu – which is my first Linux I used and I was didn’t know anything about linux so I read for 4 months before jump to linux and it was an awesome time – I used Ubuntu for 2 years and I changed to windows 7 then windows 10 … now I am a windows 10 and Debian user and I am proud for that.

    I tried some OSs like Mac …. and never never you can find any Os can fight Mac on its beauty design …. but it is too use command line and some developers like it more than windows, but it is that make windows bad? NO!

    Let’s speak each reason you said:
    1- Reason #1: It’s Complicated, the reason why it is hard because you live on old ideas about old versions of Linux distro from 2007 and before, I was student when I used ubuntu and I didn’t find any hard, there so much distro are very easy and recommended for you deepin and elementary os and linux mint and zorin if you didn’t like ubuntu….. sorry you are not operational in that because everybody has his own mind.

    2- Reason #2: You’re Alone… Almost …. Are you kiddin’ me ?????? you tlked about Communities and you said you are alone ? very funny dude !!!, most of Communities are active or did you forget stackoverflow site? what social media ? LOL !! , and what about the developers site ? …. try linux please !

    3- Reason #3: It Changes Constantly …. sure what about windows ?? they said same things to windows 7 and after 2 years they changed … windows 8 same too … windows 10 same too….. Microsoft learned its lesson and make like Mac.
    Linux same too .. you compared between Ubuntu 15> X.* or gnome with ubuntu unity ?? why you compare between old and new and you are upset because users Tweak for years until Unity born? Ubuntu learned too its lesson and built its DE and there are flavors do you know that ? I hate unity and take supports more but that make Ubuntu bad and you sad because of Unity I was upset after Unity born but not logic to blame ubuntu developers.

    4- Reason #4: Pointless Competition…. What ? What did you say? DUDE ! that is how developing work ! you need a competition to improve your work and the competition will push competitors divided and union and then welcome to multi OS and DE, and you talk about Wayland? dude, Wayland is a protocol not a DE.
    And let the open source project worker alone to improve their skills because those they will be useful in the future.

    5- Reason #5: Mediocre Hardware & Peripheral Support … in that keep silence !! and work hard, My laptop acer aspire 5242 have a net card is a non-free but there are 4 packages for it and the system will choose the best just put it on flash memory and plug it during installing LOL very easy!…. another example hp scanjet 3750c it is a non-free too but ubuntu and debian didn’t take too much time to identify it LOL !!!!…. for eample NVIDIA is had a free package in linux.

    6- Reason #6: It’s Slow… Same here don’t say Linux is slow or games running slow … you have more then 250 distro… for example zorin it is very slow as a system on my laptop …. but windows is the best except Steam Linux OS is better.

    7- Reason #7: Programs Suck…. did you try wine app or PlayOnLinux too ? I ran adobe apps on ubuntu by that … that if like we said windows is bettre in games than linux but before we talk about it Do you know andriod is a linux ?? and can run Ms Office and games faster Remix built on andriod but still need work.
    note: an operational apps is the suck who you called … don’t push hard on it, start with adobe for example.

    8- Reason #8: Gaming…. As an operational I will say “yes, windows is better than Linux, and BSD and Mac too” but what about android and Steam OS linux ? LOL … of course linux still need more work but there are some projects built by Linux like unity games and some movies you watched got montage by linux…. yes windows is better but still some hopes for Linux and Mac.

    9- Reason #9: It’s Free… No I don’t accept about how Linux built by millions of coders make it shaky – if you mean stability – ! and just to know not all distro is free for example redhat is non-free and some apps – I forgot to tell you the correct name for Linux is GNU/Linux – GNU apps are non-free.

    10- Reason #10: Philosophy Versus Practicality……….. that is a big issue and hard to discuss here, you have to know some thing “the Philosophy is make open source projects to get more skills” there was a linux distro called Tera Linux it was based on ubuntu 10.04 LTS but after 3 years – I don’t remember exactly – it is stop and was work for some developers to improve their skills.

    11- Reason #11: The Community … you are funny aren’t you ??, you didn’t say any useful points here, you will find same sense on stackoverflow and Quora and others … you talk about tens of people on each Community.

    Finally, I don’t to say Linux is better, no each OS has special abilities and works and rules .. you can’t make all them one or nothing will improve or evolve.

    For me I see windows has some useful apps and necessary you can’t find it on linux, some operational apps works on linux as a first step, Mac … you want a better OS ? … on developing works and design and normal use … THEN GO TO “Mac OS” it is the better all for me but has some issues too .. you can’t do that ! … you didn’t like Mac and want to blame me? of course you can’t, I told you everybody has its own mind, if I liked Mac that isn’t mean I will still use it or you will use it …. that is how human think

    some developers who want to get more skills liked go to Linux and BSD, others not

    • Mohammed El-Shawwa

      There is something I want to add, your article is good and some users have same opinion, I met many users said same and I was like that until I discovered Ubuntu … if you feel good on widows, that is good and in this case no one can force you to use linux or Mac, even Ubuntu didn’t cancel my windows use.

      My suggest on Office work, Windows is best for me for normal users and Mac maybe good, for me I can make my linux distro good for Office … that is depend on ability

      I don’t like make comparing for beginner or experts in developing work, everyone has its own, I liked comparing on stability and supports and themes.

      To expand compare for all users which we mean windows, Mac, Linux, BSD and IBM OS and maybe there is more , of course for normal user windows and Mac because they are traditional and first arrived to users – not just academy users – but the most funny things Mac is better but because expensive price and cancel iWork app made a goodbye !

    • Mohammed El-Shawwa

      Sorry for using (LOL, are you kidding me? and other) I didn’t attack your article and it is good and you have opinion and I respect to it , I am just try to be friendly just all

  134. prometx

    I, totally, get this. The Linux community, is a sleeping giant; a petulant, barbaric and bloodstained, sleeping giant, lol! You make many excellent points here. I am constantly having issues with the “shifting sands” of the Linux ecosystem. I am struggling with these on several different fronts as I write this in fact.

    Regardless, I think Linux is fantastic. I think the most cogent observation that you make in your article is, “That a powerful and functional operating system is the result of this chaos is fantastic and awe-inspiring.” It *is*, literally, awe-inspiring. Linux’s adoption on the desktop is still a little wonky (it will get there), but it dominates in almost every other arena. This is like rooting around in a dilapidated, shanty slaughterhouse, and discovering a Star-of-India-quality diamond in amongst the garbage. It is…almost…unbelievable that so many disparate, and often, at odds, developers could construct something so profound. It is, to me, nothing short of miraculous.

    This, is why I use, and will continue to use desktop Linux. It kicks ass, despite its “idiosyncrasies”. So, therefore, let me share with you this tart expression of hyperbole; I think Linux is the “escaped slave” of the modern technical era, and is the last best hope to save us from an, truly awful, potential hegemonic technocracy, which is a genuine danger in these near coming decades. So, there’s that. Well writ though! Huzzah!

  135. tekola

    Thank you. So right. Trying to figure out how to do things and being told to do unintelligible commands in Terminal (What is Terminal was my first question and still have trouble finding it.). I follow directions in posts, only to end up at some point with a cryptic error message and have to start over again. Most answers ell you to run something, then you have to figure out what the hell that something is. I have 45 years experience and have encountered many operating systems. Still trying to find the right flavor of Linux. I find Ubuntu impossible. I used Lubuntu for a while and found that easy to learn, until I get errors I can’t track down.

  136. Carsten Rasmussen

    I have not use Windows since 1999. So I don’t know much about windows.
    I have worked with unix system since 1992.
    What I like with Unix is that it is very simple and agile.
    If you learn to understand the concept then it is the same for all platforms.
    I changed to Linux in 2000, when I started my own company.
    Today Linux is the most used OS by far it is integrated in billion of devices from routes, firewall, mobile phones, embedded system, cloud servers.
    I like it because you can reuse your code no matter which hardware you are running on and there is tons of open source code on github.

    In windows it is simple to do something simple and complex to do something complex.
    I Linux it is opposite.
    In Linux it is complex to do something simple and simple to do something complex.

    But in Unix/Linux you should not be afraid if using your keyboard.
    If you want to do very thing with you mouse. Then you don’t get the advantage of Linux.

  137. julio

    I just got a tower with it, and it’s a bit overwhelming, since i’ve never dealt with linux before.

  138. Steve

    Eh, pretty much all your points are invalid. I’m not going to enumerate, but they are. I’ve been using Linux for 20 years. I’ve also been using Macs and Windows. Linux is far less irritating.

  139. Eihwaz

    #1: fake problem & it’s worth learning
    #2: Arch Wiki (not valid only for Arch users) + a ton of forums nowadays
    #3: this is sooo wrong, valid almost exclusively for Ubuntu (gratz Unity)…
    #4: so much BS, not only more choice isn’t bad but they’re different enough to have a reason to exist
    #5: agreed (except for Intel!)
    #6: comparing again with Ubuntu’s slowness => this is BS
    #7: Wine should suffice, but agreed
    #8 : agreed
    #9: right, but fake problem: not a reason not to adopt Linux
    #10: relative BS, everything ain’t like this
    #11: why not, the examples are pretty meaningless without context but that wouldn’t surprise me anyway

    To sum up, the article should be called “Why you should start on Ubuntu and its derivatives if you’re a beginner to Linux”.

  140. Nathanael Nerode

    OK, so some of this is right — specialized programs for specialized industries are lacking on Linux (just as they used to be lacking on Macs), and hardware companies aren’t bothering to make Linux-compatible hardware reliably.

    However, seriously, Microsoft Outlook? It should be banned outright. ANYTHING on Linux is better for ANY application than that automatic malware delivery system. Excel is famous for not actually recalculating formulas properly, so a complex Excel spreadsheet is a paperweight — and it’s also known for the “macro virus” which it invented. Microsoft Word? Also the home of the macro virus, and a labyrinth of nonstandard and incompatible formatting; it can’t even read its own files from older versions. (The scientific world just uses TeX.) Finally, basically anything from Microsoft (especially Windows) is an open invitation to have your computer controlled by Russian hackers.

    And compared to that, I’ll deal with the problems Linux has. Any enterprise running on Microsoft products is a mickeymouse operation which is not serious about its IT.

  141. Pierre Aribaut

    Did you try Linux Mint 18.2 (with the default cinnamon) ? I was an user of Windows 7 (and before) during years, when i tried windows 10, it was complicated, a lot of things to desactive, a lot of things that were easy in windows 7 that went complicated, moved, changed etc..such a mess. So, i when i saw that, i said to myself, why not try linux ubuntu ? I tried, ubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu, ubuntu gnome, ubuntu mate, and…linux mint, and i liked it since the beginning and still like it, very easy to use if you come from windows, very intuitive, and for the moment, stable, works fine, and many stuffs we can do out of box, easily, really surprised, in the good way. You should give a try 🙂

    • tekola

      Thanks for the recommendation. Going for it. Already tried Lubuntu (OK), Ubuntu (awful), Puppy Linux(waste), Slacko, OpenSUSE, and a few others I forget.

  142. Jv P

    Thanks for the perspectives. I understand about software for Linux, especially for certain (engineering, etc) uses. I’m pretty much a novice, but am looking forward to dusting off the Linux and keeping some really good hardware in service. As for Windows, I’ve used it through all (yes, all) of its commercial phases. Unfortunately, I’m truly sick and tired of dealing with Microsoft’s updates which may break my PC or take away features that I depend on. (OK, so maybe they really just hid them.) It’s been a while since I started to review the important updates for this machine; I WANT to keep it up to date. MS doesn’t date their replies, but users (including professional/ commercial) complaining about that update makes me stop. Especially since MS’s techs answered that she should do some testing and let them know what the problems were. The updates do not indicate if they have been ‘fixed’ because of the problems, either! And MS also is reported to put ‘old’ updates into newer ones; if I’ve decided that a particular update is not appropriate for my usage, I have to dig into every download to make sure they haven’t put the ‘dangerous one’ back into another update. How do I deal with that? I understand that I like windows and will use it for a lot of particular programs, but many of their decisions do not fit my needs. I’ve liked Linux before, so let’s dual boot and get the best of both. Thanks for your perspective! I dig it. 😉

  143. lironbd

    I would like to add my 2 cents to the topic.

    It was and interesting read.

    I use linux since early 2000 and mainly tests number of distros on and off seeing whats new. I used back in the day (2007-9) ubuntu as main OS at my office and it worked pretty well then (pre unity).

    My main issue with Linux distros is unless I cherry pick exactly the right hardware I’m into a world of pain. My old office pc I purchased parts which I made sure in advance will work on Ubuntu (including printer and other peripherals).

    But on my new PC which I used for day to day work and running VM’s I had a lot of trouble using linux. Each time I spend hours reading and using different fixes only to get everything broken because of some random security update.

    Also, once I got used to certain UI or applications the distro is changed whole lot (see Ubuntu case). I find linux nice as hobby or when you need to tinker a specific solution (web server, router, web browsing station etc…) but as main OS it is too much work.

    I have number of Microsoft certifications and I’m well versed in both desktop and servers environments on Microsoft side of the neighborhood. Windows got splendid support of hardware, I can easily tinker new installation and update everything easily.
    The main case though is Microsoft are releasing a coherent recognizable product where I know how it works and even if it is different then last version the core principles are the same.

    So in the end I would LOVE if there was a coherent Linux OS as a product – even for payment – that will allow me to install and get into working order easily without tinkering 3 days with my pc.

  144. Peter Schaffter

    It takes guts to be a Linux advocate and criticize the system at the same time. Sort of like being an American and criticizing your country’s military policies. We all know what sort of reaction that engenders.

    I’m sixty. I’ve never, ever run a Windows or Mac box. In short, I’m a pure Linux user, and have been since I first installed Debian Linux on a 386(!) in the early ’90s. I’m a published author, orchestral composer, graphic artist, and programmer. For over twenty years, I’ve been producing expert work in all four fields using only open source programs running under Linux. Furthermore, I’m an active contributor to the GNU project, the “other half” of Linux, without which there wouldn’t be a Linux, just a clever kernel put together by a Finn with a soft spot for horny, hungry penguins.

    I’m not here to quibble with your criticisms, but rather to congratulate you for voicing them. Linux has weaknesses, as do Windows (fill in your favourite version number) and OSX. Refusing to acknowledge them is willful misrepresentation. Yes, there are errors in some of your facts. Yes, a lot of your criticisms can equally be leveled at Windows and the Windows community. Yes, you could have done a lot more research. But given your target audience (“dumb” computer users), the overall result is a useful assessment of the weaknesses of the OS *from their perspective*. No harm in that. For example, people unwilling to invest in learning need to know that effective Linux usage entails acquiring expertise. While that’s actually an indictment of the legions of militantly ignorant users (in what other field does having to learn to use a tool constitute a weakness?), it is nevertheless true, and useful for them to know. (I just wouldn’t call it a reason Linux sucks.)

  145. Dan

    I agree especially with the program install and operation it is just stupid to so things the way it was done in 1986. A consistent multi platform program setup and install would fix 80% of the user nightmares with Linux. Better programs would be available if any consensus could be achieved on desktop and support. Microsoft is by far the worst customer service organization in history so a lot of room for something better.

  146. bennko

    Linux is ok for general use but if your doing anything serious use windows.
    Some people seem to think the reason people don’t like linux is because they find it hard to use because they lack computing knowledge.
    That’s a load of rubbish because the tasks that are most complex are only available for windows not linux.
    For example for linux video editing the best there is is Kden, compare that to after effects or sony vegas,
    it’s night and day. So the truth is the vast amount of people with the most computing knowledge will choose windows over linux every time.

  147. gon ads

    i think your last point, “the community” is absolutely true: forums do have sarcastic rude piece of shit arseholes – in the minority for sure, but enough to being down the whole experience. Other posters say nothing, presumably because they either agree with the dick poster, or don’t want to make waves. It must be frustrating for them because they probably see the same exact posts every day, without fail, from us noobsters, and once in a while they get angry.

  148. officialmanojsh

    Seriously? Man, you haven’t used Linux. You said wrong thing that people hardly use Linux. But dude, please! I get instant replies if I had any problems while using Linux. Don’t talk about things you don’t know. 😂

  149. Rick

    You “love” Linux yet you seem to fall into the very category you put down in your first paragraph. A new User. You are an ignorant person who hasn’t actually looked at the available options at all. You’re repeating the common misnomers that others have brought into the world and seem to offer very little actual information.


    • gon ads

      And so there you are, a typical case in point for point 11. Plus, your little “sad” bit at the end … no guesses to who’s a fan of trump ( or at least picked up his verbal techniques)

  150. Jack Northrup

    I am/was very pro Linux. The daily updates are getting the best of me 175 to 250MB a day is ridiculous. That is no exaggeration. I have a lot of programs, because my computer is my total entertainment, but that is still unbelievable. The biggest mistake I ever made was switching from 14.04 to 16.04.

  151. Auslander

    I agree with this. I’m writing this from Xubuntu running on an early Macbook Air. I’ve probably put about 8-9 hours of significant customization work into this thing to get it acceptable for real productivity. I love Linux. But you can’t very well love something you’re not willing to be honest about. And virtually everything you pointed out has frustrated me at one point or another.

    I prefer not to touch “programs” when evaluating Linux, though. “Programs” is a terribly vast domain. There are academic/scientific programs I use that I prefer to use on Linux. There are engineering programs I prefer to use on Windows. There are productivity tools I prefer to use on a Mac.

    You are right though, about gaming. Windows owns gaming, and I don’t see that changing very soon.

  152. Patrice FERLET

    My god…

    It’s Complicated ? My mother uses a Linux Fedora, she wasn’t engeneer, she doesn’t know how works a computer, she used Windows earlier and I installed (in a couple of minutes) a Fedora on her new computer because she didn’t want to pay more (she saw that the compuer was discount without Windows) And she *never* called me for a “problem” (she did with Windows). So, no, it’s not complicated… really. Software are in repositories that are proposed on a nice UI where she can search terms. Eg. she typed “photo” and Fedora proposes Gimp, Darktable, ufraw… with screenshots, description. She only had to press “install” and that’s all ! can you say that for other OS where you must “download” then “install”, choose destination, read to not install a search bar on chrome (thanks for spywares…) ?

    “It Changes Constantly” => you’re using Ubuntu, that’s why. Fedora (for example) proposes Gnome as primary desktop since a loooooooong time. And it changes interface to Gnome Shell 4 or 5 years ago. Windows changes interface each version. And that’s not a problem actually. Hopefully OS changes !!!

    “It’s Free” !!!! “Free as freedom man !” A lot of enterprises sell Linux distribution with support (Canonical, Red Hat…) This is not a argument. The freedom is for “developpers” who can use, modify and redistribute as they want ! The freedom is not really seen by users

    “Programs Suck” – sorry but “noooo”. It is not because you are not accustomed to these softwares that they are less good. I personnaly use Linux as primary OS since 2001. I never tried Office until last year. And I can say “Office sucks” **for me**. I prefer a simpler interface, to be able to double-cllique on header and footer to change them, I prefer the way it’s designed. It is only a matter of habit ! And I can say the same for lot of software: darktable for photos, ardour to compose music, chromium for the web, and so on…

    And I don’t want to continue on other “reasons” you gave, everuthing is a troll here.

    Really, I understand you wanted to have a lot of visits on your blog by trolling, but please…

    (sorry for my english)

    • MrT

      Patrice, “complicated” is a relative notion. I assume it depends what one does with it. Linux Mint is hardly different than using Windows once a user is setup, i.e., point and click for the most part and type a few passwords here and there. I started with Linux 2 weeks ago and, after some issues with performing a dual boot due to my laptop having a UEFI firmware instead of BIOS, I got going pretty fast and replaced the Linux Kernel and several drivers. I am scientific trained, but I am not a computer geek! I agree that the updates are out of control: every day you get some… I am starting to think that I should have given more space to my Linux on the SSD or in 1-2 years I will be running out of space!
      I started with Ubuntu, but the many updates of the OS not just the drivers or programs began driving me nuts after 1 day and that is why I switched to Mint, although perhaps it was understanding the LTS (Long Term Support) thing that made my life easier.
      As for the programs and freedom, I think that this is more complicated. Some of us MUST use MSFT Office! Period. If I am working and I need to run complex spreadsheets with macros and functions, there is no real choice. And I need to be able to share those spreadsheet with other co-workers. So it is not right to say ” I prefer X or Y”. Sometimes one just does not have a choice. In the financial world, many people use Bloomberg or Reuter’s Eikon. Not sure about Bloomberg, but Ikon absolutely works only in Windows and it is VBA super-heavy. So each needs to choose based on his or her needs and not just following the “WIndows/Linux/OSX” thing.
      I like free programs, but they must reach a certain standards. Below that, “Thank you, but no thank you!”. I went to great lengths to install Sage Math, but Wolfram Mathematica is definitely a better overall product. R on the other hand, works fine in either Windows or Linux, although Linux is always lagging version-wise, but that is a minor issue.
      The Community, Linux Mint Forums, is overall good, but there are too many with approximative knowledge and just a few who are really Linux-masters. Also, it seems that a lot of people get to Linux to use super-old laptops with weak specs and, often, the answers based on those machines do not work on newer ones. Linux is a tad too much behind the curve of specs, in my opinion. I got mightly misled when everyone talks about BIOS, when most laptop/desktop have been on UEFI for at least 4-5 years.
      Too many applets are useless, do half what they claim or do not work at all. That made me understand that software for pay is not always a bad thing. Applets or desklets that do not work should NOT be allowed. Period. Yes, it is easy to uninstall, but it wastes time and mine the confidence of users.
      I love the command line, I think that Windows is too easy and boring. But really, after one week of writing scripts, I already lost the interest. I should write big ones, but I have no idea what to try doing since mostly I need to use programs developed by team of experts, Python, R, Mathematica, etc.
      I installed a TOR browser ( i can do that in WIndows as well, I know) but I am not planning on buying weapons or selling stolen merchandise in the dark web, so I wonder what I really can do with it, aside from being more anonimous… That is the way things go. I was very young but I still recall people fighting over which one was better between Lotus 1-2-3 and, I think, Quatro Pro, or something like that. Both were defeated by MSFT in the end…

      • mohawke

        “UEFI firmware instead of BIOS” yet another commercial control mechanism to make using your hardware with non-windows OS of your choice difficult or completely denied. I laughed when I read that. So many years of MS trying to keep Linux out of the game and it’s still here, and now they pretend they support it because they have no choice – at least in the enterprise.

  153. Aralia Fresia

    I hate how Linux is so complicated and it seems to hate musicians and artists, who want crisp, clear images, but there is so much delay in the video software and fuzzy images too it makes me sick, and just when you think you’ve figured out how to do something, in a sleep deprived state, the toolbars disappear and you spend 5 hours trying to get them back.

  154. Lara Daeskiwicz

    I’m so irritated at how FUZZY all the videos are in some of the software in Linux, such as the SMPlayer, and then suddenly the toolbar goes away and you spend 5 hours trying to figure out how to get it back.

  155. Rymar

    What a crock. Windows 10 is nothing more than malware disguised as an operating system. OS/X is so locked down by Apple it’s mostly good for running Adobe crap.Linux is complicated? So is Windows or OS/X if you’ve never used them before. Slow? Not on my i7 rig with Nvidia 1080, 2 SSDs and 16Gb DDR3 it’s not. Games? Blah that’s for adolescents with too much time on their hands. Is Linux secure? Absolutely. Uptime is measured in months and it’s the operating system of servers and super computers. Would I pay $180 for Windows…not in this lifetime. So while all you Windows users worry about Crypto and ransomware my system will just keep on running. I have never had an issue with hardware drivers or support. Ask any Linux problem on Google and there will be an answer. I think that the author is misinformed in the very least.

    • Nghia

      Linux secure? BS detected. Ever heard of Heartbleed? And you cal that secured? And the problem on any system will be answered, not just linux community. The reason why linux doesnt have much malwares or viruses because the market share is low. The benefit of gaining money from linux isnt worth compared to other OSes.

      • abcd

        ^You probably don’t even know what caused heartbleed. It makes me cringe everytime I see people that has 0 knowledge what he’s talking about landing a hot opinion.

    • John

      Being poor is not an excuse for using poor quality operating systems such as Linux.

    • Boyle

      Games for adolescents? Man, you must be either 80 years old or you have been buried in some cellar for last 10 years. But it would explain why you defend Linux so much, boring and dull person.

    • MrT

      Sure, on my $5-6k workstation with huge resources I have less problems than most. I do not game any more for I realized that life is better lived in person than on screen. But I would not say no to some VR games! I always wanted to find out what it is like to climb Mount Everest, for instance. I surely am not going around shooting right and left, but some do. I do not mind to pay the $200 for WIndows 10 Pro, although I would prefer not doing that. What upsets me is that WIndows has taken over most decisions on upgrades and I need to keep checking that my privacy is kept at some standards at least. Richard Stallman a few years ago complained that Ubuntu was doing fishy things with users’ privacy. FInally, Linux has too many updates too. Every 2-3 days my tray has a few or more than a few. That is too much Windows-like. As I wrote in other places, to me the biggest surprise is how many people get to Linux to use it on very old machines with subpar specs. But theeven bigger surprise is to find out that drivers are often provided for the old machines and not for the newer cpu’s and gpu’s. That is not good as far as I am concerned. I had to go find drivers for my Kaby Lake 7820, and my Nvidia Quadro P5000 and for the GPU still I am not sure I got a really good driver. And Linux (all distros) should clean the house of the many applets and deskets that are only a hint of something good or do not work at all. I installed many, but I think I uninstalled 95% of them within 2 hours. I do not know if it will ever be possible, but aside from the kernels, the most Linux-able people should make an effort to put together more professional programs for those who need to process images or films, those who need access to advanced scientific software, productivity software and some gaming too, why not? I mean, a community is a little bit of many different people and if there is no attention to what people need and/or want, the community will always stay small which it is compared to Windows. We are a niche, and likely are going to stay that way unless the way things are done change. Just my opinion, but the numbers seem to prove me right.

  156. Rolf Obermaier

    You are absolutely right about a few important things. Specially about the whole cult/sect behavior, a lot of open source in a bunch of closed minds. They accept no suggestions, no critic; they take all as offensive, everything is an attack. And the software… I know, it’s free, thank you… But GIMP is not Photoshop, not even remotely close, not by far. Inkscape is not Illustrator and is far worse than a 15 year old Corel Draw (yes, it’s free, thank you). The problem is that many Linux programs are made by great programmers that copy successful programs to indulge other programmers. Photoshop, Corel etc. are made by programmers and designers that need to sell those programs to design companies. I love Linux, I love Gnome, I believe MATE and Cinnamon are the reflection of a resistance for change spirit. I love GIMP and Inskscape, I am grateful, those are free wonders. But not better, because somewhere else, a great programmer is earning a lot of money making Photoshop better for designers, while a beautiful community of programmers are making funny codes, and extensions, and add-ons for GIMP that real designers don’t have the time or ability to reconfigure and upgrade, and improve a program they should be using out-of-box. And yes, thanks for the free software, is nice for basic users, it’s all my mom needs, and in many cases it’s anecdotal for professional users

  157. User

    I’d add another reason:

    Some major Linux distros (For example: Ubuntu, Fedora) tend to look like a worthless imitation of the currently in-vogue version of Windows.

    Linux distros developers should stop thinking that imitating the last Windows will get Linux more popular. The last Windows (Windows 10) looks wrong anyway, regarding the user interface: comes with a lot of default crap and the interface itself looks too cryptic.

    The Linux community should strengthen the Linux distros by first fixing some important bugs, while keeping a decent user interface: KDE, MATE or Cinnamon should be good enough for most of the users.

  158. piro st

    I don’t understand with what OS are you comparing linux based OS. Microsoft and Apple just throws more in marketing and that’s an undeniable fact. With this post you try to alienate people from the world of linux, instead of whining about the problems why don’t you just solve them . Customize it to your need, If It ain’t broke break It, contribute to the cause and stop throwing mud .

  159. delory

    Something that annoys me greatly about both Windows and Linux is just as I am about to click on a button or scroll bar (ie. my finger is in motion and is milliseconds before the actual ‘click’ occurs) the operating system pops open a new window/dialog/advertisement etc.. which then gets clicked – as my nervous system/physical kinematics cannot respond fast enough to prevent the click..
    Surely there should be some setting that prevents a new window/popup/etc.. from receiving clicks until a timeout period has elapsed (eg. 100milliseconds)?

  160. Mark Uy

    recently i have been experiencing several BSODs on my Windows Machine and then i decided to move to Linux. Damn my gtx1060 performed like a gtx650 that i used to have. and no amount of Terminal bullshit can fix that. but, i will be sticking to Ubuntu for a month or 2 until i save enough money to move to a new Ryzen Machine. Going to the Terminal just to force VSYNC on my gtx1060 is fucking absurd.

    and i feel bad for you John especially with the rants that the Linux community threw at you. I mean they keep on complaining about shit but never offered a viable to the issues that you have raised. most of them were just insults.

  161. Binkie

    Linux is awesome. It can do everything Windows does – except for reeeally bizare and unreasonable tasks. Such as for instance wanting to turn on Bluetooth headphones and have the PC automatically connect to them and make them the active sound output device, and then return output to the speakers when the headphones disconnect. I mean, who in their right mind would want such bizarre behaviour from their PC, right?

  162. Silvio

    I have just Ubuntu installed in my laptop.
    And I identified myself with many of the topics, specially #3 and #6.
    Why changing stuff so madly and pointlessly?
    One tiny but very frustrating example: Ubuntu 17.04 simply changed scrolling direction of mouse wheel. And there isn’t any f*cking option in GUI to change that. WHY?
    What was being a fairly good user experience turned out a unfrutiferous search for a solution.
    The slowness is screaming too. How is it possible to a system running on i5 processor, 8 GB RAM and SSD, besides NVIDIA graphics be soooo slow?

  163. sandyfrench

    You nailed it my friend. I was an avid Linux fangirl years ago using the now defunct Klikit Linux, which was (in its brief existence) a great little distro, but it fell apart mostly because the founder completely just lost interest, then the community fell apart, and that was that. And as for fights on the forum… boyohboy… there were fights alright. Many because of the misogynistic attitudes of the weirdly-religious-geeky-man/boys who seem to be oh so common within computing/Linux in general. Admittedly, I have a rather bawdy sense of humour, but sheesh…. I got fed up with all the crap and nastiness. The good side however, was that I met my now husband on that same forum! So there ya go. And no hes not a misogynist.
    As for systems, I now run with a Mac laptop which I absolutely love. Recently, I looked into Linux again to run on my only 3 year old windows laptop that was choking on windows, and have found that even top ranked distros are buggy, hard to install, and are laggy. So far, Deepin seems to be the best. But all in all, I am reminded of why I gave up. Sadly.

  164. Spanky

    Start with free live Linux Mint. Optionally just pick the Mint with Mate and 64bit if that’s what you have. Don’t use a dead old computer. Use your best. Folks will GIVE you a computer beyond the recommended specs required. That said, crappy monopolistic devices and peripherals don’t count. Almost all of those can be made to work; but why add work? Use good hardware that’s not gummed up with dust bunnies. Now. There’s the LEAST bad experience you will ever see installing anything. If you can’t do it get a friends assistance.

    Don’t Virtualbox (or other), don’t WINE (just run native apps on the OS your trying), don’t even dual boot Windows(but KEEP Windows for a while or you will forget what’s wrong with Windows). Bounce back and forth for a year or so. Use a different computer (each) and devote the whole thing to it. At least a whole drive. Why make more work for yourself?

    After maybe a year and if you’re really into it you can build your own custom setup by just installing (download and put on startable/bootable USB) Live Debian_stable (I suggest the Mate version for better scaling, familiarity and nice helper app parts you’ll want).

    • Spanky

      Themes and looks are almost incidental and default looks matter little. There’s always a better theme. Why would you ever go all geek and move to Debian later? The foundation and and it’s the only one that upgrades into a new (about ever two years or so) release version. It’s perpetual. It’s universal. It’s improves constantly. You’ll have to decide when YOU want faster hardware. Plus if your system dies it’s easier and faster to get beck up on a new one (or drive). Always do your backups; on ANYTHING.

  165. Erik

    I REALLY want to use linux for work. I have been tinkering with many distros for years. It is faster… and certainly more secure than Windows. I am in the real estate business and run 3 monitors off of an R7 265 GPU. The majority of my work is web-based with image editing and lots of document handling. I have a an old Brother HL5150D laser printer (13 year old workhorse!) and a cheap HP multi for scanning only. It is a crying shame that I cannot get either the Brother printer or the HP scanner to work reliably in any flavor of linux. That is the major stumbling block to better adoption and acceptance of the linux desktop. So I try dual booting… but anytime I build a new PC (or swap in a new SSD and OS Installs) it is hours of tinkering and searching to make it work… and sometimes it just does not. I can get the Brother printer to work but it is painfully slow when it does… the scanner is truly awful compared to the windows side. So if a guy like me (not a programmer beyond BASIC) who has been using multiple platforms for over 30 years has to learn deep linux tricks, or research and purchase specific peripherals around the OS, is having this much trouble just making things work… there is a real problem. I hope things change for the better and I can experience the speed, simplicity, and security of linux in my daily work tasks. But unfortunately the frequent downtime due to compatibility issues far outweighs any efficiency gains and security improvements that could be realized.

  166. SDog

    Sorry my comments below weren’t directed at Manmath. I placed them as a reply, but should have been a separate comment. Again, sorry about that.

    • SDog

      I am in IT Middleware running mostly RHEL servers for about 10 years now. I have also been running linux at home for about the same time. I try to do all my video editing, music production, playing… everything really… in linux. I’d say I love linux, but I think really I’m in love with the idea of linux. Nothing in this article is incorrect. It was actually well presented by a well spoken fellow. Yesterday I corrupted my xfce menu (again), and late today, as my wife cries because I’ve ignored her for a day and a half while I fail to fix it, I’m heading back to kde (again).

      I’m a pretty strong defender, promoter and secret lover of this thing called linux, and I also hate it with the seething passion of a 10 year disfunctional relationship.

      Anyway, cut this dude a break. All he’s doing is telling the truth.

      • HR

        At last a sensible comment.. thanks.. I love Linux for server work(although RHEL are NOT my favorite.. to say the least).. hate it for office and programming.. to each his own.. and I concur with your feeling of: “.. passion of a 10 year disfunctional relationship”.. that hit the spot..

  167. Dawid

    Nobody force you to use Linux! People like you should use Windows OS for ever! But many people try Linux and it will simplify their life. For me Linux is more easy. When I want to install some programs, I do apt-get install something and it is. No more fucking installers, registers, permission problems. But.. it’s not for all. I really don’t want to be spyed by Windows and Microsoft.

    There are no OS software that will not expensive in any case. When you start to use Windows or Linux you must spent some time to learn it. Don’t say that you not!

    • Daniel Miller

      “I really don’t want to be spyed by Windows and Microsoft.”

      It doesn’t matter which OS you are running if you have an Intel CPU since Core 2 Duo came out. A serious flaw was recently discovered in their architecture. That’s not even the worst part. The NSA can hack into your PC using the 3g connection in the vPro. There is a separate die on the chip which has its own OS. Think you’re safe because you turned off your PC when you went to bed? Nope, that OS can turn on whatever components it wants such as your hard drive. Think you’re safe because you encrypted your hard drive contents? Nope, that OS intercepted your encryption key. The NSA feeds all raw intel to a unit in Israel. The people with access to this data are literally committing espionage against everyone to get the jump on other companies. Just look at all the recent tech companies. All of this has been confirmed by ex-NSA employee Jim Stone. Don’t expect Edward Snowden to tell you this, he is working for the CIA.

  168. brad

    I agree that there are some annoying issues, but the positives far way outweigh the negatives. I run Manjaro XFCE and I’m pleased as punch with it. The XFCE desktop has remained consistent, and with an SSD, booting from grub menu to XFCE takes five seconds. It’s a rolling release, which means I don’t have to reinstall with every new release. I also like the fact that I can always find a program that will do what I want without having to pay for it. And all programs, as well as the system are updated with one command — no need to download and reinstall. You would do well to write a post outlining “Why Linux is Great!” to provide some balance.

    • Binkie

      You would do well to actually read an article before commenting on it. In this case you’d have read — twice — that he did in fact post a pro-Linux article, right before posting this one.

  169. Shambles

    This was a fun read. I use Apricity OS on my laptop (which unfortunately, was just shut down by the developers), which I use for writing, coding, and basic internet tasks. I enjoy writing scripts using text parsing to display information neatly.

    However, lately I’ve been using 3DSMax, Photoshop, and FL Studio 12 for modeling, art, and music. It just depends on my needs at the time! Linux is great, the whole FOSS philosophy, community-designed operating systems, etc. Well, I’m off to read 6 Reasons to Install Linux (Today!).

  170. ggrablerTiAT

    While I disagree that diversity is bad, I am with you saying that there is too much diversity on both sides, Distributions and Desktops. And you even didn’t mention the “new” kids on the block (as budgie, though, budgie is not that new, or Lumina).

    It is an issue in development (too many projects, too few developers), and creates an issue at support (too many distros) and users (too many choices). Choice is good, choice matters. But what we have now is a mess. Though, it’s what open source is about, and there is nothing we can do about it – people spend their free time on things they want to do, and it’s absolutely legit.

    • Manmath Sahu

      #1 Choice is good. Chaos is bad. And too many choice leads to chaos.
      #2 Good choice is good. Bad choice is bad. And Linux is full of bad choices. Let me explain. How many media players are there in Linux land? Definitely more than 100. And what do they do? Play a/v files. But it’s appalling to see the state of video acceleration across those media players. While the community touts Intel gpu has the best support, It’s still difficult to play hd content with proper video acceleration: http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=133274

  171. Chad Cooper

    Microsoft is just a monopoly anyways. Yes, its true that Windows just “works” for most people. However, when you think about how it costs at least $100 just to add an office suite to it when you can get all that for free in Linux on MANY distros, it can’t be beat. Yeah, Linux is not perfect and it is constantly being updated, but at least the developers DO care enough to keep the software updated. Frequent distro version changes can be unerving, but with new patches, and fixes this prevents vulnerabilities like ransomware and other security holes from being such a threat. At least the Linux devs are being somewhat creative and not out to make everyone’s pockets empty for emperor Gates’s empire. Come on, some of you have to admit that having free operating systems is a great thing. Linux only continues to get better and better over time. You can always pay hundreds of dollars for “proprietary” software, or you can have all of the competition, creativity, freedom, choices, openness, and the learning experiences of working in the open source and free software family. I had Windows 10 a year ago, but I still felt like something was missing. Sure, everything was plug n’ play and easy to utilize, but the bloatware and cost (when you felt like placing any extra software on Windows) really left me feeling limited and priced out of many options. I have used Windows 10 and about every other version of Windows going back to Windows 3.1 so the experience is there. However, I still generally prefer Linux/BSD/Unix systems (with all of their imperfections or shortcomings) over Windows any day and have never really found good reason to run crawl back in the other direction since!

    • DS7

      really brah?? REALLY?… the Gates Empire???… please dude, it is not, nor has it ever been a big deal to pay for an OS when you consider you need only buy it once and not ever have to worry about it again for years… YEARSSSSSS!!… and hell, most peole find ways of getting Win Os for free anyways.. wtf? you sit and cry over paying 60 bucks for an OS??.. get outta here man!!.. Linux is loaded with faults mostly having to do with being so non user friendly.. I see tons of forums that dont answer jack shit for the simplest of problems.. everyone has partial solutions or shit answers that have your head rolling sideways and off your head after trying to read or understand them all.. packages almost NEVER work out of the box, and compared to Win OS, there is no comparison! Win programs are all about click and install.. DONE!!.. why cant Linux be about more user friendly approaches?… naww, yall wanna make things difficult to feel better in your elitist world of tinkerers and profound thinkers.. nobody cares about that shit! if you want Linux to grow, then make it so it really is about more user friendly compatibility.. packages are hit and miss, dont look right, are half assed when built, and fanfare about the coming of package releases are dull, cuz the marketing is shite, and the real truth about how good they might be is always shady.. You keep talking about paying for Win shit, but its clear you have been in Linux land for waaayyy too long.. stick your head out once in a while.. Ive used Win for ages, and I dont wake up in cold sweats about things I need to pay for on Win.. most of my purchases are for services outside of Windows OS, and are just that, services or programs that I need to do what I want.. why shouldnt they get paid for it?.. last time I paid for Windows OS? never… fuck right! NEVER!! I always managed to get Win free, on trial, or some version that just didnt come with full Microsoft Office (like who cares!).. now that BitTorrent is here, I download whatever I can free.. anything else, of course I pay for.. but Windows aint breakin people’s bank brah.. waay too many other things in life thatll do that shit, while ya gropin yer new iPhone 7… The ONLY reason I switched to Linux was to maintain some semblance of security in my system.. other han that, I would suggest many computer users to steer clear of Linux, as will be a tremendous pain in their ass once they start trying to use it..

      • Bafpunt Strose

        The infighting and the hostile arrogant approach to outsiders are what boggles my mind most. If you’re community driven, why drive people away with either bickering or looking down on them?

    • manmath sahu

      Maybe, you deleted my comment for some reason. What I mean to tell that all major opensource and free software such as libreoffice, gimp, vlc and a lot more are available for all platforms. So linux doesn’t enjoy some novelty here.

  172. Daniel Fernandes (@dmftradutor)

    You’re good at writing! Reason #4 is what annoys me the most. Does Linux have a SERIOUS OCR converter? I looked unsuccessfully every in the Internet for a replacement of ABBYY Fine Reader and I still have to use it in virtual machine. As for LibreOffice braking MS files, it happens more due to the lack of Microsoft’s interest in help to make their files readable by other software apps (at least according to what ODF developers).

  173. onca_the_annoyed

    Linux is like pizza or sex: when the experience is good, it’s very good; but when the experience is bad, it just makes you hate life all the more. I mean, in Debian 7 I can’t even mount a fucking external hard disk without going to the command line and typing some arcane shit… any sane person would simply click “mount” on the desktop icon for the drive, but nooooo this is Linux, it tells you “FAILED TO MOUNT, NOT AUTHORIZED. LOLZ!!!!11!11!” So I have to open a shell and sudo mount etc.

    Thank Christ I’m a computer engineer with 20 years experience, where dumb crap like this just annoy me. I cry for people like my dad who don’t have degrees in IT. And people wonder Bill Gates is a fucking billionaire.

    Oh and before you Linux fanbois screech “BUT LINUX IS FREE DUMASS!!!11!!”… no, my time spent screwing around trying to find “empty rubbish bin” in Lubuntu is definitely *not* free. Just ask my employer.

    • BS detection service

      You are mixing Debian, Lubuntu and Linux. These are separate things.

      Because you generalize things, all problems can also be generalized. It is you only.

      I recommend that you go to school and learn basic things.Like that is the product you are using and how to use it.

      • Be nice! Or at least don't be an asshole!

        lol, you are part of reason #11 of why Linux sucks!

      • Bafpunt Strose

        A very telling reply. OP is explaining what irks him about linux in general and why it does so, and you pounce at some detail that’s clearly just there for illustration to discredit the criticism and throw in some ad hominems.
        This is exactly what keeps new users away. Why would I want to join a club of people who look down on me for being where they once were?

  174. Yevgeny

    Well, so far so good.
    Running Ubuntu, I have found everything I need for home computing including Skype and a RAW editor. Also, it has support for my nostalgically favorite Creative SB Audigy, a PCI oldie which was the reason I bought the MoBo with PCI. I can’t see the reason to get back to Windows now. Thanks all – who has been working on making it possible.
    The positives also include not having to worry about viruses and anti-viruses for that matter, no annoying updates, no restarting my PC countless times – I can’t understand at this point why anyone would subject themselves to that.

  175. asd

    Cant someone just shoot this boy down. Never read that much of self experience bullshit and entitled opinion on my life!

  176. david

    I can confirm that Linux sucks in several wazs. No love from me here. 2 things are good about it though > its free and if zou spend hours and hours on it, zou probablz can do whatever zou want with it. But just because one would probablz need it doesnt mean it doesnt suck. I m writing this on a debian jessie kde, which doesnt tell me where to switch the locale, so all mz Y are Z. To make it more stupid, zou dont find this information easilz on the web, zou have to search and waste zour time. Also, after wasting more time to set non free sources, install bluetooth firmware, debian&kde finallz accepts mz madcatz headset, but keeps ignoring them in the audio setting, Fuck Linux. Over the zears i have tested several distros again and again, and mz impression is that these guzs praise linux for the abilitz to change the background, the fucking wallpaper, but keep worsening everzthing else. and dont let me get started on the boards and websites…

    • Yevgeny

      Sorry about your not so pleasant experience, dude! You sound like a seasoned Linux user who knows his way around the beast, but have you tried Ubuntu? I am fairly new to Linux but when I installed Ubuntu everything worked right out of the box, including the wi-fi USB dongle.

  177. Érico

    as usual, whenever engineers – not only all of them – mess up with Computer Science is something like one that hates sex because he once read it once in kamasutra and didn´t like that much. He prefers a Playboy magazine – get stuck in the toilet while his mom cries out loud and wonders why he is taking too long to leave – to the real thing! 🙂

  178. Yevgeny

    Great points.
    I’ve just installed Ubuntu primarily because I can’t afford to buy Windows and I absolutely don’t want to steal it. For me that makes a big difference. Besides, my Ubuntu installation with all extras it was downloading during the installation process takes up about 5 gb while Win8 I deleted had the 35 gig Windows folder! That’s ridiculous. Besides, Linux is more secure by default which is a good thing. However, a major turn off as of now is no hibernation and as far as I’m concerned it’s not that easy to enable. But I can live with that.

      • John

        “Free” with a computer with Win8…

        ..and every single driver and application was incompatible with Win8 rendering your expensive PC into a “pregnant calculator”…

  179. JPE

    John Morris, you are totally right ! specially about the “forums” and the “help” you get there…( not )

    Linux GNU in a way does not suck at all, since it is FREE of charge… why complain to anyone since it is free, only complain if you payed for it…
    I have been screwing around with Linux now for about 10 years or so, still test almost any new Linux distro coming out.
    I still keep coming back to Mate since it is for me the most configurable, at this moment on Point Linux 3.2 but with the apt sources of MX Linux 16, and running sysvinit instead the systemd, a lot of different themes and icons gathered from different distros and it is just flying compared to other Ubuntu based stuff.
    I left the Mint based distros since they are more slower every time a new one arrives sadly.
    The Arch and Fedora i do not like so much ( sorry)
    Once the Weston and Wayland is implemented widely and stable enough who knows…
    Sure Apple if fine , but the price tag …
    Windows just makes me sick, but i had such a nice laugh when the latest “wannacry” attack was in the news , stupid shit OS , serves them well ! this is probably only the beginning.

    • Bafpunt Strose

      I don’t really get the “it’s free so you can’t expect it to work like something you paid for” argument.
      Isn’t the primary objective for it to work? Isn’t that what the community claims to offer and takes the credit for? Why would that be too much to ask? If I want junk for free I can just go dumpster diving. Free worthless.

      • Bafpunt Strose

        edit: meant to say free does not equal worthless using point brackets but they didn’t stick.

  180. rick

    I love linux, and I hate it!
    I hate Windows more!
    I wish I tried OSX, but I can’t buy the expensive machine

  181. Masox

    Autostarting a PDF presentation in Windows is as straightforward as putting a command in a .cmd file and throwing it in the C:\Users\AllUsers\Programs\Startup folder.
    I’ve spent whole day trying to do the same thing on RasPi in the latest Jessie and not only every single one of them is a time consuming, complicated and error prone process of creating MULTIPLE chained script files all over the filesystem, the most frustrating thing is that NONE of those 5 ways explained on the internet f#cking works at all.
    And the most retarded thing about it is that I don’t get ANY error message at all, so I have no clue what to look for.
    To make a long story short, that “system” is completely demented.

  182. Ben

    I think alot of comments you made are very wrong. I use both Windows and linux. I do prefer to use linux as there is alot more flexibility, yes it is a learning curve the first time you use it but you forget that it was the exact same experience using Windows for the first time or even a Mac. The main reason i still do use Windows is for the fact of application compatibility for certain programs like Adobe Elements, if not for these specific programs i would ditch Windows completely. In regards to the comments about linux programs suck… yes alot of them do lol, but there alot of great and useful apps and games out there too. The biggest downside to alot of applications are the creators are not paid, or paid in donations. I think its a brilliant idea to have a free operating system, however in order to be able to really push linux to the general public or basic computer users is by getting on board large software developers in order to have their software ported rather then emulated… which sucks lol. Linux has come along way considering 10 years ago linux was so much more complex, alot of hardware is now plug and play, the desktop environments are easier to navigate and there are alot of self installing packages like a normal .exe setup installation in Windows. I personally think linux distributions like Mint or Ubuntu should be sold rather then free so that ultimately one mainstream version of linux can be created and can be improved sooner rather then later for common users (obviously free alternative versions of linux would be available still but the idea is to be able to have a true everday better alternative to Windws). The only other thing i will bring up is the community remark… yes alot of linux users think they are high and mighty.. but users in a windows forum are exactly the same, at the end of the day its where you ask your questions and who you ask. Windows does not suck, i just think linux is heading in a better direction.. Macintosh tho… lol

  183. Thomas Walker Lynch

    About your community “complete jerks” comment. Too true. Two days ago I reported a security problem on Ubutu 17.04. My report was deleted by Vasa1 who apparently was concerned about some sort of reputation points issue. I’ve only been using Linux since kernel .96 … sad to see things come to this. If you need details ask vasa1 he/she is guarding the details.

  184. TaylerNest

    The main reason of all shit in Linux is philosophy. Wine 2.0 and weeks of work can make your system better than Windows for experiencing in everyday life. But still it will always feel like things are not on their place and not practical. And also that’s because of how old main contributors of all Linux distros are. They are kinda people from 1970. Honestly, learning an entire philosophy of Vim or even Emacs just to edit god damn text files is a bullshit.

  185. Matt

    Then stick with your windows copy and enjoy instead of ranting endlessly

    • no

      Or he can tell it like it is instead of pretending it’s perfect like the penguin cult would led people to believe.

  186. riki

    I just bought a Lenovo Idea centre..no OS included..I was sure I read it had win 10 in it, so i took the opportunity to try Linux..long time I want to do it..I installed Mint just a couple of days ago…nice..I just need this set up for internet emailing work..so I try looking fore a kind of word processing app…mmmm understand very quickly that is gonna be just a different nightmare but never the less a nightmare…will see I hope i am wrong as I am fed up with Microsoft.

    • BS detection service

      I never had any kind of nightmare using Windows 10 with emailing and wordprocessing.

      Entrylevel usake is Windows 10 with it’s own mail app, works perfectly with Microsoft account what is intended to be used to log in computer mail login happens simultaneously. And for writing there is https://office.live.com

      You can use that with Windows 10 Edge browser. It stores files to OneDrive and that is also is connected to same Microsoft account.

      If this is not enough your needs, you can buy MS Office 365 subscription to get more features and better suitability to use heavier data volumes.

      I have no problems to use other operating systems either to email and word processing.

  187. Jorge Molina Jr.

    I just recently started dabbling with all the different Linux distributions that I could install on my PC and I have to say that all the distributions are lacking in one area or another. Don’t get me wrong, most are functional and I have noticed the difference in speeds between using Linux and Windows. All that functionality is wasted though due to the lack of quality applications for regular users. From what I’ve experienced and based on everyone’s comments, Linux only serves a purpose for advanced users and system administrators and that is great but at this point it’s not a great substitute for Windows or OSX because of it’s lack of resources for a normal user. The reason why Windows and OSX are better when it comes to acceptance is because of the user friendliness, quality of their software (apps) and the easy installation process. Some of you may say well those operating systems are for idiots amongst other nasty things but the truth is this, people actually have lives and value “time”. Very few people like to spend all day dabbling with Linux trying to figure everything out. Now I’m not trying to knock those advanced users who put in that time and work to offer themselves a great experience and contribute to the open structure, but let’s be real and put our personal preferences to the see the overall picture here. Linux serves it’s purpose, but it’s purpose tends to be focused more towards the advanced user even though they’ve made the Linux UI seem user friendly but that is where it ends). Windows may have it’s own serious flaws but people will still choose it because of it’s focus on the overall user experience from beginners to advanced users alike. Even though I personally hate Apple because it has become the very same chauvinistic corporation it once accused IBM of being, OSX is extremely user friendly for beginners.

  188. Notascrublikeyou

    I think you just don’t know how to use a computer past baby hand holding GUI’s. Almost everything you listed are the GOOD things about linux. Have fun with your easily exploitable windows, and you over priced wanna be Linux Mac’s. While your trying to pick up the pieces of your life after it gets ruined by hackers or the inability to possibly keep up with apples over priced hardware, I’ll be over here using my Linux system correctly that still work fine 10 years down the road.

    • Tony B

      I agree that Linux will be working fine 10 years down the road. But your sneering and condescending attitude to users who only understand GUIs (note no apostrophe required) is precisely why Linux will never penetrate the desktop market.

      Like it or not, the reason desktop machines became affordable was because of mass-market penetration thanks to the ease of use.

      If the Linux community put on a welcoming and helpful attitude – something that you would clearly never understand – more people might want to have a bash at bash…

      • HR

        could not agree more.. thank you sir.. the Linux community problem no.1 in a nutshell..

      • Drake

        I’ve been uskng linux for a little over a year now. Messed around eith ubuntu, mint, zorin, MX, dabbled in tails and completely failed with manjaro due to it creating a root acount during installation and then locked it without any choice to change password or add a user. So its frusterating at times, but a lot of this community shit is just the nature of the beast. Half the threads i go on, if you post ” ive tried option X, due to having problem Y. It didnt work, i dont know the next step here. Does anyone have an idea how to go forward?” you will recieve nothing but help and kind treatment. Thats the problem, the other half has been filled with people that say “x doesnt work. Fix it.” or otherwise showed 0 incentive to understand the problem or attempt to solve it. Linux is built on a community of problem solvers and information seekers. You cant go to such a group of people demanding help without having tried anything to fix your problem. Hell, ive had 0 problems installing or using linux, but im the type that kikes full control to modify and customize, and with that comes the risk of breaking your operating system. I fucked GRUB up so bad it went into recovery mode and refused to boot any installed OS. I had nothing but help because i detailrd my problem, how i got there, what i tried to fix it woth, and asked for help, not for them to do it for me.

  189. dave mayr

    linux sucks as, and I’m a developer/programmer. It’s only for companies with very low/tight budgets that can’t even hire a proper system admin because linux is never consistent stable, even now.

    FREE isn’t worth it if it’s utter fucking garbage.

    • BS detection service

      System admins don’t use kernel. It is software developers job to use kernel in product.

      System admins use stable operating systems like Red Hat Enterprise.

        • Antonio

          This. Everyone knows Linux means Linux Distro. Only stupid FSF zealots that push GNU/Linux crap don’t. (GNU is full of useless crapware)

      • Scion

        I’ve noticed, “…detection service,” that, poor English aside, your comments are less than useless and you don’t seem to have a clue about the industry, or be able to listen to constructive criticism. As others have pointed out, users such as yourself are one of the Linux community’s biggest drawbacks.

  190. Tony B

    I would best describe myself as a PC Power User and a Ubuntu dabbler. I love the philosophy behind Linux and the open source movement. But, despite the fact that embedded Linux is everywhere (particularly in the IoT) and runs many servers out there, the reason it will never catch on on the desktop is that, apart from sending emails, browsing the web and writing documents using the excellent OpenOffice suite, one has to resort to a Terminal session to do anything. Now unless you perversely enjoy such activities (I secretly admit that I do), dabbling in the command line will be terminal (pun intended) to the average person’s enthusiasm for getting to grips with Linux.

    I recently installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS as a dual boot with W10. It’s the first time an install went smoothly and I was impressed. But then I decided to install Skype. Soon I was trawling various forums, scouring posts from mostly well-meaning but incomprehensible geeks who were clearly more advanced that I was and equally abrupt, brusque and (I suspect) mildly annoyed that I’d popped my head up there. And this is why Linux will never catch on.

    There was a reason Bill Gates and Steve Jobs became rich. Particularly the latter made computing easy and productive for the average user from installation through to day-to-day use.

    I really hope that Linux finds a way to penetrate the desktop environment, but the community is going to have to be a whole lot better at being welcoming and selling its product to the average user than it is now if it wants to make headway…

    • BS detection service

      Desktop software usually runs on servers using Linux.

      It’s not very interesting what browser component is in client side.

    • BS detection service

      In past, Skype is installed by doubleclick installation package what you can download from Microsoft.

      So if Microsoft’s application is not working, it is bug in Microsoft’s application.

  191. Harold

    1 – Windows OEM has been unavailable since Vista. Windows can only be installed by a licensed Microsoft seller.

    3- Well Windows has updates ever 6 months as well. And many Win 7 users lost access to applications and hardware with the major update last year (to Win 8) – without any hope of recovery.

    4 – There’s really only two distros – Red Hat and Debian. And they have a lot in common. The reason theres so many is cos the main ones don’t actually work on many systems.

    7 – That like complaining that you can’t get Office on a Commodore 64. Its either there or its not.

    8 – Buy a Playstation. There are no shortage of problems on a PC with gaming anyway.

  192. Aeomer

    The funniest part of the abusive comments you have received is Linus agrees with you! He’s on the record as saying Linux has numerous flaws which, because of the Linux community mentality, will likely never be fixed.

    I doubt many of those posting understand the issues with Linux task scheduling, why Linux does not natively support the ProActor pattern (FreeBSD and Windows do) and why that’s hugely significant for Grid computing and hardware sharing in virtual machines. I doubt many understand the silliness of many distros enabling THP by default and how it negatively affects server performance and stability if not handled well but on desktop installs can be a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” issue due to memory allocation strategies which need to meet ancient compatibility issues.

    I doubt many of those posting have really thought about how dot files processing assumptions are holding back file system paradigm development at human level.

    Linux developers have an idea the know how to program for BSD and Windows, but invariably create software installers which leave crap everywhere in a way that is worse than OSX ._. droppings. They also store software settings in user document folders and assume the user wants to put their files for given piece of software in a directory named after that software in the user’s document folder – that’s just moronic and anti-choice. When a Windows developer does that, they are pilloried for their noobish behavior.

    Linux has, for the most part, be a huge benefit to the computing world in general, but it’s user base has become too entrenched and opinionated. The base system is slow and design choices just plain odd.

    I stick with BSD. It has its own flaws (file system dot silliness etc), but at least it’s consistent.

    • John


      It can all be dealt with by programming.


      An old DOSser dumps everything in the root directory. It works fine on Linux provided the config file allows running from the home directory. In fact, its much better than what they taught you at uni putting all the files in their “proper” folders because it simply works more intuitively.

  193. bob

    Your example for reason 2 is very poorly supported. “Less than one year later, Ubuntu releases looked like this:” That’s true, but it’s also true that it looked like the first example for many years and then looked like the second example for many years. Being the same for years, then changing, then remaining the same for years is not “Changes Constantly” By your logic you could show a screenshot of Windows 7 and then say “Less than one year later, Windows looked like this:” followed by a screenshot of Windows 8 and then declare that Windows change constantly.

  194. Edward Roberts

    People become almost religious about: Linux, Windows, PC’s , and Mac. I have been in the Linux camp for years (since I gave up the Mac to do serious work in the DOD simulation industry). But, I agree, your points are valid. I have come to the conclusion that Linux is for real “geeks” and Windows is for desktop “users”. I am proud to be a “geek” and once worked for a great little company where “geek” was an official job classification. We used Linux.

      • BS detection service

        You steal my nick. Linux is not operating system and that is reason why it is impossible to compare to Windows.

        Linux is however superior compared to Windows kernel.

  195. Rimas

    OMG, I couldn’t agree more with your points! It’s been more than ten years now since Ubuntu came with the promise to make Linux major on the Desktop. Yet, what has changed? Yes, we’ve got more choices than ever today, but none of them seem to stand out, and all have so simple, yet so annoying papercuts that I can’t help but wonder “how on earth this slipped into the release?”…

    • BS detection service

      What is changed since 2004, almost all desktop software that people are using now are running on servers using Linux and Ubuntu is market leader there, in public cloud.

      No one really cares what operating system is in front end as long as it can run HTML5 applications.

      • huh

        Nobody cares about your fart apps. Real professionals use software made for Windows.

        • Notascrublikeyou

          No, real professional use a mix of Linux and Windows just about equally. Most corporate software that runs on windows is because it’s legacy software that was never updated or developed further and nothing was made to replace it, so they’re stuck using it. Don’t pretend to be a pro, you clearly have never worked for any IT related company. You probably don’t even know the difference between a file server and a DHCP server.

          • no

            It seems you are the pretender here. Legacy apps only? Sure m8

  196. poamm poamm

    I had noticed the speed difference over the years myself (I don’t complain). However, most recently I have been installing my newer distro releases on somewhat older hardware again, and it NOT slowing down near as much as I had come to expect. I figured they changed something under the hood that accounts for it. I hope it is intentional and continues. I have even gone back to installing on friends “old” computers when they upgrade to a newer Windows box, and they are once again saying things like “Damn thats fast, its faster than my new Windows 10 computer!”

    I use Mageia now. Been using Linux for 25 years or so, I haven’t booted to Windows for anything in at least 10 years.

    • Notascrublikeyou

      You are correct most distros do adjust themselves based on hardware. Hence why the raspberry pi community is 99% Linux 1% other Unix systems like Solaris

  197. jack

    BS detection service

    my current problems with computers are that I have to restart my router a couple of times a year, connection works

    but I cannot login.

    Why do you keep breaking it?

    It is your responsibility 99% of the time it is the user

    you cannot even fix your own problems, so why don’t you just go away moron

    • BS detection service

      “Why do you keep breaking it?”

      I didn’t made that. I bought preinstalled router and there is bug or hardware is broken.

      “It is your responsibility 99% of the time it is the user”

      I have eliminated possibility to user error. I have reset it to factory defaults and installed all updates and issue was still there.

      “you cannot even fix your own problems, so why don’t you just go away moron”

      Are you retarded? I didn’t cause that problem! I didn’t install software there that was unsupported. It is manufacturer or ISP responsibility now.

      Do it yourself == is taking responsibility if no one promises compatibliity

  198. Bogdan Ionita

    dude, you sound like you know nothing about linux! Don’t take Ubuntu as an example for all distros, they are very different from each other. Let me comment on each of your statements:
    1. Linux is not complicated – it might appear so for an inexperienced user, but it’s actually much more simple than windows or osx. It’s simple in the sense that you can actually modify and tweak it in any way you like easily. Try that with windows or osx. In Linux every resources is a file, and every configuration is stored in a text file. How’s that complicated?
    2. You’re anything but alone. The linux community is great and I have always found help online whenever i had questions regarding any distro i tried. Also, linux offers you the possibility and power to fix it yourself. When windows or osx breaks, you’ve nothing to do but format and reinstall. Linux you can always fix. And Linux usually doesn’t break unless you do something stupid.
    3. Change is also a good thing. I don’t agree either with the direction Ubuntu took with Unity several yeas ago, but that is not representative of linux in general. Usually linux changes in small steps and usually the changes are for the better. Just take a look at windows 8 and what it did from win 7… what a mess…
    4. Competition is not pointless, it drives improvement. And having choises is always good. I know in windows or osx you don’t usually have choices, and you may have got used to that, but damn that’s so limiting! I love having options. And I love that all the software i use has competition, because that makes it improve faster. Hell, i even switch alternatives every once in a while.
    5. Hardware support used to be an issue in the past, but not any more. Most distros support most hardware out of the box.
    6. Slow??? Are you kidding me? Linux is the fastest OS, there’s a reason why it runs on most of the world’s servers and embedded devices.
    7. Applications. If you’re a professional doing video editing or stuff that requires dedicated software, then your OS is not really a choice, just go with the one that the software runs on. Otherwise, you can pretty much find apps for anything on linux, and lots of them. Sure, Gimp may not gave all the features of Photoshop, but remember, it costs several thousand bucks less – zero that is. And I have used photoshop in the past, bee using gimp for several years now and can do everything i need with it, in a slightly different way that photoshop. But I don’t miss the commercial apps, the free ones are good enough. LibreOffice – who needs Ms Office? Libre has everything you need and it’s free. So yes, on linux you can find pretty much everything you need free of charge, how cool is that?
    8. Gaming. Partly agree here, it’s not linux’s strong point. But in the last years it’s been less of a problem. Now many games can be run with wine, and there are lots of alternative linux native games as well. But if you’re a passionate gamer, just go get a playstation, it’s much more convenient than even using windows.
    9. it’s free. well yeah, how’s that a weakness? if someone gave you a free car, would you turn it down because it doesn’t have autopilot? Now you should be aware, that yes, payed software has a team of dozens of experts behind it, but opensource software has the whole world. Many more developers, and every user can be a QA.
    10. philosophy – it’s necessary to have principles. And linux is not unpractical unless you really do it wrong. Choose the right distro for you and you’ll be pleased.
    11. the jerks in the community – these are not specific to linux in any way. There are jerks and good people everywhere, on every forum or real life.

    • Tony B

      “Linux is not complicated – it might appear so for an inexperienced user, but it’s actually much more simple than windows or osx. It’s simple in the sense that you can actually modify and tweak it in any way you like easily. Try that with windows or osx. In Linux every resources is a file, and every configuration is stored in a text file. How’s that complicated?”

      That’s not the definition of simple. What you really mean is that it’s flexible. Absolutely – I agree. But learning how to be effective and not dangerous in terminal sessions takes a fair amount of learning. And that’s not simple for the average user.

      I can go and buy a PC or a Mac, run the GUI based setup and be productive within an hour. I can also install a wide range of compatible programs that will usually take a minimum amount of fiddling to get going. That’s generally not the case with many Linux distros – sorry.

      I love fiddling with ubuntu – I’m retired now and have time to have fun learning to use the command line. But the average user wouldn’t be that patient.

    • Scion

      You say that if something is going south on Mac OS X your only avenue is to “format and re-install” – are you for real? Have you even sat down in front of a Mac before? Good God. OS X is pretty damned solid with only rare issues, usually caused by power interruptions, and if Apple’s own disk utility can’t fix it, then 99.99% of the time a $35 dollar investment in DiskWarrior will. There is no comparison about ease of use, amount of software available, or simplicity in repairing the (extremely rare) issues that might arise with Mac OS X compared to Linux. I have Lubuntu installed on an older Mac, and while it is interesting to toy with, it’s a huge pain in the butt to contend with things that are no issue at all on the Mac.

  199. Larry

    BS detection service

    Your comment


    So in the last day you have decided that they are LINUX Distros

    • BS detection service

      Operating systems using Linux are called “linux distros”. However, this is different thing than Linux (which is kernel), and operating systems using Linux have little to do with each other.

      Zorin OS, Android, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Solaris, Mint, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, ChromeOS, Debian, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise, Deepin etc. are ALL operatings systems, equal and comparable to each other. Some of them are using Linux, some are not. It just doesn’t matter is there Linux or not.

      If someone says that there is issue in Linux, it should be found all systems using Linux. If someone is talking some nameless operating system “Linux” it makes no sense. It could be everything and all issues may be some Windows problems or user errors or anything.

  200. larry

    BS detection service

    You and others like you are the main reason Linux will always have a low percentage in the market shares.

    Many people may perceive Zorin and others are Linux as some of them are called Linux distros.

    Here are your answers

    1. You are stupid (yourself excluded of course) CRAP

    2. I know there is something wrong with your hardware CRAP

    3. Desktop freezing (WHAT FREEZING) Desktops can freeze so more CRAP

    4.Is something goes wrong or wont install it is always the user CRAP

    5.Someone got what they wanted by having to wipe a harddrive and start again, Yeah that would be great fun. more

    • BS detection service

      “You and others like you are the main reason Linux will always have a low percentage in the market shares.”

      Linux is market leader, there is no low percentage.

      “Many people may perceive Zorin and others are Linux as some of them are called Linux distros.”

      There are no facts to support delusions.

      “I know there is something wrong with your hardware”

      If my hardware and billion other hardware works and your hardware not, what are conclusion? Why sleep mode is not working? Why desktop is freezing?

      “Is something goes wrong or wont install it is always the user”

      99% cases this is true.

      “Someone got what they wanted by having to wipe a harddrive and start again”

      This is good way to remove those 99% errors caused by user. I have seen thousand Windows machines messed up by user. Usually user installed some legacy software, antivirus, “cleaner” or other nonsense “optimizing” software and modified system by using admin right, or installed some malware there and then it is not working.

      After setting preinstalled machine back to factory defaults, as if by magic it works again. This can be deduced that it was user what caused issues.

      It is not suprising that most customer service around world follow the process I wrote here:

      1. Turn it off and on again -> test
      2. Reset back to factory defaults -> test
      3. Install all security updates and bug fixes -> test

      There are also method to find out issues causen by broken hardware like running memtest couple of hours, or full disk surface scan or other hardware diagnostics.

  201. John S

    I don’t hate linux and in fact I think it has come a long way from the hobby OS for geeks. But it’s hardly mainstream even today. I find typically on any laptop you loose 10 to 20 mbps wireless speed over running in Windows just because of cobbled drivers for wifi. Stick with wired if you want good speed. Also the graphic drivers are still bad, don’t get artifacts, scrolling breakup and flickering in Windows. Again, probably just bad drivers. You see where I am going with this. Linux itself isn’t bad, but it sucks because nobody produces really great drivers. Yes, there are a few hardware makers who still find time to throw a bone out to Linux for drivers but not many. Case in point is that Google’s Chrome OS works great even on weaker hardware because they actually produce good drivers for the OS. It’s why many PC makers offer more Chromebooks as options to Windows PC’s than Linux distro’s such as Ubuntu or Mint. If a person wanted to dump Windows and I certainly understand that. I would direct them towards a good Chromebook than Linux. Especially if your a user not really interested in fiddling and trying to get a Linux distro working right.

    • BS detection service

      ChromeOS is “Linux distro”, like Android or Ubuntu or that weird “Zorin OS”.

      Of course it may be hard to users to get working if they do it themselves and not by factory installed machine or machine where compatibility is promised by OS or hardware manucturer. Installing yourself is often hobbyist activity and if user choose to use some hobbyist system like Mint, there is reason to assume that this is what user want: to solve things and fix them.

      This has nothing to do with Linux. It is fact that not all hardware and operating systems are compatible because interfaces between them are standardized only partially.

    • BS detection service

      By the way, thanks by proving what I say.

      It is hardware issue or user issue if laptop loose 10 to 20 mbps wireless speed compared to factory installed ChromeOS LINUX distro.

  202. steve


    spot on, but you dared to mention the freezing word. Where is the little fan boy telling you it must be you? Has he gone

    into hiding, or sitting there typing sudo-apt all day?

  203. Derek


    I like how each distro competes to have the smallest size, and then you can’t move the mouse pointer without it freezing unless you install about 1,000 dependencies….

    You have to use the internet otherwise it will take months, but guess what ? The internet won’t work without installing about 300 dependencies…

    Anything goes wrong and the forum gives some terminal command that is :
    a) wrong.
    b) can be done much more easily through Gnome….

    If you type a terminal command and one character, space or word is wrong the system immediately writes zeroes over the boot strap loader…

    99% of forum answers are
    “Get the new distro, it works excellent”.

  204. Jack

    BS detection service

    Your typed this to apple. I know there is something wrong in your hardware when you told that it takes 25 seconds to start.

    You have also typed It is known that Windows is slower and 25 seconds is acceptable to Windows cold boots.

    Well that is what apple was talking about. It was you that mentioned sleep. So what do you believe?

    • BS detection service

      I was thinking that there was issue with power management and sleep doesn’t work.

  205. jack

    BS detection service

    I agree with the above article

    LINUX Mint Cinnamon

    Deepin LINUX

    Zorin os LINUX distro

    The fault with buggy systems does come back to Linux for allowing others to put the Linux name to different distros.

    • BS detection service

      Linux trademark is exempt to use part of some brand if product or service uses Linux. Google Search is also LINUX, there is no difference. Zorin OS name is Zorin OS and not some “Zorin OS Linux”. Ubuntu OS also uses Linux but the name is “Ubuntu” or “Ubuntu OS”, not “Ubuntu Linux”. There is also product like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and it is good quality product.

      So this means that it doesn’t matter if some product or service using Linux in their branding. This is unrelated to quality.

      It is also possible to think this “Linux” as opposite. Example it is equal to say that Mac OS is crap because it doesn’t use Linux like good quality products use.

  206. apple

    Bs detection service

    Actually seeing as I am not a computer technician, and have not picked any hardware, just operating systems, you still

    are ranting on about hardware I chose. If I offended your feeble little mind I apologise, but why don’t you grow up.

    Like I said half of what you typed had words missing, which made some of it not make sense.. I am sorry for saying

    anything about Mac Mint Cinnamon or Zorin Microsoft. You are so fantastic you never have problems, so I am assuming

    you are a rocket scientist. What is the big deal anyway if I whinged about something, you just could not handle me

    saying anything about Linux, unjustifiably or not. Do the letters FO mean anything to you?

  207. Daniel

    Been using Linux since RedHat 5.0 (long before RHEL). I agree with everything that’s said here. I still love it, use it whenever I can. Apache still blows IIS out of the water and for a large-scale DNS server, I wouldn’t consider anything but Linux or FreeBSD. That said, I agree with every point of this article.

  208. apple

    BS detection service

    My pcs boot easily from usb straight into Linux Mint Cinnamon, so what has that got to do with a system freezing up

    after about half an hour. All you do is go on about crappy hardware I chose. How do you know it is crappy? My favourite

    one you said is your pc sane. You do realize we are talking about a machine, that does not have a brain like a human.

    When I first posted here, why didn’t you just come straight out then and say Zorin and Linux Mint are nothing to do with

    Linux instead of getting all worked up and throwing insults about my machines which you know nothing about, but then

    again I suppose you think you do. If I have blamed Linux unjustifiably, why did you not say that straight up. I have seen

    many people on different forums with freezing issues, update issues, whether it is Windows or Linux, but you say I am

    the only one, get real. Are you honestly saying you have never had a problem with a pc? If you say yes then you are


    instead of getting all worked about me bagging Zorin and Linux Mint, which should not bother you, as you say they

    are not LINUX. Seeing as you like to insult so much, have you thought about having spelling lessons, and not leaving

    words out of your sentences so that they make sense. Half of what you have typed is just gibberish you would expect

    from a 6 year old.

    • BS detection service

      “so what has that got to do with a system freezing up after about half an hour.”

      Your computer may be incompatible and you should fix your issue and not blame others (in this case Linux) for that.

      “All you do is go on about crappy hardware I chose. How do you know it is crappy? My favourite.”

      This is the order:

      1. You decide what you want to do.
      2. You decide what are most suitable tools and enviroment to step 1.. So you choose your ecosystem, operating system and applications
      3. You select your hardware based on specifications you get from step 1. and 2.

      You are now doing backwards, like chose hardware and then run some hobbyist crap on it and you expect it to be magically compatible (which of course is not obvious). Then you may start thinking what you are doing with your computer and blame your issues to Linux fault, even if it is your own fault.

      “why didn’t you just come straight out then and say Zorin and Linux Mint are nothing to do with Linux”

      Second post I wrote: “Another thing is that you cannot relate ZorinOS to other operating systems that are using Linux.”

      So I actually say that almost immediately to clarify things. For me it is obvious to know what company or organization product I’m using. If I use Gmail and have issues in there, I don’t blame Apple for that. Apple and Google are different companies.

      “If I have blamed Linux unjustifiably, why did you not say that straight up.”

      I did. In very first post to you, I wrote this:

      “ALWAYS if someone has to say something negative from anything, there is checklist:

      1. What is the exact product or service you are talking about and what version? Linux is known as market leader kernel, so what is wrong in that?
      2. If there is issue, how I can reproduce it? It is must have way to reproduce issue. That reveals where the issue is. Usually it is user regardless what company software we are using.
      3. If can repeat the issue and you want to blame something, then it is its fault who is promised something to work. Example in compatibility issues, see what are the standards there and if there is no standard, who is specified interface and who is promising that some tech is compatible with that.”

      I wrote that because you started to blameing software without reason. You didn’t tell what product or service you were using, what version or how to reproduce problem. It was very clear that there wasn’t any kind of justification.

      “I have seen many people on different forums with freezing issues, update issues, whether it is Windows or Linux, but you say I am the only one, get real.”

      There are probably two billion Android devices and they usually are not freezing. Yes, Android CAN freeze and my previous HTC freeze twice a year but I didn’t know whether it was the battery, some driver, HTC UI modification, Linux or memory chip that caused it. Then I just turn it off and on again, and problem was solved.

      I expect that complex technology like computers can sometimes freeze but I don’t blame the software if I don’t know that there is fault. But if I know that there are billions of users, usually without freezing but you have issues, it is likely that the reason for issues are related to you, your hardware or both.

      Linux is known to be reliable. There are billions of users every minute using Google Search, Wikipedia, Facebook, Youtube, Android, ChromeOS… Almost everything in modern world. I don’t have heard that almost everything that people use are not working.

      “Are you honestly saying you have never had a problem with a pc? If you say yes then you are talking crap.”

      It depends what is counted to problem. I’ve seen people to mess their computer, I’ve seen people to have computer virus, I’ve seen faulty hardware, bugs in software, I’ve read documentation and manuals to know how to use tech. But I never had situation that I cannot solve myself. I never had to ask anything. I have asked things from colleagues if I’m hurry and no time to read manual but I neved had major show stopper with computers.

      I think these helps 99% cases:
      1. Turn it off and on again -> test
      2. Reset to factory defaults -> test
      3. Install all updates -> test

      And if there is still issue:
      1. Locate it. Hardware, software, or compatibility between two components
      2. Document it how to reproduce problem so anyone can reproduce it and confirm that
      3. Find out what standards we are using here or who is promised and what

      Complaints and bug reports are then very straightforward to do.

      My current “problems” with computers are that I have to restart my router couple of times a year. Connection works but I can’t login. I don’t bother to investigate that how to reproduce problem, I probably get update to fix it or I already have that fixed.

    • BS detection service

      I know there is something wrong in your hardware when you told that it takes 25 seconds to start. Looks like sleep mode isn’t working. One second is typical and cold boot takes something like 10 seconds from SSD.

      It is known that Windows is slower and 25 seconds is acceptable to Windows cold boots.

      And why there is freeze? What is freezed? Can you name that process? If whole system is freezed then the issue is in driver or hardware level. So your hardware is broken or it is incompatible.

      In theory it is possible that freeze issue is in kernel but then you should be able to reproduce that in fully compatible hardware. If everything works on my hardware but not yours, then your hardware is incompatible.

  209. apple

    BS detection service

    So you say Linux Mint Cinnamon is nothing to do with Linux. Who is then Microsoft or Apple?

    Linux Mint is installed on an external hard drive. Nothing to do with any pc.

    I do not have the problem to use money if I have a purchased Windows 7 pc, a purchased Windows 10 pc, and a

    refurbished pc, which I also paid for, none of these pcs were handed to me free.

    As far as Zorin goes, like you are making out, what has it got to do with Ubuntu? If Zorin and Linux Mint are nothing

    to do with Linux or Ubuntu why are you even mentioning them? Quick you had better get back on the net and check.

    • BS detection service

      “So you say Linux Mint Cinnamon is nothing to do with Linux. Who is then Microsoft or Apple?”

      Linux is developed multiple companies including Microsoft. Linux is independent component and software engineers can pick it to use in their products.

      “Linux Mint is installed on an external hard drive. Nothing to do with any pc.”

      It is your responsibility take care that PC where you connect it, is compatibile. If it freezes, it is your fault, because no one promise that works.

      “I do not have the problem to use money if I have a purchased Windows 7 pc, a purchased Windows 10 pc, and a refurbished pc, which I also paid for, none of these pcs were handed to me free.”

      Why you don’t buy PC with that Zorin OS if you want that? Then you can complaint to computer seller if it doesn’t work. If you do it yourself and fail, it is your fault because no one promise that your PC is compatible.

      ” If Zorin and Linux Mint are nothing to do with Linux or Ubuntu why are you even mentioning them?”

      You started to blame Linux unjustifiably and asked this:

      “One more thing I forgot to mention. The updates for Zorin os come from Ubuntu Servers, but this has nothing to do with Linux?”

      Linux developers, Zorin OS developers, Microsoft, Apple and Canonical are different organizations.

  210. apple

    BS detection service

    I have not used the Asus pc once for anything else but Windows. The refurbished pc is an old HP6005 Compaq. It has 4 quads and 8 gbs of memory installed. I have had update failures with Zorin os and Linux Mint Cinnamon. I only mentioned the Asus pc as you were assuming I had a piece of shit when it is anything but, and like I said I have never
    used it for Ubuntu or anything else but WINDOWS if you can get that through your head. I only purchased the refurbished pc as a test pc.I think you may be a bit of a moron who thinks he knows everything. Goodbye.

    • BS detection service

      HP6005 is not here https://certification.ubuntu.com/desktop/

      And Zorin OS and Mint Cinnamon are some hobbyist crap and not “real” operating system, they don’t have enough manpower to set up decent support organization to maintain and test packages. They are just downloading packages from Ubuntu and messing things up.

      So like I say, nothing to do with Linux. It is only your fault that there is some problem to use money to buy computer with preinstalled/certified to Ubuntu LTS or ChromeOS or Windows or Mac.

  211. apple

    BS detection service

    One more thing I forgot to mention. The updates for Zorin os come from Ubuntu Servers, but this has nothing to do with


    • BS detection service

      “One more thing I forgot to mention. The updates for Zorin os come from Ubuntu Servers, but this has nothing to do with Linux?”

      Definitely not. Ubuntu is not Linux. Zorin OS is not Linux. Linux is only kernel component and Linux developers are not interested to that when Canonical develop Ubuntu OS that uses Linux as component.Then there are some hobbyist who are messing things up by making Zorin OS and all issues there are not issues in Ubuntu. Canonical quality assurance are not testing Zorin OS and they don’t care.

      It doesn’t matter either if updates are coming from some Ubuntu repository, Zorin OS may pick up unfinished packages and even if they pick up LTS branch packages, it doesn’t matter because these are fully tested when everything below some package software stack is intact. When Zorin OS changeing something below that package, it is not same anymore.

      Ubuntu package probably works when it is run in Ubuntu.

      So, Zorin OS is responsible all issues related to Zorin OS. Not related to Linux or Ubuntu. As you see, if they don’t have enough manpower to maintain packages themselves and download them from Ubuntu, they really don’t have decent support organization. It may be some one person bedroom project and not a “real” operating system what people are using in work and home.

  212. apple

    BS detection service

    My Asus pc is my main computer that is not used for anything else but Windows. The spare refurbished pc is the one I use to try things out on.

    You say all of my problems are caused by me.
    Okay if you go into Software Manager to install lets say ClamTk do you press on the install button? That is exactly what
    I did, it goes to a quarter of the way installing, and goes no further. Now I do not think I have made a mistake by pressing
    the install button, that is what it is there for. Or was I meant to wave a magic wand across the screen or something?

    Okay Linux does not check for updates, but it is within a Linux os that I have tried to do it? Now what did I do wrong there, look at the screen?

    When a pc freezes when you are doing absolutely nothing with it, does that mean you should not power the thing up in
    the first place?

    Asus has been around for many years, so I do not get how you find it mysterious. Any computer can start up in 1 second

    from sleep. Any way lets forget this crap now. We will just keep nit picking, and I could not be bothered anymore.

    • BS detection service

      “The spare refurbished pc is the one I use to try things out on.”

      Did you run full hardware diagnostics to be sure it actually works? Full disk surface test, memtest etc. ?

      Is the spare refurbished pc sane? Enough cores and gigabytes?

      Are you sure it is compatible? There are standards and there are also non standard hardware interfaces. If operating system is not compatible, it is operating system fault only if they promised that it is compatible.

      “Okay if you go into Software Manager to install lets say ClamTk do you press on the install button?”

      What operating system are you using?

      “Okay Linux does not check for updates, but it is within a Linux os that I have tried to do it? Now what did I do wrong there, look at the screen?”

      I don’t know yet what operating system brand and version your are using. There are many software available to install, update and remove software packages and every operating system vendor choose what they use.

      “Asus has been around for many years, so I do not get how you find it mysterious.”

      It is at least mysterious to use in Ubuntu. Who promises compatibility? Asus, your operating system or you?

      You talked about Ubuntu and Canonical does not promises anything how it works on Asus computers, so is Asus promising compatibility or is it your fault if it doesn’t work?

  213. apple

    BS detection service

    Of course it could not be Linux in your perfect Linux mind. As for my pc it is a very good ASUS pc, so you should not
    make comments about peoples pc’s being recycled, you are nothing but a big baby that proves the point you cannot
    handle many negative comments about Linux. If you said you hated Windows, I personally could not care less. Everyone
    is entitled to their own opinions, their own likes or dislikes. Maybe you came from a recycling centre. Unless you cannot
    read it was obvious I was talking about Linux with failing to check for updates, freezing and software packages not installing.You must have made up the bit about 1 second is normal for startup, as I have never heard anyone make any
    comment like that about any os. In other words you are saying Ubuntu is not a free download, Zorin is not a free download, Deepin is not a free download., Xubuntu is not a free download, just to name a few. If they are not operating
    systems, what do you call them?

    • BS detection service

      Billions of people use Linux every day without any kind of technical issues caused by Linux. Then you say that you have issues.

      Based on observations, problems are caused by you because you are the common factor in these problems. If you claim something negative, you must be able to prove it.

      “I was talking about Linux with failing to check for updates”

      Linux doesn’t check updates. There is no such a feature in Linux. Some operating system or application can check updates but Linux never do that.


      It is technically possible, but there are many variables. Usually caused by broken hardware, incompatiblity or some other component in system. Linux does not make promises how and where it work. Linux developers just give source and someone else can build it and made it work in their product. Usually quality assurance responsibility belongs to device manufacturer or operating system vendor.

      “and software packages not installing.”

      Linux does not install software packages. There is no such a feature in Linux. Usually operating systems install software packages or there may be software package installers in development tools ecosystems or application servers to deploy software.

      “You must have made up the bit about 1 second is normal for startup, as I have never heard anyone make any
      comment like that about any os.”

      No I don’t made up anything. Modern operating systems can set computer to “sleep” so they keep their memory I press power button or close laptop. Then they wake up in second to login screen and there is no delays.

      Usually once a month there is need to install updates and then cold boot is required. That can take more time. 10 second is normal in Ubuntu, Mac OS, Android, ChromeOS, iOS etc. but in Windows this may take much more time while Windows do work in to install updates. Windows 10 with mechanical hard drive is worst, it can take hour when it install major update (twice a year). Usually best to click “restart Windows” when stop using computer and leave it on to install updates and do automatic maintenance. Then next morning it wakes from sleep in second.

      “In other words you are saying Ubuntu is not a free download, Zorin is not a free download, Deepin is not a free download., Xubuntu is not a free download, just to name a few. If they are not operating
      systems, what do you call them?”

      Zorin an Deepin are some rolling release crap and looks like they are made by some hobbyist or startup company without money. They may be used to demonstrate something to investors to put money in there. Probably no one using them and I cannot care less about them.

      Xubuntu is some hobbyist system, they actually pick up Ubuntu and do some tweaking to get it run Xfce desktop. It is not however official Ubuntu LTS what is fully supported by Canonical. Mint is same class as Xubuntu. I cannot care less about them neither, I use only production quality systems with adequately good support organization.

      In hobbyist systems there is kind of truth that the users are usually their developers. There really are no phone number to call if you have issue. It is expected that if you have issue, you fix it. This is not caused by Linux, it is your own choise to use some hobbyist system.

      Ubuntu LTS is free to download, good quality operating system with support organization. This is one of the few free operating systems available to end users that are fully suitable to production use.

      But you are talking about some mysterious Asus computer.. Here is software vendor list of certified hardware: https://certification.ubuntu.com/desktop/

      No Asus there, this means that if you are using non standard hardware, compatibility is your responsibility and not related to Linux or Ubuntu.

  214. apple

    BS detection service

    I know I said it was crap because it is true. The different Linux distros I tried over the years, and not for very long
    apart from Linux Mint Cinnamon were all the same.

    Desktop freezing to the point where nothing worked

    Software packages install if you are lucky

    Continual failed to check for updates

    People saying how fast it is. My Windows 7 pc starts up in 25 seconds, and shuts down in 15

    The same with the Windows 10 pc

    The Linux distros I tried did not start up near as fast

    I guess that it why they are free. Who would want to pay for it.

    This is my last rant. I will stay mainly with Microsoft, and Linux Mint Cinnamon. If my Windows machines were freezing

    up, and doing the things I listed, I would say the same, and call them crap.

    • BS detection service

      This means that you have tried only some crap operating systems or doing something everytime wrong. It is not related to Linux.

      Read very carefully: One single component in operating system does not substantially affect how good it is or how it work. It does not matter is it using Linux or not. Every case the problem is in some crappy operating system, you, your crappy hardware but you don’t have any proves that this has nothing to do with Linux.

      “Desktop freezing to the point where nothing worked”

      This sounds like found your computer from recycling center. If you expect that there is bug in software, you should be able to tell how I can repeat the issue.

      “Software packages install if you are lucky”

      Where? In ZorinOS or Windows? What package? How can I repeat this issue so it is possible to confirm that issue exist and is not related only to your imagination, your faulty hardware or something else.

      “Continual failed to check for updates”

      Oh, you are talking about Windows.

      “People saying how fast it is. My Windows 7 pc starts up in 25 seconds, and shuts down in 15”

      That is slow. 1 second is normal.

      “The Linux distros I tried did not start up near as fast”

      And the reason is probably in you or your hardware. You just told that your computer takes 25 seconds to start and that is very slow.

      “I guess that it why they are free. Who would want to pay for it.”

      What are? Can you spell some operating system brands and versions?

      I really like to know versions. It is very suscpicious if you have not used money. It is very common that you can get free some beta versions, insider versions, developer releases or similar unfinished crap. There are not many free operating systems that use Linux, installation doesn’t require software engineer, made to production use, have good support organization and not some hobbyists like in Mint.

      Usually you pay when you get some preinstalled computer or get subscription from software vendor.

  215. romulopbene

    You’re free to torture yourself but in a healthier sense maybe your expectations suck, make them more real! A lot of what you search is somewhere else, not in Linux! 😉

    This is why I have a pass-through GPU VM. But I disagree in one point, how did you managed to get a slower Fedora than Windows 10?! 🙂

  216. apple

    BS detection centre

    I am not an experienced person with Linux, have mainly used Windows for years. I realize now that Zorin is unstable
    from the lesson I have just learned, but that still does not give you the right to call people stupid. Haven’t you ever
    made a mistake with a pc just doing what everyone mainly does, which is security updates. I have seen many people
    on Windows and Linux forums who have made mistakes, but they are not being called stupid for it.

    • BS detection service

      That is ok and normal if people made mistakes. There is nothing wrong.

      Problem is that you wrote this:

      “It is a piece of crap. I have tried different Linux distros over the years but nothing compares to Windows.”

      “At least in Windows command prompt the commands do work. I also like the ease of installing whatever program I like into Windows, which cannot be done with crappy Linux.”

      You are blameing that your own faults are caused by Linux, or Zorin OS unstable behaviour is related to Linux, or Zorin OS is related to other operating systems, or generalize operating systems that use Linux to be similar.

      If you made some mistake, that does not give you the right blame Linux.

      If I made a mistake, I always blame myself.

  217. apple

    BS detection service

    Actually Mr perfect my hardware had been working with Zorin os, as I said it happened after the updates. Actually the

    amd processor I have is compatible with Zorin os, and you are not that clever if you do not think software can have a

    problem. To say I got what I wanted by having to wipe a harddrive and starting over again, you are out there with the


    • BS detection service

      Of course it happended after updates because Zorin OS is UNSTABLE. It is different beast after updates and not the same when you installed it.

      This is just like Windows 10. New update can change compatibility, like break legacy software or hardware compatibility, and this happens two times per year. Fortunately applications usually works now from browser (web standard) or downloaded from Windows store, and they are kept compatible by software vendors.

      Monthly or yearly subscription is the guarantee that application is kept compatibile if it installed outside of Windows store. And if hardware compatibility is lost, then you can buy new cheap laptop from Wallmart. It is expected to be compatible at least the warranty period or what consumer protection laws, sales law etc. regulate.

      The same applies to Zorin OS. Seller is responsible ZorinOS computer and you can complaint if the computer you bought doesn’t work. But if you install ZorinOS yourself and nobody promises anything, yoy’re on your own. You can always buy new compatible computer.

      For this reason, I prefer stable operating systems like CentOS, Debian, Red Hat Enterprise, Solaris, Suse Desktop Enterprise, Ubuntu LTS… And avoid Zorin OS, Windows 10 and similar unstable ones.

  218. apple

    BS detection service, One more comment, I do not regard myself as another extremely stupid user when Zorin os is bragged about being compared to Windows 7, and as I had the spare refurbished pc, I wanted to give it a go. As I mentioned before I have Linux Mint Cinnamon installed on an external harddrive, and have had no problems, so I am
    not anti-Linux, just anti-Zorin and do not appreciate smart arse remarks by someone calling me stupid who does not even know me, and while you are calling me stupid, why don’t you learn how to spell.

    • BS detection service

      “I do not regard myself as another extremely stupid user when Zorin os is bragged about being compared to Windows 7, and as I had the spare refurbished pc, I wanted to give it a go. ”

      Zorin OS is unstable by design, and you choose Zorin OS. So it is unstable, as is to be expected.

      You can only blame yourself when you got what you wanted. You cannot compare Zorin OS to Windows 7 because Windows 7 is stable by design. It is expected to be stable.

      And one more thing: It was you who installed it, and you also chose hardware.

      You can blame the hardware compatibility issues it who has promised compatibility. Whether it was in this case ZorinOS or your hardware manufacturer.

      If neither promised anything, you can not blame neither.

      My point is, if there is issues somewhere, you can blame only who is responsible.

      Almost all cases, it is rarely software issue. It is very often user error.

      I have not really ever seen a situation where Linux would have been a problem. This is the major prolem in this article: blaming something unjustifiably.

  219. 3D artist

    Author must live a very boring life and a heavy complexes would not let him see the reality.

    I’m 3D artist, freelancer. I have several professional adds in my portfolio and tens of satisfied clients from around the world. I work many years on Windows until I tried Linux – the best idea in my career. Linux is faster, more stable, easy to learn (if you are not lama) and it’s free. After more than 2 years on Linux I’m 100% sure I never back to malware called Windows. I was stupid that I payed for Winsh*t.

  220. apple

    BS detection service

    I think I stated quite clearly what os I was talking about. Zorin os 12 did work until it updated, so I do not believe that I am
    to blame because of the updates it throws out. I update my Windows 7 pc and am having no troubles. I also have a Windows 10 pc, and have no problems there either.

    • BS detection service

      Rolling releases by default changes compatibility and behaviour in updates. Not sure how it works on Zorin OS but Windows 10 have two big updates per year what makes changes.

      I expect that Microsoft have more resources to testing and Microsoft keep their API versions compatible at least 10 years per version. But when they make changes, that breaks like in Zorin OS.

      Windows 10 and Zorin OS behaviour have nothing to do with stable operating systems.

  221. Phill M

    I’m a user of all three systems. What you put in is what you get out when it comes to Linux. It takes work, patience, a few creative curse words.

    I enjoy Linux, and until I fried my CPU used it as my primary desktop (the frying was my fault, not a system fault). I did everything I wanted–some gaming, some video editing, some photo editing. Also run a HP Powerbook with linux as my “travel to places I don’t want to bring my $2500 MacBook pro”–which gives me 45 minutes more battery time over the original Windows 7 system (which, being an old battery that only got 1.5hours on Windows, is a really huge improvement!).

    But, alas… Linux doesn’t do everything, and many of the things it does, it doesn’t do better than what is available on the other systems. Many of the open source programs available on Linux are also available on one or both of the other two systems (Mac and Windows), and none of them compare to the professional paid-for programs.

    And, as said: what you put into it is what you get out of it. While there are many Linux distros that have most features you need ready to run out of the box, when there is an issue it can be aggravating to figure out, and while the forums do offer much help, sometimes navigating them to find the answer or wait for a reply (which sadly sometimes is “that question was asked and answered”).

    Linux is not for everyone. While I use it and enjoy using it, its not something I would recommend to just anyone. It’s worth tinkering with–but for only a very few people would it work as their primary system.

    Try it, have fun with it, explore it, and if it doesn’t suit your fancy, use what works for you.

  222. Si Hammer

    Cheers, John, I just got a new laptop + unbeknown to me prior to trying to use the thing, Ubuntu 16.04 is the OS + I can’t claim to have taken to it like a duck to water, unless the duck happened to be wearing lead clogs!? I’m one of those unskilled, basic user types, with an unhealthy interest in Microsoft, at least I think your friend would see it that way, if he was feeling particularly light-hearted at the time, of course. I sensed that you + he differed in opinion on certain matters? I only skimmed over it briefly but I must ask, are you really all those things? I don’t know how you find the time? I felt that you knew what you were on about, said it like it is + helped me understand what I’m dealing with which is something I’d be better off replacing with Windows 7, an OS I’m able to return to the desktop quicker than the 1+ hour it took me with Ubuntu. There’s the Microsoft thing, too, the philia your charming friend brought to my attention with such silver tongued eloquence. I’ve decided to overlook the fact you seemingly know less than I do + should you decide to follow the given career advice I’m sure you’ll flip burgers to the very best of your ability, although taking advice from a clearly unstable, irrational narcissist would be far from prudent, despite my pitiful knowledge of things computer I say that without fear of contradiction. Anyway, good luck with whatever path you choose to follow + I thank you for supplying the information that you did, clearly + with what I thought was integrity + impartiality, admittedly though, through unwashed + uninitiated eyes. Something, I can think of at least one person, who would say that’s why it counts for nothing. I’ll just have to try + carry on dealing with that……..,,,
    Good luck to you,

    Si Hammer

  223. Carl

    Linux is a community of do it yourselves kind of people! and so if you run into a problem you can likely look on a forum… it’s for people who like to tinker I suppose…. mad scientist kind of computing :o) Windows 7 is more straightforward and provides apps people will have to pay to use… that yes are better.. but then again microsoft always snoops on what you’re up to with those “windows updates”. If you like knowing that the ideology of linux is freedom of information… you can also expect a product that isnt’ going to spy on what you have installed on your system.

  224. apple

    Another thing I find funny is Linux users will continually put down Windows, but say one word about Linux, and you will
    be abused. These people cannot take any negative comments about Linux, only about Windows.

    • BS detection service

      There is big difference is the comment negative based on something or is it some imaginary bullshit.

      ALWAYS if someone has to say something negative from anything, there is checklist:

      1. What is the exact product or service you are talking about and what version? Linux is known as market leader kernel, so what is wrong in that?
      2. If there is issue, how I can reproduce it? It is must have way to reproduce issue. That reveals where the issue is. Usually it is user regardless what company software we are using.

    • BS detection service

      3. If can repeat the issue and you want to blame something, then it is its fault who is promised something to work. Example in compatibility issues, see what are the standards there and if there is no standard, who is specified interface and who is promising that some tech is compatible with that.

      If no one promises anything, it is user/IT-specialist responsibility then.

    • Bafpunt Strose

      Ironic seeing how many of them spend their time holed up in their basement trying to become the next bill gates.

  225. apple

    I have used Windows 7 from the beginning and never had any trouble with it, still love it. I have Linux Mint Cinnamon on
    a external harddrive. It is pretty good. Recently I installed Zorin os 12 on a spare refurbished pc I have, worked fine on the first few startups, and then absolutely shit itself after updating. All I had on startup were different kernel numbers all
    over the screen, so wiped the hard drive, and reinstalled Windows 7 Pro on that machine. I would rather pay Microsoft
    for operating systems. Windows 7 has always been stable. Zorin os 12 continually experiences internal or fatal errors.
    It is a piece of crap. I have tried different Linux distros over the years but nothing compares to Windows. Another thing
    if you have a problem, okay you go to a forum with every man and his dog telling you to run this command in terminal,
    and then this command, and so on, and none of these commands work. At least in Windows command prompt the
    commands do work. I also like the ease of installing whatever program I like into Windows, which cannot be done with
    crappy Linux.

    • BS detection service

      Why a hell you expect to get stable operating system if you in purpose install rolling release like Zorin? Idea of rolling release is that it is NOT stable. So you are just another extremely stupid user.

      Another thing is that you cannot relate ZorinOS to other operating systems that are using Linux. Linux does not mean that operating system is rollig release.

      So if you are talking about some other crappy operating systems, based on observation you are talking about Windows. That is the other operating system mentioned in your post and Windows 10 is is rolling release.

    • Phill M

      Yeah. Had that same issue with Zorin OS9. I had an internet interruption on update, and basically had to completely reinstall everything. On the plus, I had a similar problem on Windows 7. Both cases much of the important data was recoverable. I tried Zorin 12, but didn’t like it compared to their OS 9 and stuck with 9 (but hey, I also stuck with Windows 7 because I don’t like 8 or 10, and I still have a system that runs Windows XP).

      The forums can be a pain to navigate, because everyone directs you to a previous post on the problem you are asking about saying the answer is there, and there you find 20 different answers to a problem vaguely similar to yours, but none of those solutions work for your problem.

      As for installing programs–most Linux versions have an App Store like system for searching and downloading programs: these existed well before Apple or Windows had their app stores for direct downloading of programs. Personally, I never had a problem installing any program on Linux, or deleting them. Granted, those programs had to exist in their app store, as installing off direct media (DVD, USB) isn’t all that easy compared to Mac or Windows. In deleting them from Linux, never had to hunt for the hidden files that never get deleted with Windows and Mac.

      In the end, as someone who constantly uses all three systems: much of what you get out of linux depends on how much you want to commit to learning it–and in learning it, you will learn it doesn’t do much different than what you can do on other systems.

      And, I enjoy using Linux… but save for a few geekish people, I wouldn’t recommend it.

  226. Harti

    I am an absolute noob at linux. But I use Mint Cinnamon because Windows 10 is just no option for me and Mint is easy enough to handle – if everything runs out of the box. I am not a coder, never will be. So the terminal is my natural enemy. I once tried to compile a driver for a Wlan stick and gave up after 3 hours of frustration.
    I dual boot with windows 7 (which is a decent OS in my opinion). This way I can handle all the tasks I need to. But I look forward in horror to the day Win 7 is not supported anymore. I guess then I will have to switch to darn Win 10…

  227. SurenaIVY

    Just a small thing; XFCE was here since 1996 for Unix and Unix-like OSs while you mentioned in your article “a short while ago there was only KDE and GNOME”. Expect for that; most of your points are correct; more or less.

  228. ajskdlf

    Comon guys be honest windows is so much better. I know you are using windows right now <3

  229. Weirdo23

    “With their money and will, Microsoft had about 1000 highly skilled developers working full-time on Windows 7. These developers worked as a cohesive, managed unit all working towards the same goal, and produced a great product in a short period.” -Absolute bullshit! Windows 7 was Windows 6.1 with Vista being 6.0. The Windows 7 development time was Windows Vista + Windows 7 (as Vista was a Beta, basically). That means May 2001 until October 22, 2009. Yeah, 8.5 years is “a short period”… Thanks for the good article, but really, compare like with like, or, rather: get facts right so non-lazy people can compare in detail. How long has Ubuntu taken to get from 4.x to 10.x? Ah right, a similar time to the above… SIX VERSIONS. Quality? Most poor, a lot of the time. But 10.x was nice – had Ubuntu Server very reliable – apart from zero sleep mode possible due to a nasty Intel chipset driver bug that the jokers at Intel randomly fixed in 2013 or something silly when hardware was WAY obsolete that even my broke ass wasn’t using it any more! Weird, the world of Linux…

    • BS detection service

      And Window Vista was based on Windows XP. There was three year delay while Microsoft development process was fucked up and they had to do it again after three year development.

    • BS detection service

      Ubuntu 6.06 LTS was the first one, and it is not suitable for laptops. It was only for desktops and servers. Also it was not “multimedia ready”.

      It was success on servers but obvious reasons it was just a starting point and for front end use, it was mainly new free OS to market to get basic things work on desktop machine like browser, office, development tools, email, chat. It worked, but use cases were limited and used mostly by developers.

      Ubuntu 8.04 LTS was suitable for laptops too, and there were out-of-the-box experience in Adobe Flash, GPU acceleration and similar things. What was still lacking was hardware certification process and that caused that it was always IT-department task to get it working or if consumer want to buy it, IT-company customized it or some neighbor nerd installed it.

      It was good release and Ubuntu get stronghold in industrial and emerging IoT market. This was time when Ubuntu based desktops got in use to companies.

      Ubuntu 10.04 LTS got hardware certification process, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS got Unity, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS focused mainly on servers, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS revealed that they were too late on schedule in desktop development so it is time to refocus targets to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

      ..and if you see all LTS releases and changes what they have made, there was clear path where it was going.

  230. W. Oertl

    Well, use what you like. I’m quite content with the overall experience of Linux, which I’ve been using since about 1993. A vanilla install of Debian testing with Gnome as GUI is easy to use, stable, elegant, works on most hardware there is. YMMV.

    My company recently cheaply sold off old computers (about 6-7 years old), actually decent hardware, but without OS. After setting one up as described above, it runs like a charm for my non-tech parents in law.

    For my new desktop computer I sourced the most recent, finest hardware (CPU, SSD, MoBo etc.) and built me a nice box. Everything works. My 10 year old previous box with old stuff in it still works, too. No EOL issues.

    For me, it’s the openness, flexibility, the wide range of options, development tools, the ease of contributing to software that I use, that keeps me using Linux. At work, it’s Windows of course, so I didn’t lose touch and still know what the “other side” looks like.


  231. Bulldozer

    The main problems are 3 and 7. It always misses one or two programs you can’t live without (No ! Not Darkroom nor any other motherfucking photo editing program is even close to be as good as Lightroom, LibreOffice looks like kids’ scribbling next to Caravaggio compared to the Office suite, etc.).

    And it changes all the time, rarely for the best. I never use Linux constantly, even less now that Windows is much better than it used to be, but when I come back to it, the distribution I was using before always became crap. 10 years ago Ubuntu was great, then they changed it to Unity and it sucked, 5 years ago Mint was great, now nothing works properly, it can cause serious damages to a computer, it’s as heavy as Windows on the computer resources ; it sucks. Today Manjaro seems to work fine and clean, let’s see in 5 five years.

  232. Jack Lindon

    1. its not complicated, you are use to windows, this is not windows and does not try to be. driving on the left side of the road would take some getting use to as well.
    2.you are not alone, a shit ton of people use linux. most geeks do.
    3.yes some distros do change a fair bit.
    4. there is a version for everybody. there is no “best” linux. its what one works for you, i think its great there are so many. its an open source OS, anyone can make changes to it, or even make a whole new one.
    5.these problems are easy to overcome, google it.
    6. you’re on crack. linux runs 10x faster than most OS’s. the worlds fastest super computers use linux.
    7. some programs suck yeah. there sure is a lot of them though. this day in age most companies have made a linux version of their programs.
    8. gaming has gotten better. steam is a peace of cake now
    9. i find linux mint to be really bad for this.
    10. yeah you got it
    11. i find most communities to be very helpful. linux mint actually has a very good support channel in Hexchat (which comes installed on your pc). any problem ive ever had starting out they answered right away and were very helpful

  233. Bubba Smith

    I have Windows, Linux and latest android on mobile tablet. By now – Linux caused me the most headache with compatibility, bad software UI’s (I don’t have time to learn functions all over again!). Will be throwing Linux away, no time to play a hero…

  234. RONNIE


  235. Len Souliere

    More rants than sense
    I use a computer as a tool
    It does more than most tools, but it is still just a tool – a means to an end
    I understand that, just like a hammer, I can do some things intuitively and other tasks may require some learning…
    regardless of the task, if I can’t even get started doing it I’m either using the wrong tool or using the tool requires more extensive knowledge than I have at hand.
    This is kind of the natural order of things.
    If I have to get a masters degree to use a new hammer, I’ll probably keep using the old hammer.
    IIf getting that masters enables me to do something unique and vital, if may be worthwhile in the end.
    Getting a degree of any sort in order to print a document just ain’t gonna happen.
    While all the linux brats are busy pointing out how superior linux is, I’ll have to stick with something that works, even if it doesn’t work as well at all the tasks I need it for.
    Right now, I can load a flavor of linux and very quickly do some stuff, while other basic processes wont budge, or I can use an admittedly slow and limited system to do nearly everything I need (admittedly my needs are rather basic).

    The crowning achievement in my limited experience is CUPS, which I understand (perhaps incorrectly) to be a
    presumably created by someone who had connections with Canon
    So, when I can’t get it to handle a fairly recent model of Canon printer, I have to assume they really don’t care.
    I understand that I bought a cheap printer but, cost aside, it has done what I wanted it to do.
    Now I need to print something and the decision becomes a choice between buying a new printer (and BELIEVE ME when I say it’ll be another cheap printer) that may or may not outlive the next kernel upgrade or replacing the problem computer with something that will do what I need for a couple years at least. Hmm… what would be the wise move?
    As a linux devotee, I should go through twelve years of additional schooling (at a top tech school that’s about a half million bucks) or spend a couple hundred on a Win10 machine now and wonder if I’ll get the fifteen or so years out of it that I got from the last unit.

    • Kerri

      It’s Common Unix Printing System. At least have your info right before bashing people.

  236. Pasquale Barbaro


    I agree with you on almost all you said. I do love Linux too but many times it get complicated for a not so expert user like me. I love it because it allowed me to run modern software on unsupported platforms as my PowerPC Mac and my free scale processor equipped eBook-reader

  237. st. iGNUcious

    The only thing common to all your “reasons” is the complete lack of rationality, understanding and insight. They read like a 5 year old’s arguments when she is not allowed on a ride because she is not tall enough. You clearly do not have a very good handle of the Linux kernel, the GPL/Free Software philosophy, or the GNU/Linux OS, and you hide your childish need for convenience over computational prowess by making absurd claims about GNU/Linux. For instance, “It is slow”! I literally fell off my chair laughing at this. Here’s the boot speeds for Windows 10 and GNU/Linux Mint 18.1 off of my 7500 RPM HDD (yeah, that’s right, HDD not SSD) running in my Alienware 17 r3 (with secure boot and fast startup turned off):

    Crapdows 10 = 145 – 150 seconds till programs become usable on the desktop.
    GNU/Linux Mint 18.1 = 15-20 seconds till programs are launch-able and usable on desktop (cinnamon).

    Your opinion is little more than nagging. An yes, I am being condescending. That’s all you crapdows and crapbook users deserve. GNU for life. RMS for life. Free Software for life.

    • Pasquale Barbaro

      And Grove Street for life LOL
      His reasons seem good. Maybe you have to read them again. Linux Mint is one of the lightest Linux distros, so it’s normal it is so fast. He said that too. And another thing, his reasons could be valid or not, but that just doesn’t allow you to insult him.

    • Longtime Linux User

      I’ve used Ubuntu and Mint for at least ten years exclusively, until a few months ago. I need some engineering software that is not available on Linux. I installed Windows to a dual boot. I’ve disliked Windows for a long, long time. When I stopped using it back in the stone age, Linux blew Windows’ doors off. I couldn’t believe how much faster Linux was. Well, things have changed. Now, Windows seems to be just as fast (at least on my machine). I’ve been having issues with Linux ever since the last install (very slow, multiple crash reports, ect). Windows, although still annoying at times, has been very stable. Bottom line is, yeah, I’m still using Linux most of the time because I still dislike Windows and the Microsoft mob mentality. BUT, you Linux fanatics need to get off your high horse. If you don’t, there isn’t going to be a Linux that is viable as an alternative in ten years. Microsoft marches on. All you Linux snobs do is sit and gloat and act like you are god’s gift to the computer world and tell everyone how stupid they are. That is not helpful for anyone, including yourselves. And it sure as hell isn’t going to keep you current.

    • Tom

      @st. iGNUcious … please grow a pair. This article is well-written with valid points from start to finish. putting ‘GNU’ in your username isn’t going to save you from YOUR lack of logic.


      St. IGNUcious == tribal retard.

      I have been using Xubuntu and Fedora for a while now. I use it cause there are a few developer tools I like on Linux. You know what though? Linux sucks serious ASS. Free Software OR open source does not equal quality software. Shit breaks all the fucking time with every distro update. Bug reports that are decades old and still have not been fixed. The ones that are fixed show up again in later distribution updates. Developers and maintainers of different projects blame each other all the time, and they never admit there’s a bug in their code because they think they’re geniuses and C programming gods.

      The kernel is solid, but hot damn….everything else is bad. It must have been a long time since you used Windows. It boots really fast now…but, I wouldn’t expect your brain-dead, tribal dumbass to admit it.


    • I_Love_Linux_It_Makes_Me_Think_Of_Good_Things

      Crapdows 10 = 145 – 150 seconds till programs become usable on the desktop.
      GNU/Linux Mint 18.1 = 15-20 seconds till programs are launch-able and usable on desktop (cinnamon).


      I agree with st. iGNOcious, I also like to know in the space of 15-20 seconds that the OS I am using will never be able to run any decent 3D, Video or Design package; or any game beyond minesweeper; or install most of the hardware PCWorld advertised 3 years ago; or get consistent “community” help when libbing this or that.

      I can totally empathise with iGNOcious. You see, once I built a monoplane inside my car garage but soon I realised that the plane was too big to get out of it in one piece and even if I could get it through the door, I had no way of getting it in a stretch that was long enough for take off and free of overhead power cables.

      Although I couldn’t fly it anywhere, I loved the feeling of controlling everything that went under that plane’s hood. Like a bitch.

    • ozmartian

      ok look. i am an Arch user of many years but I also am a realist… ppl running Win10 will almost always have secure boot enabled and thus fast boot which is impressively fast… now spare me the tech lecture about why that is, believe me i probably know more than you on the subject but my point here is your comparison does more harm than good because normal type users see these kinds of posts, see the numbers dont fit with reality and then what do they do? they dismiss everything our community’s have to say and we’ve lost yet another potential convert..

      i for one respect the shit out of this site and return to it regulary to check on updates 🙂 all that while using my home made arch linux w/ KDE machine that also boots Win10 and latest macOS (a.k.a. hackintosh) and you know what, Linux these day is probably slightly slower once you have a few beasty apps running at one time but hands down Linux is now (2017) the most unstable with kernel freezes / locks ups the occuring at least once a week.. sure this USED to be seen on Windows but not anymore.. no BSOD’s here in years unless faulty hardware was to blame…

      so lets just try and be more MATURE and REALISTIC… then the whole world won’t continue seeing us like the childish hypocrites that they correctly see us to be

      and guess what? besides my gripes i still love linux, still make it my primary OS of choice but damn do i swear my ass off at it and devs (i code some linux apps myself)

      one thing i find amusing is that i find those in the linux community with mature views as this webpage portrays justly are more prone to be people active in Linux like myself but usually even much more, they know heaps more shit than i do… what does that mean? it means ppl who UNDERSTAND what they are talking about with proper knowledge backing them up.. not stupid fanboy crap that holds about as much worth as the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s next chart topping single….

  238. Len Souliere

    Aah! The Blue Screen of Death…
    I ran my XP box for (easily) ten years and only had the BSoD bite me a few times.
    One of the things I looked forward to in trying linux was “stability” and the easing of challenges from hackers trying to upset systems at random.
    Lack of hacker targeting a plus – seems like it’s more the result of having such a splintered os base – they can only manage to take a swipe at a very small percentage at any given time (at least until they find a bullet that works deep in the kernel where it’ll take a long time to find and correct.
    No BSoD… but, hold on a sec…
    I get it running, and it SCREAMS on my rescued laptop, making me a pretty happy camper.
    Then, I find myself unable to print. Oh, well… I’ll figure that out eventually, right???
    So I resign myself to getting the work done and worrying about printouts later. Fire up the included spreadsheet and input a couple lines and WHAM! not the BSoD, which would perhaps give me a hint, but the damn thing reboots. After playing around and being VERY CAREFUL about what keys I’m pressing, I start searching and find it’s a known problem and I have to update the spreadsheet software, except the installation won’t let me update until I update a bunch of other stuff, which ends up causing other problems and ultimately crashes the system
    happily, no BSoD
    I should feel comforted?
    Mint has got me closer to actually doing useful stuff, but I do miss that speed from Puppy, and the use of my peripherals from XP.

  239. bionicjoe

    I agree with most of this, but I disagree on hardware.
    No Linux isn’t going to work with recent video drivers but if you need that performance it’s probably for gaming or video editing. Something Linux doesn’t offer (basically). So it’s a pointless debate.

    But Linux has become awesome for supporting old hardware. Right now I’m on a Dell laptop that came with a Bluetooth device that never worked. Dell finally released a statement that they were even giving up on making it work.

    Installed Linux and everything worked perfectly.

    I spent 10 minutes on getting this laptop working how I wanted.
    I spent hours & hours on Windows 8 and never liked it. And Windows 10 is just another layer of useless screens to click through to get to the same dialogs that have been around since XP or even 98.

  240. Supertorresmo

    The reason I don’t use Linux: I’m a Windows user who occasionally have to use Linux because I need a program or whatnot that only runs on Linux. First Barrier: Most programs for linux that goes beyond the basic are made by and for programmers. That is, you don’t get an easy installer, you have to fumble on make install and that crap. So ok, lets try it. ERROR. So, I don’t know what I did wrong. Let’s search on google how to do what I want. All I find are posts in forums of people asking about the exact same issue I have, and the only answers are ones telling the guy to read something somewhere else.

    If I had to read a documentation for each doubt I have on linux I would spend a month reading. With one month salary I can buy 5 or 6 copies of Windows. So in this point of view Linux is much more expensive.

  241. Nikola Radic

    Yeah it’s sad . Nowadays you almost 10/10 get better performance out of windows 10 than any distro , even lubuntu or something like that . Chrome works about 10 % better on windows (all other browsers are irrelevant). Drivers are super crappy , and as an amd customer , I get shit drivers even on windows . There is no reason to use linux other than that $0 pricetag .

    • BS detection service

      Windows 10 is a disto and its performance is not unusual. Shitty drivers are mainly issue of computer what you bought.

  242. Angger Bagus Pinasti

    Yea. 2 thumb for each reason…
    I’ll skip the discussion (/war). it’s just natural.

    I hope there will be light apps-thumbnail-preview like in win7(8,10) soon in xfce (I think they can do it with mutter) and docbarX dev can apply it in their apps. I feel compiz is heavy. I won’t spare 100-200mb just for that effect. And I’m tired of distro-hopping.

  243. Apolzan Marius

    hahaha,so many fights here for same all over,Windows shit and linux shit,first of all : Windows,wait,lot of money spent for it,is there any dam thing free ?,nope,all cost money and not even cheap,games free ? where ? oh yes,facebook,there u get some free games,but even those ask for money,got a windows problem ? dam,let’s call and find that support u payed lot of money for…after 1 hour spent at the phone with a guy that barely understand english,i managed to NOT fix windows and had to actually reinstall it,did that fixed it ? not really,now go poking around internet spending hours in google to find solutions,so ? that is fast ? all depends on your hardware,getting slow even on fast hardware ? oh yes,got that too,til the moment it got to a complet freeze,dam,more hours to spend on internet or phone with ppl that have actually no idea about windows at all,those are there just to make you quit calling,wht happen when u lost your internet driver ? no way to get it,wow,stuck with a windows pc with no internet ,now that is a real problem,maybe today u can use the phone and get it,but how much time u loose on that part ? how many Windows user met the famous BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH ? how many times ? i think i lost count,problem there,problem there,problem there…pfew,to many,ok,let’sreintall windows,to many problems and i got lost in all the dam fixing
    now for linux,install,load …WOW it works,problems ? so few that u can count them on fingers of 1 hand,fix them ? just get on internet in the forum of the linux u got installed and in maybe less than 24 hours u have an answer with the fix,wow,wait,the internet just worked,didn’t had to install anything for it,work on video edition,wow,free programs,don’t have to pay a dam thing and are very good programs too,games,lots of them,wow,free too,no payment at all ever,want to play games to pay for them,there is steam,i never used it,never will,pay for a game or program is not linux way,free OS,free programs,free games,that is linux way,problems with printing ? why didn’t u just kept the printer on and pluged in when u installed linux ? for sure it was working fine,the number of supported printers is growin and…wow,u don’t need a dam special driver to install,nor to go download from interennt in case u misplaced it or lost it,if u manage to get internet workin in windows,that linux is going slow ? how did this idiot even got to that stupid idea ? there is a linux for every kind of pc,even for those that can’t even run windows 95,i will give u a thing to think of,i have multiboot on my sistem,i mean windows 10 and other different linux distros installed on my pc,windows start in around 10 seconds,more or less,i mean run as it is all loaded up and i can use it without any other notification of things that loaded up,linux…3 seconds,what u know,it is faster,that u use some DE from all around,it’s up to each 1 of us,of what we like and be4 that of what we can have,less pc power,less eye candy,how to find out which ? simple,u do that exactly the same as lookin for what car u want,u see many and find out which u like,same with linux distros and their DE,that are just a few ppl using linux ? from where u got that stupid idea ? maybe u should look more in linux forums to see how many are there,if u make a total of all forums from all distros around,u can make an idea that linux users r much more than u could imagine
    now for the last thing : WINDOWS is DEAD,and will be baried soon,windows 10 was the last,there will be no other,suport ? yes,for a few years,after that….ooops,what else can i have ? oh wait,LINUX

    • ghost.dawg@live.com

      I tried to read that man. I really did…. but I felt myself getting dumber with each garbled malformed sentence.

  244. Kirby Johnson

    I just read some of the comments about you are not much of a programmer if you do not like linux. Well tell me linux boys, if any of you actually HAVE a car. Did you build it, or did you walk up, pay for it, get in and drive it home. SAME thing. When I see you on your bicycle with a basket of pistons you will see me writing a new GRUB.

  245. Kirby Johnson

    And another reason Linux SUCKS is these linux nerds appear to take glee in making something which the average human just can’t tolerate. The average desktop linux user is at home surfing the net or Ebay and does not need to type in a keyring and blood sample to fart.

    Having been around Unix before linux even existed, and watched linux grow, and disintegrate into a bazillion distros, and watched these little geek-o-nerds fight among themselves like a couple sorority chicks fighting over a hairbrush I am convinced they make it far more complicated than need be just to show all us dumbasses how smart they are. That is what modern linux looks and feels like.

    Linux has become completely useless. I have given linux a twirl several different times over a LOT of years and every time went back to commercial software because each and every time as I got going I kept running into “Are you kidding me?” situations with linux.. Case in point: exFAT.

    • ghost.dawg@live.com

      Not completely true. I’m an I.T. guy. Server jockey by trade. I manage Windows and Linux Servers. Redhat and CentOs are rock solid and barely require any care and feeding. My Windows servers require frequent reboots just to facilitate patching. I don’t even bother fucking around with desktop Linux. But on the server side Linux is the titz.

  246. Len Souliere

    I’d love to disagree, but it’s all true, sadly…
    My old XP desktop died and I’ve had to resurrect an older laptop to get any capability.
    Naturally, I decided to go linux because of the end-of-life programs in place from Microsoft.
    At firsst, great… Tried a distro that was BLAZINGLY fast.
    oops… the distro couldn’t read and format a USB stick (admittedly might be me, too far back on the learning curve)
    Forward to other flavors, including some admittedly exotic, like AROS, which went halfway only to die.
    Finally I found Mint, which lost me much of the speed, but seemed to work in a somewhat rational manner – I could look at drives and sticks and such.
    Then I made the mistake of trying to print something. I gave up on Lexmark years ago, because the cartridges dry out at the drop of a hat. HP worked reasonably well, but the stupid paper path thing kept me from printing envelopes. Next up was Canon, which I’ve used for the last few years – most of what I print is text and tables, so color isn’t a great deal; however, printing IS, and Canon has a Microsoft attitude towards Linux… I can either buy a new printer or not print, as far as they care. I even considered getting a newer model (my ip2600 is getting old, but still could do a lot of work, if only I could get linux to talk to it).
    The question becomes one of practicality. I don’t want to blindly buy a printer, only to find it isn’t easily supported. I looked at a Canon and an Epson. Both low end color inkjet types, with the ability to do wireless prints off my phone (a feature I couldn’t even understand the utility of until this mess).
    I can’t seem to find tax software that works (used TaxAct for as long as I can remember) in linux flavors, and don’t know enough to divine the rightness of any particular software regarding the OS versions.
    For now, I’m between spending the fiffty bucks on a printer that may or may not work, and spending a couple hundred on a cheap Windows 10 unit that’ll not run most of my old software anyway, but will probably work with the existing printer and most of the programs I use more heavily.
    Hisstorically, my position hasn’t much changed. I want to use a thing immediately, and if it’s well designed, it will perform reasonably without me returning to school for a doctorate. If it’s useful and not annoying, then I’ll start learning some of the fine points from dox and forums. Doesn’t seem to be the case in linux yet.

    • Neb Radojkovic (@boysha)

      Hi Len,
      Like everything in life – if you stick with it and put some effort it will pay off after some time. I decided that in 2005 and am using exclusively Linux Mint (Mate) for everything. I only have one Windows 7 computer for AutoCAD as that is what pays the bills and puts food on our table. I am in the process of ditching even that Windows because i found Bricscad that is very, very good and almost the same as AutoCAD in many ways maybe even better. I spend almost all day, every day in front of the computer and I am 59 years old. I have a Samsung ML-2851 and it works great on Linux Mint 18.1 Mate. It is a Laser Black&White printer – I don’t care about color. One cartridge will last over a year.
      So I would suggest that you stick to Linux because, in my opinion it is way better than Windows. It will give you much more flexibility and joy while at the same time you don’t have to worry about viruses and other malware. It is not true about “few users” – there are many users and many people that will help you if you are just polite. I will help you if you need help.
      Good luck!

      • hmm

        It’s not better than Windows in any way. Enjoy regressions every update, buggy reverse engineered drivers and barely any software 😉

      • Tom

        Ha, so the OP doesn’t game. He doesn’t like color. His face is white, and he wears a black shirt. Neb just doesn’t like stuff that works out of the box. He’s a tinkerer. If it ain’t broke, break it.

  247. michell

    what is right
    in my life
    but I most get drunk every night

    Its all the virtue or ability of the player Jhonny dont talk bullshit of linux and use it
    just dont
    We are not to blame of your handicap of linux men its all configuration on linux it all depends on how good programmer you are

    Linux is the future in robotics

    Iam Michell if any of you want a little bit cynic pen pal write to me at


  248. John Naw Naw

    Lol this guy a windows guy. I wish he could explain everyone about why windows has serious problem with missin *dll and why did windows copy the feature of linux in their newer version
    . Between I love to use any operating system but windows especially suck at security and you need to purchase this and that same goes for mac os. Which mac and windows os are good in business. Between instead of saying avoid and you say something like tutorial for linux. Why because windows and mac guys are just lazy faggots to use their brains.

  249. Lars

    Totally agree. The “community” never understood, that their beloved OS will never, ever ever, be used by the common man, because we have jobs to do, and we just want the tool to get it done, fast. And the load of shit they throw at users, whos does not think it is appropriate to know 650 shortcuts for VIM or Emacs, is unbelievable.
    If they all had worked hard at a common goal: To make Linux user friendly, it would probably be number one now. Instead the developed at pile og garbage, no one wants to use. What a waste of time.

    • hmm

      Because deep down they don’t want it to be user-friendly at all. They want their secret hacker club to be full of elitist dunces.

      • Tom

        I’ve always though this was their intention, and obviously I’m not alone in that thought. If you go in iRC and ask for help, the best you can expect is some vague response with instructions written in broken syntax (aka “don’t just copy and paste…investigate first”). the elitist attitudes in the linux community are what is bringing Linux to its knees. It’s so fragmented, not because a better way has been found to do things, but because developers are looking for strokes of their egos, a way for them to pad their resume with “I wrote this linux distro….” they DON’T WANT Linux to be easier to use.

  250. michael chalk

    Yep, well said. I also love Linux and yet i agree with everything you said here. Thanks. I enjoyed your nuanced commentary.

    (I use most of the operating systems in some way, and i love them all in some way – but i hate them all too. They all have something stupidly annoying.)

    (oh wait, Lightworks is not too bad.. i was using that to edit video on Windows and the Linux version is fine. Oh double wait, someone said that already 😉

  251. Discrepancy Productivity of Aware Computers

    Microsoft Windows works perfect and meaning that when a program is easily installed focus is straight to the productivity about the software then Windows is a Operating System;

    Linux is a software that has to be learned then to be able to perform the tasks of getting other programs to work and so focus on the productivity by including software development than to software development and more;

    then if is there still something to know, it is probably going about construct your own computer machine and its hardware logics, then to know what the focus is about;

    then it looks like presentation is a clone process of availability for system management and software;
    while individuals who where not about to care these situations goes building games, animations, applications, hacking, virus and whatever than to keep on building this tool by duplicating themselves and more places to cars and houses on a human world full of female girls to be insulted by what to do and…beer?

    wtf is this Linux or Windows, Mac? Had being making things perfect fine on ______ others just came to make me stop;

    • BS detection service

      Linux is a kernel and end users does not use it or learn. End users use operating systems like Ubuntu or Mac OS.

      • Kerri

        Dude, macOS doesn’t have the Linux kernel but is based on BSD. It’s a certified UNIX system. Totally different kernel.

  252. dems r. queers-ndikes

    one more thing – do computer people actually need anyone else? aren’t we really asocial?

    another thing – if you buy any MS product, you will pay through the nose for support by someone that is fckn clueless & can’t help you resolve anything. you are on your own. linux actually works, though. you don’t need any support for it, if you have a brain.

    • Mateusz Niedźwiecki


      Never had too many problems with windows, more actually with that I have broken something.
      And yes but not exacty, you are on your own because with ease you can find way to repair your problem in the net. I got brain and I want to consume its power on learning for example python, playing some game or watch movie to chill it out
      Ofc Linux is nice for pogramming, but I couldn’t find problems in W10 too. Its perfect for stuff like RPi, servers, robotics etc, but as someone in the comments mentioned its good as a program not OS. On W10 you got option to click few buttons one of them should repair the problem and you are off to the races.
      I tried Linux few times but for me its just huge mess. Windows better or worse at times but just works (it is ofc sometimes annyoing, but I can live with video player I will never use) Linux is good tool but fits only certain screws

      I hope you will understand what I mean

      If there was one customizable Linux Distro (for consumers) then I guess devs would start supporting it, because a lot of people would move to it because most of people just needs their Chrome browser and printer to work, and as for now only W delivers that

      And maybe for you who use it for sometime its simple, but for W10 its just chaos and I cant see in it

      Dont get ass pain


      • dems r. queers-ndikes


        ok. i have used windoze since win2.0; i have supported windoze from win2.0-winnt4.0; i have heard people cry on the phone from having to reinstall nt 4.0 again for the 15th time from floppy disk because they don’t believe that MS would release something that could be blue screened by installing an nt 3.5 program w/ incompatible GDI routines. but it happened and it happened a lot. and i couldn’t tell the client that nt 4.0 was a huge POS. but i wanted to.

        for many years MS recommended that any workstation running windoze be ‘clean machined’ after running no more than 18 months, preferably 12 months max. it is just that big a POS. i have NEVER had to ‘clean machine’ ubuntu linux – NEVER. linux will run FOREVER or until you upgrade your hardware!

        as for browsing & e-mail ubuntu linux – absolutely no problem. python and SQL lite are a snap. and no disc cluster fcks either on the linux ext journaling file system. NONE. i have been using linux since may 2009, almost 8 years now.

        i do have win10 for sketchup and running an older paper feed scanner. it’s just easier to do these on windoze than linux and they work fine.

        oh yes, and don’t forget – NO viruses on linux.

        AND linux ISNt slower. the originator of this blog might be.

        • ghost.dawg@live.com

          I have a Win 7 desktop that I built back in 09. 8 years later it’s still running on the same install. Same with dozens of workstation at the office. You’re referencing fucking NT4.0? Dude live in the now.

    • ghost.dawg@live.com

      Absolute bullshit. What is the largest commercial Linux based company? RedHat. They don’t sell RedHat Server. They can’t. Shit’s GPLED. They can sell support for it though. They make a ton of money doing so. Microsoft also has paid support options for it’s enterprise offerings. While I hand the prize to RedHat for down right knowledgeable support staff both companies have adequate support options if you’re willing to drop a buck to pay for it.

  253. dems r. queers-ndikes

    ok. try unsuccessfully installing windows 7 on a computer that ubuntu 16.04 will install on with NO problems. MS sux the big one. MS install routine terminates (bombs out) since the routine can’t unlock the volume to do the install? wtf? POS MS software. had to go into the command prompt to make the fckn thing work. POS. broken promises from the very beginning of the company w/ dos. converted 8 years back to Ubuntu 9.04 & will never go back to MS except to run sketchup. you don’t know what you are talking about.

    you are one of these little tadpoles that lurks about with no real accomplishment & you piss on something that is wonderful? what makes you believe you are a geek?

    • RT

      That’s a lot of words to tell us you’re having problems with outdated Windows version.

      • dems r. queers-ndikes

        if any one thing should work on retail software, shouldn’t it be the installation routine?

        • BS detection service

          You should be aware that it software is made to “Windows” that does not mean that it should work on every past and future version of Windows.

          Microsoft policy is something like that time elapsed time between Windows release date and other Microsoft software should be under five years. This meant in the past that everything work when you buy some new releases of Microsoft products every three year or it is possible to standardize enviroment for 5-6 year lifespan when you buy everything new on same time.

          Third party applications can be more limited and only work on specific version of Windows.

          Now in Windows 10 and MS Office 365 there is no issues when everything is on latest version and there is monthly or yearly subscription. Windows 10 is changeing twice per year so in practically all apps are HTML5, from Windows store or some other subscription based like Adobe Creative Cloud.

          • dems r. queers-ndikes

            i don’t understand what you said here, but it seems that you imply i tried to install win7 on a new computer. this was a clean machine reinstall on an older computer. the installation program did NOT work after the drive partition was deleted, created, & formatted NTFS. however, an installation routine should work AUTOMATICALLY without intervention. POS MSFT – always. but win7 works ok for a secondary OS. it is better than nothing for a kid to learn on, which this is intended.

  254. cer0un0cer0

    I love the part in your description that says “mechanical engieneering student” please make the society a favor and go to sale real estate. You have no neurons

  255. M. Post

    Over all I would agree, linux doesn’t make a very good desktop. That is way I moved to Mac years ago, all the pluses of a great unix core with a world class UI/desktop. So for me leave Linux for the servers, Macs for desktop work, and PC for games. However in all fairness to the Linux desktop

    #3 applies just as much to Windows as it does to Linux. I use to hate how every new release of Windows I would have to figure you where M$ moved things to.

    Your #4, #9 & #10 I would say apply to Open Source in general. Yet you would be hard pressed to find any significant online project that doesn’t use some, if not a lot, of open source.

    I would say #11 applies to the whole software industry, if not humanity in general.

  256. Matt

    The horrible, rude community is the only reason I gave up and will never use Linux again. Sure, the internet is full of assholes, but I don’t have to deal with them when one of my appliances breaks. Imagine if your washing machine broke and to fix it you had to deal with online trolls. Sounds awful right? As bad as Microsoft customer support its I would rather deal with them for 5000 straight days than talk to a Linux troll for 30 seconds. The. Absolute. Worst. People. On. Earth. Period.

    • D

      I mean, this comment section proves it too. If you want to find the worst of it then I’d also recommend Arch Linux community. I bet nobody can find worse OS community.

      • Spooky

        And I am one of those. The thing is that Arch has the most precise wiki/howto on – EVERYTHING related to arch linux it self. You won’t find more accurate and detailed (without mistakes) wiki anywhere else. There is detailed explanation for each and every package on what it does, how to install it and what to expect and what YOU SHOULD NOT DO + all the GUI variants if one doesn’t want to use particular program via shell. Each and every 90+ IQ human(oid) should be able to handle everything by just following the – words there, without forum usage/login at all, by him/her self. The Linux community is smaller than other communities and it apparently should stay that way. Linux is also very, very user friendly, but it is picky about it’s friends..

        • Tom

          Spooky is an idiot. I’ve been using Linux for YEARS, and the Arch install wiki is anything but ‘exact’. There are so many pitfalls with the Arch installation experience. Try reading the Arch forums sometime, moron.

      • Tom

        Based on what I’ve ‘read’, the Arch Community was very friendly at first, but then again they’re all like that. Once the community got going, the distro was ‘out there’, it seemed the bad apples just moved into the Arch community from other distros. This is the one thing that is killing Linux slowly, the fragmentation of the community. Broken communities mean developers are not on the same page, and poof…..

    • BS detection service

      Have you ever try to talk real support personel? I think Red Hat customer support is much better than Microsoft. However, it is much easier to order Microsoft licenses than Red Hat.

      • ghost.dawg@live.com

        Truth. Red Hat support is stellar. With Microsoft you might get a great engineer…. or you might get a fucking idiot. Coin toss really. Red Hat support is consistently good.

  257. Dr.J

    Unfortunately I only have one thing to tell you: you are absolutely right. I love Linux too, especially Arch. And I am using nothing but Arch for everything: Office, Onlinebanking, media (with Kodi) and so on. But you are right. Forget plug and play. Maybe it takes a week to make your scanner work or your printer or maybe your smardcard. You can love Linux for many reasons, but you always have to accept its limitations and that is something a lot of people won’t do. Therefore Linus (Torvalds)/Linux can forget to push windows aside on the Desktop. It will take along time (if ever) until I can finally file my Windows10-Virtual-Machine just because I don’t need it any longer.

  258. Cyr4x

    Gnome 2 wasn’t so sleek, althoug not tragic too. Gnome 3 classic worked faster and better. That was the best option in Ubuntu then, but they wanted to go a Mac way and created Unity monster.

  259. John

    I can agree to most of your points. Linux on desktop still sucks. And the reason for this is waste of resources. Would all the people work together an concentrate on one target, linux would blow Microsoft and Apple out of the water within less than 24 months. And this would mean that the software industry really starts to develop interest in this platform too – but again: Dogmatism und fundamentalism could even then prevent success.

    Linux ist awesome. On servers. But only because people would create pain to themselves if they follow same paradigms than on desktop linux. Anyway.. May be in another 20 years Linux on desktop could suffice. We’ll see…

  260. Bert Nijhof

    I want to put in a good word for open office now libre office. While still working in 2010 on two occasions I saved Word documents from my colleagues. I loaded the Word files in Write, saved it and then Microsoft Word accepted it again.

    • John

      Works, as long as you limit yourself to simple things. It starts to be annoying as soon as you need more than simple letters or some pages of text. If you come to calculations, you will be lost in space very quickly – and if you need some commercial / individual macros / extensions for corporate design, libraries etc. you’re totally screwed.

      And be hones to yourself: How many people do you know who are using “Libre Office” instead of Microsoft Office. Especially in a professional / business context?

  261. Richard Yardley

    John. I personally keep mint on other hdd as a backup. You never know what any o/s will do at times. Amen brother!

  262. cyberexplorer

    Love linux, most of these aren’t a problem with me except the support part, especially with acer :/ .

  263. Kuntal Majumder

    “And it’s not just engineering. How about video editing? You can not do serious, professional video editing on a Linux rig” , this might be a problem a few years back but now we have programs like Ligthworks and BlackMagic Design Fusion , and though they are not open source , they have a free version with some limitations (export resolution upto HD and some other features), the price tag is also pretty nice considering the features their full version have.

      • Cyr4x

        Software being used in Hollywood blockbusters is not viable… Times when there was Adobe Premiere and nothing else are forever gone.

        • RT

          That’s cool and all, but nobody uses those awful alternatives. Industry standards exist for a reason.

      • BS detection service

        True. But criticism should also based on facts and not for imagination. Example it should be clarified what operating system we are talking about. “Linux” does not mean anything.

        Other good advice is that if there is something to complaint, the appelant should be able to provide instructions how to repeat the issue. Otherwise it is some imaginay problem.

    • Tom

      Maybe $20,000 of CRAP by elitist developers who spend their time stalking the IRC channels and Slashdot, LMAO.

  264. Fumbletrumpet

    Yeah, I get it !!

    Very sad to read all the backlash – it’s such a ‘free speech’ society isn’t it. NOT !

    Like a lot of people I started out in Window-land because it was what was there, got fed up (in my case) with the cost of keeping up with (legit) software or the incessant scamming once one drifts into non-legit-ware. Curious I ‘tried’ Linux (back in the ‘buntu Koala days), liked it and mostly stuck with it. Have more-or-less upgraded with the LTS revisions and it does the job, mostly. Generally Ubuntu is brilliant. (Yes, if I was rich I’d probably have a Mac – looks nicer, probably works at least as well and when you see some software that would be really quite useful there’d be a chance that there’s a version. The Linux ‘alternatives’ aren’t always there, or so good. And I’ve still got – and use – an iPod). But, as you’ve said, it’s free and those without much to spend will always be hamstrung. So, at this point the reader wonders what my point is – because I’m essentially agreeing with you.

    Well, I do still flip over to Windows from time to time. And each time I do I’m hit with the dreaded updates. Updates that lock-up your machine for seemingly hours. Maybe they’d not be so bad if I was using Windows every day, but holy moley, for me, the OS seems to need A LOT of demanding and urgent attention ! Over in Ubuntu I get a polite little icon that tells me to do a download. It can do it while I keep working. It doesn’t hold me up or lock me down. For that reason and for me Linux is a big winner.

    • Fumbletrumpet

      Oh yes. The AutoCAD thing. There’s a Draftsight version (by Dessault, the Solidworks people) for Linux if you only need 2D drafting. There’s BricsCAD which will probably (I don’t use it very often) do some basic 3D stuff. Both very similar commands to AutoCAD. If you’re of a Linux mind (i.e. like delving into the complexities) there’s also FreeCAD which takes me an age to ‘get into’ each time I use it, but it does me okay for some basic 3D when I do need. AutoCAD may be the ‘way forward’ but it was the prohibitive cost of this (at one time – the monthly licence plan seems a little less painful) and a need to keep up-to-date that drove me away from Windows back in the day.

    • Tom

      Those same (well, not the same, but you get the gist, hopefully) updates are on Linux, but you only see them when you type in something like “sudo apt-get upgrade” or somesuch. Don’t fool yourself, Linux is just as needed and twice as fragmented as Windows.

  265. DWRailroad

    Useful feedback, valid considerations for those without an intimately familiar working knowledge with Linux. For busy professionals, not even Linux Mint may be the best choice, considering the number of applications, software, etc. required for “normal” business operations which are or may be limited for Linux.

    Despite personally in-depth technical knowledge, there just wouldn’t be enough hours in a week to install Linux (not as straightforward or easy as Linux makes it sound, compared to OS X or Windows 7), learn its peculiarities only to find out after all those hours that many of the business apps, software we’ve been using may not be available or compatible with Linux. Conversely, I would’ve thought it Linux would’ve been a perfect fit for, using your major as an example, engineering students … until you mentioned common programs such as AutoCAD. Office automation drivers can be a major issue. Major office automation (office “machines”) have a difficult enough time keeping up with OS X and Windows updates, upgrades and changes.

    As much as we would like to jump ship entirely from Darth Vader and his Death Star, again, Linux just isn’t a viable option for busy professionals or busy offices.

    Aside from that, hope you’re not living in Ventura and commuting for engineering (I don’t believe CSUCI has an engineering program)!

    • BS detection service

      Operating system is usually preinstalled and business applications are usually compatible with all operating systems, so your text is full of nonsense.

    • Matt

      And then you spent even more time reading the entire thing and then also posting a comment on it,. Who is the idiot in this situation? Hint: it’s you

  266. Justin R

    -I like when the Linux fix for something is to run Windows Virtual machine… It’s like Linux is so great it can run Windows.
    -It don’t take shit to just totally hose the computer. You got to be trying something strong to hose out Windows like that.
    -I like how the Linux dorks are love using terminal… Yeah, lets skip the GUI and run DOS!
    -I don’t know where Linux guys get their keyboards at but mine are only rated for 10 million keystrokes life meaning a blow through a keyboard every time I need to install a driver or something.
    -I like when I do updates my network has DNS issue then trying to fix it hoses OS. I like that my wire Ethernet says device not managed.
    -I like that it don’t have MS paint, which I use to make everything from fake bills, highschool diplomas, ID’s. Receipts, and any other documents I might need.

    The reason I use Linux. First was Microsoft Antivirus crying because I had a super high risk computer might explode keygen that was infected (I don’t know how that happened when I had to compile it myself) but stands idle while CTB locker is encrypting all my files using the built in shit that I wouldn’t even of had installed if it was a option on the add/remove windows components. Second the Antivirus detects nothing when my computer was infected with a virus that couldn’t be detected by any antivirus but was slowly taking over the computer and I could see that components in windows software was slowly changing and it was jumping around to all my computers, my phone, and got to the point where my cars head unit was having errors and acting funny when it connected by bluetooth, a complete fdisk and reinstall did nothing and new hard drive and no network card did nothing to fix it so I installed Mint Linux, then switched to Ubuntu due to network issue

    • Cyr4x

      You can click almost 100% what you do in Linux, but if you can do something faster in terminal, why to waste time? I barely use terminal, but for some operations it’s the best way.

  267. Bob C

    Many people below are confirming Reason #11 below. It’s sad. It’s the #1 reason I don’t recommend Linux to anybody. God help you if you have a problem. The help you’ll receive will be too abusive, too complicated, or simply not work. You’re better off alone. And you WILL have at least one problem right off the bat, especially if you dual-boot — the clock is guaranteed to be wrong. It also doesn’t run the latest version of iTunes or Microsoft Office. Web browsing will be slower. Some of your hardware will most likely not work, but it’ll be totally random as to what that is. And it’s significantly slower than Windows 10 in almost every respect unless you downgrade to a GUI that looks plainer than Windows XP. Then it will be slower in only a few respects. What average user wants to use that?

    This post is accurate in many ways, and I have encountered many of these problems myself. Whatever Linux distro I try, I end up removing its partition a week later and just start using Windows again. Linux is free, but my time isn’t. I’m done trying it out for now.

    I hope that at some point, since Microsoft and Apple have stopped advancing, that Linux will finally catch up and be a formidable replacement for the average user. I like the general idea of it. But after 20 years, it still has a long way to go. And unless it starts addressing some of the reasons given above (many of them come down to lack of coordination), it may take another 20 years to catch up.

      • Matt

        This is exactly the kind of support response he was talking about. Way to immediately justify his comments about the community,

      • Tom

        Your logic is a bit fuzzy. You may just be fucking delusional. Linux sucks BECAUSE it doesn’t support hardware, and there IS NO IT SUPPORT in Linux unless you pay for Red Crap or something.

  268. A Nation Of 'Serfs' (preoccupied with marijuna and womans clothing)

    The problem as I see it is called ‘open source’/to many hands in the mix. And while we would all like to think it’s Freedom in reality it’s anything but freedom because we spend a good deal of time trying to find workable solutions to problems. I just installed the latest Ubuntu build and while I am very impressed everything worked out of the box I still cannot figure out how to disable the constant on web camera light.

    But if you want to get out from under the major players out there you have little choices and even Linux like Ubuntu is embedding Google.
    They caved like everyone else does, for the revenue.

    Lets face the hard facts, we are all owned.

    • ghost.dawg@live.com

      The proper terminology is Pwned. Though Pwnt it totally acceptable.

  269. Tim Hawes

    I have been using Linux for 21 years. And I will be the first to say, yes, for the average desktop user, Linux sucks. But you know what (and this will come as a shocker)? Linux was not written for the average desktop user. It was written by someone who had the desire/need to run a UNIX system on an IBM PC (that was a non-existent option until the early 1990’s).

    I am not better than you, the average desktop user, or anyone else for my choice of operating system. I do not push Linux on to other people. If you are unhappy with Windows, try a Mac. If you are unhappy with Mac, try Windows. If you are unhappy with both, and you are not interested in learning about your system, try Linux from a vendor who pre-installs it on a laptop and will support you when you need it (System76 and Dell are options, but for the price, you might be better served with a Mac or Windows PC).

    The reason why there are what you call “needless competition” is quite simply because no one writes a Linux app with the thought “I will make tons of money from this” but rather more likely from “none of the other tools does what I want, what if I wrote my own tool that did! Oh yeah, and it will give me the opportunity to learn programming language ‘x’ while I am at it”. This is not a bad thing. If you don’t like your options, make your own. Again, not the sort of thing for the “average desktop user”.

    I find arguments to make Linux the “next desktop” amusing, funny, sometimes even annoying, but not serious options. Linux has taken the computer world by storm. But it did not do this through the fledgling desktop system, but in the server world. For servers, even Microsoft has finally bent the knee to Linux. Most “average computer users” have now moved on to tablets and smart phones (ironically a world of BSD UNIX in the form of iOS, and Linux in the form of Android). The desktop market growth has been consistently shrinking over the past 7-8 years. This trend will continue. Why would I care if Linux took over a dying market?

    To average desktop users, I say, unless you need out of your box, and are willing to leave your comfort zone, avoid Linux. This is the advice I give to others.

    Linux should not change for the average desktop user, the average desktop user should change to use Linux. Because with even all the ‘gee-whiz slick desktop options’ out there for Linux, using Linux will change the average desktop user.

  270. Icefinity

    Too many distros… For a new user to select 1 linux distro is very hard since the vast majority have a very steep learning curve. Also cause of so many distros , all distros are mediocre because the developers are spread over a lot of distros .

    It’s not very fast at least now how it used to be. I don’t see any difference between windows 7 and the latest linux mint.

    Very buggy mostly because of the poor hardware support. Even now after 1 year my pc takes 3 min to start and 3 min to close.

    Using Linux Mint 18 on my 2nd PC and i feel like it gives me health problems because of the frustration created from all the problems that appear for each basic need.

    Want to make a bootable usb for something? Sure try 10 applications (some that don’t allow isos others that are very buggy because they are discontinued) . After trying 10 you get mediocre results

    Want VLC to be topmost? Sure it has that feature by default by try to make that to actually work…

    Have an external hard disk? Pray to God that it will be read and wrote properly. (70% of the time it wont)

    Have a new smart phone? Goodbye to thumbnail reading. Enjoy browsing thru 400 photos 1 by 1 because of the lack of support on that.

    • BS detection service

      “Too many distros…”

      New user always need to select some distro. It doesn’t matter is there Linux or not and there is usually 1-4 to choose depending what are requirements.

      “Want to make a bootable usb for something? Sure try 10 applications (some that don’t allow isos others that are very buggy because they are discontinued) . After trying 10 you get mediocre results”

      It is your own choise if you want to use some hobbyist system like Mint. Operating systems what normal people use are not buggy.

    • Jim Bond

      “Too many distros…” — I will give you that, but for most users it is irrelevant,
      new users will most likely choose one of the mainstream distros like Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora or OpenSuse. maybe CentOS

      “all distros are mediocre because the developers are spread over a lot of distros…” this is not true and you know it. each distro have it’s own developers. they are not spread over many distros.

      “Want to make a bootable usb for something? Sure try 10 applications …” — WHY?
      Mint comes with a very nice USB creator by default. just take an ISO and burn it.
      now if you need a custom usb use GParted, also installed by default in Mint or easily installed in Ubuntu or fedora.

      can’t even figure out what problems you have with External disks. if disk is in good health and not NTFS (which is not supported by default in Linux) it will mount and work just fine. never had a problem with any drives in 6 years

      “Have a new smart phone? Goodbye to thumbnail reading. Enjoy browsing thru 400 photos 1 by 1 because of the lack of support on that.” — again don’t know what you mean. I connect any of my 2 smart phones to my Mint desktop and browse them as if they where external disks with all thumbnails and all.

  271. Ben Huang

    I really want to like Linux, but there are so many fanboys that flame me for being a Windows user.

    • Ken

      That’s another problem. Lot of people use Linux only because they hate Microsoft/Apple and thus have to shit on them in every occasion rather than acting mature about it.

  272. Willie

    Linux pained my ass as a new user because all those extra little programs like lightdm added an extra step to everything which made it confusing to learn to do anything. It wasn’t until I tried archlinux where I realized all those extra little programs were actually just extra little programs and linux finally started to make sense. Then I realized that everything in linux is directly under the users control. That is a nice change from windows always trying to force me to do crap I don’t want.

  273. Robert Washbourne

    This is a bit ridiculous to say the least. The only point with merit is #4 (competition among software). In most of your reasons you have a nice little clickbait header then say “oh wait it’s actually not that bad”…

    #1 Elementary os (solus os, linux mint etc) have fixed this.

    #2 Bullshit. Linux has a bigger community for help and discussion (at least a more involved one) than Windows ever will.

    #3 Who cares? Ubuntu not working for you? Put your home on a partition and switch to Linux Mint without losing anything.

    #5 Bullshit. This is where the community comes in. For every device, camera, etc there is a package on the aur or on some repo.

    #6 Bullshit. (I see you said “Okay, it’s not slow. It’s just not fast anymore” but it is.) If anything is slower in Linux than on Windows on your “powerful gaming laptop” it’s probably the nvidia drivers (I admit, Linux is lacking in this area). Ubuntu will be fast if you get your proprietary hardware working well.

    #7 Again, bullshit. You mitigated this a bit with a well placed oh “they don’t exactly suck”, but in all those areas we can find a fix:

    Engineering stuff: buy crossovers. Programs will run faster than they do on windows. (this is from the makers of wine, except it it native).

    Video editing: crossovers, or some great software like pitivi.org or lwks.com.

    Office work: Word online/google drive. Works way better then office for me.

    #8 Gaming. Playonlinux/crossovers + the 30k games on steam. You can even sideload windows if you really want to.

    #9 Ubuntu has many skilled developers, plus the thousands of coders from arch, plus the thousands of coders from linux kernel, plus the skilled people from redhat, etc. Simply not true.

    #10 I had two separate friends who installed linux after I recommended it (and they looked stuff up + they were sick of windows bloatware/mac bullshit). One tried Manjaro linux (stable arch as easy as ubuntu) and the other is using fedora. Neither of them had any frustration and when I asked one of them how he liked it he told me that “everything was a quick google search away” and that the forums were very helpful.

    #11 Similar replies, in far greater numbers could be found on any Windows community (gaming/software/help, whatever).

    #The end

    Yes, I am a fanboy. I run arch linux. I write articles when I see something cool and when someone’s windows pc crashes I whisper “use linux”. But really, I think that you are exaggerating.

    • Will Scranton

      Pure byte-boi balony … for casual Linux usrs Linux “fixes” in all respects work poorly. Don’t stray 1/2 step cause you can’t fix the breakage … can’t rework for uggabuggajuju reasons. That’s 25 years of Linux experience talkin’

    • Ken

      > Linux has a bigger community for help and discussion (at least a more involved one) than Windows ever will.
      Simply false. Not only is the community tiny (2% marketshare), but they will most likely call you names before actually “helping” you (help being “google it” only to land in same page)

        • VB

          >who actually post on windows forums is lower than the Linux community.

          My sides. Do you actually believe this crap?

      • ghost.dawg@live.com

        You don’t really need a “community” with Windows. You can google your way out of most problems because the user base is fucking massive.

    • Matt

      “#11 Similar replies, in far greater numbers could be found on any Windows community (gaming/software/help, whatever).”

      Except that is your ONLY choice with Linux. If my Windows install breaks I have the option of calling Microsoft support and talking to a paid employee who isn’t going to troll me, call me an idiot, and dox me.

  274. AG

    Well the old adage “You get what you paid for” is certainly true. Linux Sucks is an understatement

  275. Wetherby

    I “was” a first timer with a Linux just last week. Set up Gnome 16.10 on a new, separate drive from Win7-64.
    Experiences in trying to get off shore and swim with it have been hell from the start, and although you said the people’s attitude is getting better, after reading supposed similar fixes of other attempted users, (anyone can go search and see this) you will find, the bulk of them are filled with arrogant, unhelpful responses, and if the seekers of this advice bother to come back and tell them it didn’t work, it’s always in anger because of the destruction the attempt of a new, non-MS, OS had caused to their system. And if they’re not arrogantly laced with immature name calling, they’ll then direct you to a bunch of acronym-ed, meaningless (to greenhorns) jargon and help files that, “SORRY LINUX COMMUNITY” – is precisely what we’re seeking to learn about when we go to help forums.
    e.g. Explaining the chemical reactions of yeast and sugar is not an answer to how come my bread fell? and, you need a help file for your help file, not everyone was let loose from their mommy’s teat to a Nintendo controller.
    So, there’s no problems with torrenting your chosen version and burning it, etc., the problems begin when the install starts. You better be prepared to know your keyboard language, version and layout because even when installing on a completely different drive, somehow, Ubuntu decides it needs to override all said settings related to keyboard, and if you don’t match exactly what Win7-64 automatically did, when you boot back into windows your time will be off by 9 hrs (in my case) ALL your user security settings will be jacked, and although the letters show up correctly on screen as typed, something is transpiring in the actual input settings wherein, if you try to rename a file for instance, you get the Windows nag screen, “File names can not use ?/\+=|, blah blah, blah.” Hence, I apparently didn’t choose wisely, mainly because I wasn’t told I needed to know the entire complexities of all the versions of keyboards, and yes, there’s several just for English keyboards, and, many English keyboards are somehow programmed in Japanese dialect or something, I really don’t know, all I know is, windows is useless, and so far, the only fix I’ve located for others who’ve had this happen is a re-install of windows. You can be sure, a Linux re-install will never follow!
    Yes the Linux foul mouthed eggheads can certainly go ahead and “blame the greenhorn” for “being so stupid” that, “you didn’t even select the right keyboard layout” – and do so with all your precious concoctions of four letter words of your immature narrow-mindedness, but I assure you, that methodology of garnering newcomers is in fact