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Desktop Environments 101

As you’ve figured out by now, Linux is different than Windows or OS X. Linux oozes flexibility and aches for customization. Using it requires using your knowledge of computers and operating systems to make decisions. The desktop environment is an early and important decision you must make.

WTF Is a Disk Partition?

Perhaps you are trying to install an operating system. Or, maybe you just want to setup a new hard drive. Either way, you need to know what partitions are, why you need them, and how to create them.

How To Get Linux

You’ve researched what Linux is.  You read our fantastic article about distributions and have picked your first.  You know what processor architecture you have (32-bit or 64-bit).  You’ve picked a desktop environment. You’re ready to go.  But there’s something missing.  You’ve yet to actually get your distribution.  You still have to obtain it somehow.  And… Read more »

WTF Is Swap?

You stumbled upon the concept of Linux swap partitions. Maybe through experimentation or by reading some of our excellent articles. But do you know what swap is? Well, we’re going to fix that!

WTF Is a Linux Distribution

You’ve probably heard the phrase Linux distribution before. It’s hard to avoid in the Linux world. But you’re probably wondering what a distribution is. Nobody seems to explain that, it’s just assumed that everyone knows. Well, I’m going to break from the mold and tell you!