7 Killer Websites for New Linux Users

As a budding Linux user, there are a few websites you should learn to love.  Some keep you apprised of Linux news, others are sources for Linux help and information, and others are simply entertainment.  Check out the sites listed below and then follow them!



Linux.com screenshot from December 11, 2013


Linux.com is a central hub for everything Linux.  They have Linux news, tutorials, information, videos, job listings, and much more.



DistroWatch.com screenshot from December 11, 2013


DistroWatch.com is the best place to learn about Linux distributions.  They keep track of the popularity of various distributions, notify readers about updates and new releases, and feature short explanations about each distribution.



LinuxJournal.com screenshot from December 11, 2013


LinuxJournal.com is an online magazine dedicated to everything Linux.  They have frequently published, well-written articles.



LinuxQuestions.org screenshot from December 11, 2013


LinuxQuestions.org is a large online Linux community.  Their forum is an excellent place to ask questions, particularly if you are new to Linux.  Many Linux communities have little or no patience for beginners, LinuxQuestions attempts to maintain civility and help anyone who needs it.



HowToGeek.com screenshot from December 11, 2013HowToGeek.com is a general technology blog.  However, they frequently write excellent articles about Linux.  You can filter out only Linux articles easily by clicking Linux in their navigation bar.



HowToForge.com screenshot from December 11, 2013


HowToForge.com is a regularly updated, humongous library of Linux related how-to articles.



LinuxPlanet.com screenshot from December 11, 2013


LinuxPlanet.com primarily lists Linux related news, but also contains a treasure-trove of premium information for Linux newcomers.



Do you have any suggestions for websites?  If so, share them in the comments below.


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