Installing Linux

WTF Is a Boot Loader? WTF Is GRUB?

Boot loader? Boot manager? GRUB? rEFIt? The terminology and names never cease! Fortunately, I will clearly explain boot loaders, boot managers, and more!

WTF Is a Hostname?

Hostnames are important in computer networking. The hostname is a computer readable nickname for a computer. Linux uses the hostname anywhere it wants to display the computer’s name (such as a terminal prompt, login screen, and much more). Fortunately, understanding and setting the hostname is easy to do.

WTF Is a Disk Partition?

Perhaps you are trying to install an operating system. Or, maybe you just want to setup a new hard drive. Either way, you need to know what partitions are, why you need them, and how to create them.

x86, i386, x86-64, x64, and amd64? Oh My!

Computer processors have their own languages, called instruction sets, with funny names like “x86-64.” Knowing which is used by your CPU is important when downloading some Linux distributions.