11 Reasons Linux Sucks

Yes, you read the title correctly. As great as it is, in several ways, Linux sucks and needs improvement. So here are 11 reasons to avoid Linux in favor of one of those other operating systems.

6 Reasons To Install Linux Today

You’ve heard about it. Your friends are trying it out. There are websites devoted to it. But you’re wondering why on Earth would anyone use Linux? Well, come on in and I’ll tell you.

How To Get Linux

You’ve researched what Linux is.  You read our fantastic article about distributions and have picked your first.  You know what processor architecture you have (32-bit or 64-bit).  You’ve picked a desktop environment. You’re ready to go.  But there’s something missing.  You’ve yet to actually get your distribution.  You still have to obtain it somehow.  And… Read more »

x86, i386, x86-64, x64, and amd64? Oh My!

Computer processors have their own languages, called instruction sets, with funny names like “x86-64.” Knowing which is used by your CPU is important when downloading some Linux distributions.

7 Killer Websites for New Linux Users

We have compiled a list of seven excellent websites for the budding Linux user. Add them to your bookmarks, follow them on social media, add them to your RSS reader.

Empower Yourself With Google Search

Search engines are magical tools. Sadly, they don’t always know what you are looking for and require strategy and finesse to extract the best results. We have some tips to help…