eBook: Just Tell Me Damnit!

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It’s 2AM.  Exhaustion has set in.  A defeatist shroud has crushed an otherwise chipper mindset.  If it weren’t for your pride, you’d crawl into the fetal position and cry.

You are not the first soul to innocently Google “Install Linux.”  I vividly remember my time in the trenches.

Many have journeyed down this path.  But the gibberish that passes as terminology, the out-of-date screenshots that muddy an already murky concept, and that damn six-page manifesto about why Microsoft is the devil in corporation form fell most before they reach the end.


You are going to make it to the end!


Stop the madness, download this FREE eBook now.  By the end, you will:

  1. Have a fully functioning Linux operating system, without risking your current operating system.
  2. Know how to navigate its user interface.
  3. Be able to install software.
  4. and more


Download “Just Tell Me Damnit!” Just-Tell-Me-Damnit-March-29-2016-Revision.pdf – Downloaded 7788 times – 2 MB