5 Business Myths That Can Help You Earn Money by Blogging

By Today’s Guest Blogger: Mark Lester Reede

There are 5 business myths that keep web site owners from gaining revenues when publishing blogs. If you pay no heed to these common guidelines and take my advice below, you’ll definitely earn money by blogging!

Myth #1: Sell what the people need.
Quick Solution #1: Sell what they want.
If you don’t want a dead-end project, be sure to know what your customer’s main problem. No, no, it’s not about settling their marital, financial, emotional or other problems. So what’s the catch? Here’s a simple truth: customers don’t really know what they are looking for. Opting to sell items that they want would keep the boat from sinking. The good news is that when you’ve get them to like your product, money is no longer an issue. They would find a way to make some.

Myth #2: Expect fast cash with blogging.
Quick Solution #2: Don’t expect skyrocketing revenues overnight.
Everyone wants to get rich. But blogging is not a get-rich-instantly scheme. Some bloggers earn huge money but it took them 3 years to achieve this earning. Plus, the dedication to blog consistently. Promises of getting a huge amount of money in just days by simply purchasing a CD or software is untrue. Avoid getting scammed by ignoring the tricks of the like advertisement.

Myth #3: ‘Most bloggers end up broke. Better to quit now to avoid such misfortune.’
Quick Solution #3: They cannot make it, but you can.
Sadly, there are lots of misconceptions and misinformation published about blogging. It could be a bit distressing when most people would tell you, you’d end up just like them – broke. But what these people really meant, is they cannot make it. Your task is to learn effective blog marketing methods and stay on course.

Myth #4: Post when you feel like doing it.
Quick solution #4: Publish blogs in a consistent schedule.
Regularly updating websites would keep you from losing visitors. You sure don’t want to lose a lot of traffic from failure to update and post blogs habitually. Conversely, posting ‘garbage’ on your website would tag your web page as ‘unreliable.’

Myth #5: Post your blog and wait!
Quick solution #5: Your blog won’t generate funds unless you employ SEO techniques to attract readers to your home page.
Without doubt, web site optimization is one of the most important actions to take after publishing your blogs. No matter how well-written your blog is, without readers it is useless. Credit your web sites great content by using SEO tools to increase your website traffic. Converting traffic to buyers will then help you earn money by blogging.

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