Adwords Landing Page – How to Create One

A landing page is an advertising mechanism designed to change the usual ways of web designs for promotions. With meticulous measurement, sales experience and flow of understanding in websites, a well designed landing page can perform a rate of 200-300% over the home page of your website.

Over the years, many developments and changes and have been applied when it comes to landing page. Using adwords landing page to be specific has become a popular move. Google is one site that uses an Adwords landing page. Pages now need to be incorporated into a functioning web site. It should come with lots of original content.

Here are some ways and guidelines on how to create an adwords landing page:

Your page should have relevant and original content. Users should see what the purpose of your site is. Its content should not be copied from another site. Have something that other sites do not have. Offer additional features, product and reviews. Transparency is also an important guideline. The users should be able to see what your business is all about. When it comes to navigation, your page should be easily accessed, easy to navigate, or additional information can be easily reached.

Your page must have the standard pages. They are sitemap, private policy, terms and conditions, contact us and about us pages. The sitemap should be accessible from all the pages of your site. Here the users can click on to the links that provide the most accurate information about your product. Private policy can be created from lots of resources. You can use search engines for these resources. Contact us page comes with a complete telephone number and postal address. About us is under the transparency guidelines. It informs the user about the company profile, what the site’s purpose is about.

Your page must have additional information. After adding the basic pages on your land page, you may now consider adding other pages that the user may be interested about and take time to read it as well.

News page is one page that can be primarily added. In a news page, you can regularly give updates about the latest new stories related to the product you are promoting. Offer page is wherein deals are being discussed. You can list here different promos, special discounts and offers.

Adding list of comparable products from competitors can be an option. Some users do not really go into reading the whole content about the product. They prefer to have a page where they can easily read basic information about the product or service that you are promoting.

You can add FAQ’s page as a solution for these kinds of users. Think of all possible questions that users will ask then list and answer them on this page. Being a consumer/user myself, I always check for a box of space wherein I can put in my comments, ideas or suggestions about the product that I checked.

Add a comment/blog box. This is the last page that you need to add. Here the users can put in their reviews and comments about the product that you are promoting. This serves as a help for you as well because you get to see on the page the different reviews of the users. You can use these reviews and comment on how you can improve or maintain the way you promote a product/service.

You see, how to create adwords landing page is not as complex as it seems. You just need to put into work all your unique and creative ideas. You’ll be surprised what users think on how wonderful your land page is.

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