How to Fix Windows 11 Lagging When Dragging Windows

Windows 11 is a great operating system. It’s faster, more secure, and it looks better than its predecessors–but there are still some problems. One of the most common complaints about Windows 11 is that dragging windows doesn’t work very well. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to fix this problem.

Here are some tips on how to fix windows 11 lagging when dragging windows.


How to fix windows 11 lagging when dragging windows

You can try tweaking some of your settings. The first place to start is with Windows’s mouse settings. If you have the Mouse Properties window open, you’ll see a button that allows you to adjust how fast or slow windows will move when dragged on your screen. You may find that changing the speed will help with the lagging problem.

If your mouse settings won’t fix the problem, you can also tweak some of your programs’ settings to get windows 11 running smoothly again. Try going into Control Panel and clicking Programs and Features, then uninstalling any programs that may be interfering with your computer’s performance. It might be worth uninstalling newer programs in favor of older ones if they’re causing issues with windows 11 dragging.

Alternatively, you could also just restart your computer and see if that fixes the problem–it often does!


Clean Windows 11 with Disk Cleanup

One of the most common causes for windows 11 lagging when dragging windows is a cluttered hard drive. When you’re trying to move a window and it’s not working, try cleaning your computer with Disk Cleanup.

Disk cleanup will clean up temporary files that may be causing the problem. To do this:

-Open File Explorer and go to This PC (Windows key + E)

-Right click on C: -> choose Properties -> Disk Cleanup

-Press OK


Change the Window Size

This is a pretty easy solution. If windows are lagging when you drag them, try changing the size of the window. You can do this by pressing and holding the left button on the top border of a window and dragging it to a new size.

Another option is to disable Aero for Windows 11, which will have an impact on both speed and performance. To do this, open your “Personalization” settings and look under “Glass”. Then click on “Turn off.”


Fix window 11 not working with Alt+Tab or Task View

If you’re using Windows 11 and dragging windows doesn’t work well, try using Alt+Tab or Task View. When you hold the Alt key and then use Tab to navigate through open apps, your mouse cursor will follow. You can then release the Alt key and click on a window.

You can also use Task View to drag a window by clicking on any of the thumbnails at the bottom of your screen.


Increase the size of the taskbar and Start menu

Assuming you’re not sitting on top of your screen, the taskbar and Start menu are too small to work with. Try moving the taskbar to the side and then dragging it back down. Now, drag and drop a window onto that smaller space. This should work much more smoothly than before!

The taskbar and Start menu can be unclickable after you move them to the side. To fix this, just click on any empty space in the lower left corner of your screen. That should do it! You’ll get your full-size taskbar and Start menu back in no time!



Windows 11 is a great operating system, but it does have a few quirks. In this article, we have covered a few ways to fix Windows 11 lagging when dragging windows. We hope you enjoyed the read!

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