How to Make Money Betting on Sports

Many people want to find out how to make money betting on sports, but most of the times they get lost in details, spammy landing pages and lose their time without learning anything. The method I am going to share with you here is completely free. There’s no catch, you don’t have to buy anything, subscribe nor do anything else. Yet I’m willing to guarantee you’ll make good money by following the steps above.

First of all, I’m going to tell you how I might make a buck or two by telling you this. No marketer would do this, but this is what makes me special, after all. Anyway, bookies will give me a comission if you register after clicking on any of the banners or links on the website. You won’t be anyhow affected by this. In fact, you might benefit from finding out about some free bets or bonus deposit offers you didn’t know about. That’s it. Take note, because this will turn out useful later on.

First, you have to find out if you’re ready to make money betting on sports in a professional way. This doesen’t mean investing a lot of time, money, nor qutting your job or anything similar. It’s just about asking yourself if you can stop betting for the excitement. You have to consider sports betting as being your business, or a side job, and act like it. If you know your emotions will take over, sort this out first.

You will need some money to start. Choosing the intial bank is entirely up to you. Let’s say it’s 500 units (£, € or $.)

We’ll now double that by taking advantage of sportsbook signup bonuses. There are many 100% first deposit bonuses out there. You only need to sign up with a few bookies to make sure you turn those 500 units into 1000. I’ve listed a few offers below:

You will only bet on singles, using the flat staking method – that means betting the same amount each time (a percentage of your initial bank – usually between 2-4%.) I’m going to choose 2% for our example.

Having doubled your initial bank, you now have 1000 units – this is your new initial bank. The amount you will stake for every bet is 2% of it, meaning 20 units.

Most pro bettors use this type of money management. Their betting method started by observing the 50-50 chance for each possible outcome when flipping a coin – a totally random and unpredictable event.

Sports prediction is very difficult, but not entirely unpredictable as flipping a coin is. This means that by research, it is possible to have achieve more than a 50% win rate when betting on even odds (2.) Combine this with flat staking and you have guaranteed long-term profit.

But long-term doesen’t mean only 100 bets. If you flip a coin 100 times, it won’t always land 50 times on tails and 50 times on heads – a ratio of 30 with 70 is possible after a single run. But, if you flip it 1000 times, you will see how that ratio narrows down to somewhere around 50-50. Same goes with betting.

Any professional bettor is constantly looking to find value. That’s done by comparing the chance he gives to an outcome with the odds given by the bookies. Value is found whenever a bookmaker’s odds for a certain outcome are considered bigger than they should be.

It is very difficult because no bookmaker gives 100% payout to any event – actually, top bookies offer around 94%. Therefore, having an edge and betting on odds around 2 has become a much bigger challenge. If you don’t feel up to it, no problem. You just need to subscribe to a tipster who matches your style and budget – you can browse around here.

Your initial bank is 1000, and you will stake 20 units on each bet. The average odds picked should be around 2.

Let’s imagine you will win 55% of the 100 bets you place each month.

You will wager: 20 (units) * 100 (bets) = 2000 units

Your return will be: 20 (units) * 2 (odds) * 55 (winning bets) = 2200 units

Your profit will be: 2200 – 2000 = 200 units

After just one month, your bank now has 1200 units. Some bettors prefer updating their 2% stake each month, based on their new bank.

You can realise how easy it is to achieve the minimum wager requirements demanded by the bookies to be able to clear their bonus money. But remember, using multiple bookmakers represents a benefit, as you can find better odds for your desired picks.

What I told you until now is no big secret. You might find similar advice on the web after a thorough search. Nonethless, this is vital information and should be regarded accordingly. However, the next trick I’m going to show you might stun even the most experienced bettors.

At the start of the post I told you that bookies will give me a comission if you register after clicking on any of the banners on the website, remember? So guess what I’m telling you now: become your own affiliate to significantly increase your profits.

This step is optional, but it can make a big difference. Bookies offer different types of comissions for their affiliates. I won’t go into detail here. But just think about the possiblity of recovering between 15% and 30% of your losses.

You just need a blog that contains relevant content to apply for affiliation. Of course, you will need to use your company’s name or just ask some relative to help you set it up, as you can’t normally be your own affiliate.

This was an example of how you can start making money betting on sports.

You started with 500 units and after a month you’ve got 1200, without including this last piece of advice. With it, you could have reached around 1400 units.

But you can start with any amount of money you want – there are loads of sportsbook deposit bonus offers.

I’ll leave further calculations and predictions to you. Think about this as an investment. Your bank will be constantly growing. Just think about how much you’ll be staking in 2 years time.

I hope this post has helped you change your luck. Share it with your friends to help them change their luck!

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