How to Make Money From a Blogging

Nowadays, The blogging career is being common in the world. Everybody is trying to earn good revenue from a blogger. But due to low visitors some people can’t earn from it. They should remember one thing that if you want to earn money offline or online, you’ll need to work hard and to earn from a blog, you need to work hard to build the traffic and content because only traffic can be converted into money and content can bring the traffic. Those who are new in the blogging career and don’t know how to make money from a blog then this post is specially for them because here they will get the perfect answer of their question. In order to earn handsome revenue from a blogging, you must have some things in your blog which I’ve discussed below.

Required Things To Earn Good Amount From a Blog

The first thing is that you’ve the good number of traffic which is most important. You’ll need to work hard in building the traffic of your blogdite. Because that traffic will be converted into revenue by serving ads on your blog. Second thing is that your blog must have original and unique content and it will help you in getting approval from any advertising network and people also love unique content and it will help you in building traffic. Third thing is that you should join the good advertising networks that can help in making huge money don’t join local networks and I recommend Google AdSense, BuySellAds and Yahoo Ads.

If you’ve above mentioned things then you’ll not face any problem in making good revenue. Now I’ve described some ways by which you can make money from a blog.

1# Pay Per Click [PPC] Network

This is the first way to make money from a blog. In this way, you’ll need to join the pay per click network. The most popular PPC network is Google AdSense. If you get the approval from Google AdSense then you will be given ad codes which you’ve to implement on your blogspot. After that the ads will be live on your blog. Now when someone click on that ad then you’ll be paid for each click.

2# Affiliate Advertisement Network

This is second way which is also popular and however, you can use both ways on your blog but your blog must contain a good space for placing ads. So in this way, You will need to join any affiliate network. On that network people use to buy and sell advertisements. After getting approval from any network, You will have to create ad space slots and you will have to setup those slots on sell with required time and money. Now when someone will be interested in advertising on your blog then he will submit his ad on any slot of you. Another thing, You can also get advertisers from that network.

3# In Text Advertising Network

So this is the third way and in this method you will need to join the in text advertising network. InfoLinks is the best in this kind of advertising. After joining the InfoLinks, You will need to get the ad code from your account and then add that code in your blog. But before joining that network make sure that you’ve text content on your blog because this will convert the target keyword words into ad links. So your content will be mixed with ads and on each click you’ll be paid,

4# Offer Services On Your Blog

This is another interesting way to make handsome revenue from your blog. But this method is suitable for those blogs which can do related service with their blog. I mean if your blog is based of web development then you can offer HTML Templates, PHP Themes and many more related stuff. By this you can earn good revenue through your blog but traffic is important and also add some samples as demo of your work.

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn to make money from your blog. I hope this post will help you in understanding the basics of earning money through a blog. If you’ve more ideas then please do share with us in comments. Any problem or question? ask in comments. Also subscribe us to get hot updates in inbox. Take a lot of care of you and your family. Cheers!


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