Sometimes you have to make sacrifices

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for Renee and I as we went to go see the litter of puppies that will yield us our newest addition to the Family next month. In March of 2010 we lost our Sasha at 15 1/2 years old. She was the most beautiful and unique canine that had ever entered our lives. Because of that it has taken us this long to decide to get another Samoyed puppy. I think the main reason we decided to move forward with adopting one of these little fur balls is that our black lab Jack has never been the same since Sasha passed away. Sasha was his boss and he would just let her do whatever she wanted, even though Jack outweighed her by 40 pounds! It was pretty funny.

Here is a picture of Sasha the last summer she was with us in 2009. In this picture she was a few months away from her 15th birthday. As you can see she was a beautiful girl and was given the nickname of ” Precious baby” at an early age for obvious reasons! This picture is my wallpaper on my Mac and is the wallpaper on my wife’s phone. In fact I am tearing up as I write this post. OK, enough of that lets get to the point!

This entire process made me think about sacrifices that we all have to make so that we can accomplish our goals. I hear SO many people say they want this, they want that, yet they are unwilling to make any sacrifices to reach those goals. These are the same people that will tell me that ” I am Lucky” to have what I have. Heck luck has zero to do with it. I have accomplished what I have accomplished in my life thus far because I have made the sacrifices to reach my goals such as turn off the TV, give up some of my hobbies, work longer hours etc. In addition to that I have changed my mindset over time to use the laws of attraction on a more consistent basis. So luck has nothing to do it. I was told one time luck is where persistence meets opportunity, now that I can agree with.

Back to my puppy story. A few days ago my wife comes to me freaking out about the puppy saying ” Are we doing the right thing? We work so much and OMG what about raising the puppy the right way? and what about her waking us up in the middle of night?” Blah Blah…she kept going on. Finally, I snapped her out of it and said ” honey making a few sacrifices for this new addition is not a big deal and is well worth it. I eventually calmed her down, but I knew deep down inside she was still freaking out.

Then yesterday morning rolled around and we began our 1 1/2 hour drive to the breeders house. On the way up she was pretty quiet till we got to the house. When we stepped out of our car we saw that all too familiar white hair everywhere in the breeders yard and at that point we looked at each other and smiled. We had not seen that in over a year and a half and it brought back so many found memories of our Sasha. Then we went inside the house and saw the most beautiful puppies we have ever seen.

Meet Sophie

When Renee saw this cute little girl it was all she wrote. Sometimes we have to have something hit us in the face to make us realize that with great sacrifice comes great rewards. Please keep this in mind when you are working towards your goals and are forced to make decisions as to where to allocate your time and resources. Ultimately it will always be worth it….

Tom Brady

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