The 4 Biggest Mistakes Your Salon Website Makes

Hands down with out a doubt, if your salon website  is not getting you new clients, it is not doing what it should be. As a hair salon owner, your sole purpose should be on getting new clients through your door every single day. Building a website is only worthwhile if it helps you do exactly that.

If you aren’t seeing a consistent flow of new clients coming through your door from your website, it is likely your website is making one or all of the following mistakes.

1. No Opt-In

If you want to turn a website visitor into a new client, you have to give them the opportunity to do it. Put an opt-in form on your homepage, and every page of your website asking for at least an email address. This will allow you to stay in contact with potential clients. Simply staying in the forefront of their mind can be enough to earn a new client. If you don’t ask for their email, they won’t give it to you. Pretty obvious right? Too many websites don’t do it though.

2. No Incentive to Opt-In

It is awesome if you are asking for email addresses, but it is even more awesome if you offering something in exchange for their email address. Offering something of value will increase how many people elect to give you their email. Offering them something will also build a relationship with them. They will be grateful for the free gift, or coupon, and they will be more likely to become a customer.

3. No “Whats In It For Me?”

A new visitor to your website ultimately wants to know what you can do for them. If there is a visitor on your website looking for a new hair salon, they likely have a problem. They might need a specialty service, a hair color expert or a new hair salon all together. The first thing you should do is present the problems your salon solves. This immediately tells the visitor they have found the right place for them. It will increase their chances of going one step further in becoming your new client.

4. No Blog

If you want to show up in search engines, you website needs to be relevant and up to date. The best way to keep your website fresh is with a blog. It will attract repeat visitors and become a central hub for your hair salon. It will help retain clients, educate clients and bring them in the salon more often. Publishing a blog is a great way to position yourself as the hair care specialist in you area.

If you correct one or all of these mistakes you might expect a new surge of clients coming into your hair salon. I understand, as designers we are all visual people. We like things that look nice. There is nothing wrong with a website that looks nice as long as it is bringing in new clients. If you have to sacrifice looks for a website that gets you new clients fast, do it.

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