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There are many ways to make money writing online. Just one of them will be laid out here. It is one that you probably haven’t read about before.

Make Money Writing Online Ebooks

Okay, you have heard about ebooks and selling them. This isn’t quite the usual way to do that however. You do have to have a compelling ebook to sell to start this project. Something that “hooks” readers in the first chapter and leaves them wanting more. You can write this yourself or buy the rights to an ebook you like, but you need the full rights, allowing you to do anything you want with it.

For the sake of this example, we’ll suppose that you have an ebook on how to trade stocks profitably. It doesn’t have to be very long, but break it up into twenty or more chapters. Be sure that each chapter – especially the early ones – makes the reader want more. Drop hints as to what’s coming next or later in the book. Let the reader know they need the information in Chapter Twenty. Tease them.

Set up a website or a page on your existing site to sell the book. You may want to learn the techniques of writing powerful sales copy or hire help. But even with a relatively weak sale’s pitch, you’re going to have an edge on most seller’s as you’ll see. The site itself should be promoted in all the usual ways, from free or cheap advertising to article distribution.

Now, you can sell an ebook through a service that handles digital products. It doesn’t cost much to set up an account at these places, and they’ll handle the actual sales when that order button is clicked on your website. This means no need to deal with credit cards yourself. It keeps things simple, and allows you to later spend your time working on your next project.

So far this is how most people sell ebooks. But now comes the twist. You take the book and break it into chapters or parts – twenty or more – and put each part on a web page. Using an autoresponder (these services start as low as $20 per month), you set up mailing to go out each week. These emails direct the recipient to the next part of the book on your website. Put a form on the sale’s page and once a visitor subscribes they automatically get a mailing each week for many months.

You see, the visitor can buy the book for $12 we’ll say, or get it free a chapter at a time over the months. Why do this? First, because people are impatient. If the book is good, they will see that and not want to wait. The first time I tried this my book sales doubled. Yes, I sold twice as many ebooks once I started giving them away.

It helps to remind them continually that they can buy the book if they no longer want to wait. Also let them know that they’ll get a bonus or two when they buy. You can write these yourself or buy an ebook or two with resale rights.

Okay, so you might sell more books, as I did. But there’s more to it than that. On all the pages where the parts of the book are hosted, you will have either pay-per-click ads or affiliate promotions to make even more money for you. The two times I have used this way to make money writing online, I made as much on the click revenue as with the book sales. In the given example of a stock trading book, you might advertise a course on trading options on relevant pages, or get commissions from an online broker that you recommend, and so on.

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