Why Choose Network Marketing?

There are many people out there who are looking for a way to earn an extra income part-time from home and many of them have heard about network marketing and are wondering if it would be the right fit for them. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article I will explain to you the benefits of getting into network marketing, so you can make an informed decision as to if it’s right for you or not.

I’m doing this because even though I think network marketing is amazing, and you can make sh*t loads of money in it, and meet some amazing people, it’s not for everyone! It takes a certain characteristic and attitude to be your own boss. You truly have to want to be a network marketer in order for you to enjoy what you’re doing. Regardless of what others have mentioned to you about network marketing, it takes work and is not for those who give up easily when faced with a challenge.

Just like anything else in life you will be faced with moments of hardship and it’s up to you to stick it out until things get better. network marketing can truly be an amazing field to get into if you have the passion for it. With that being said let’s get into things.

Here Are Some Reason’s Why People love getting Into network marketing.

Affordable Start Up Cost

A lot of people like the fact that with network marketing you don’t have to have
large amounts of cash to join a company as a distributor. usually with network
marketing companies you pay a small registration fee. This fee can range from
$20-$50. If you’re getting into an affiliate program that is ran by an individual
and not a company you can pay up in the hundreds to join! It’s that person’s
program so he can charge what he wants.

Any how, With network marketing companies a registration fee is needed and
most likely you will end up purchasing marketing tools from them.It’s still
doesn’t compare to opening a franchise which is garaunteed to cost you
hundreds of thousands of dollars. So network marketing is definitely more
affordable to get into.

You Can Start Part-Time

This was one of my favorite parts of joining a network marketing company. I could start it up part time while i worked full time, it was great! I first started working on it on the weekend, the slowly started doing it before work, early in the morning. Then to get more leverage I was doing it after work. keep in mind this was only twice on weekdays and two hours both on Saturday and Sunday. I still had time to spend with family and go out with friends.

Starting part-time will also give you a basic feel of things and will allow you to find out if you like network marketing or not. As the great jim Rohn use to say “Work full-time at your job, while you work part-time on your fortune!” I love it!

Training From Coaches and Top Earners

When you register to a network marketing company you most likely will register under someone. This person is called your sponsor or upline leader depending on what company you register to. this person will be there to coach and mentor you towards become a great marketer like he/she is. You usually have training calls, and also go to training presentations twice a week held by the company. I know almost all of the network marketing companies have this, so make sure you take advantage of it. This training really does help you out. The more you know the more you can apply.

You can’t do this by yourself you need help and training. Imagine doing all that research and reading all by yourself on how to market and brand the products the company gives you. It would take forever. That’s what you have to do if you create and sell your own products, network marketing however, has the information and training all set up and ready for you.

Support and Encouragement

In your network marketing company you are sure to get a lot of support and encouragement from your fellow networkers, your sponsor, and the company. they all want you to do your best so you can succeed. The atmosphere there is always welcoming and loving. you are always encouraged to go to the training sessions and will get rewarded based on performance. these rewards are amazing! i will talk about them in a few minutes. but things like that are a boost to your confidence and will make you try harder at becoming a top earner within your company. To succeed you need to be in an environment that supports your dreams and goals, and pushes you to be the best individual you can be. Network marketing does that for you.

Unlimited Compensation For your Efforts!

You know this is one of the many reasons why me as well as so many others love network marketing. if you were working a 9-5 with some company you would definitely not make more than the average network marketer because you’re exchanging hours for cash. there’s no leverage in that. With network marketing you can leverage other affiliates by registering them under you (dowline) and get paid off of their efferts. Also the better you do the more the company you distribute for will compensate you with rewards, cash bonuses, cars or whatever else that company has as compensation for you moving up in the ranks.

There is literally no ceiling to what you can earn with network marketing companies. I should know I have been in a few and the compensations for becoming networker of the year or a top sponsor within the company are rediculous!!!

They treat you like a king when you help them distribute and sell their products. You can earn hundreds of thousands, even millions a year, and get cash,jewelry, vacation packages, and car rewards from your company on top of that. You can’t get this from 97% of the jobs that are out there. It’s a fact.

Long-term Income

When you’re in network marketing you have a chance to start earning something called residual income. This is done by doing something once and getting paid for it over and over again. Something like what your cell phone or tv company does. they register you to their company and you pay for the service on a monthly basis for many years! You can do this with network marketing companies that put their customers an something called an auto-ship program. So if you as a distributor sell a product that your customer would like to have on auto-shipping you get paid from that customer on a monly basis for as long as he wants to be on auto-ship. You registered him once and get paid for it for years creating a residual income for yourself. This is long term cash my friends. Most if not all network marketing companies have something like this. It’s a great way to make cash.

Passive income. this is another way of how you can make long term cash, is by building a downline. you can build a downline of affiliates and get paid a percentage of their sales! Everytime they make a sale you get paid a commission from it. getting paid off of other people’s efferts allows you to relaz a little more and not stress yourself so much. if you teach your downline to be great marketers you will build a huge commession nest for yourself on a monthly basis. Doesn’t that sound great?

Well that’s it. This is why I recommend network marketing to others. It’s an amazing field to get into and can really create financial independence for you and your family. All you have to do now is pick a company. Let me help you with that. Click the link below.

Good Luck!

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