Why Jaaxy’s The Best Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is Superior to all other keyword research tools and I am going to explain why Jaaxy’s The Best Keyword Research Tool in the text below.

Let’s start out by explaining what a keyword research tool does. Any product or service you rent or buy should be of good or Great quality, Right? You’re not going to go out an buy a car with no tires or engine are you? You want your a car to run like a champ.

The same goes for your online business, when you run a business online you want to make sure you have all the latest tools to help it run efficiently. Am I right? When you invest your time and money into a product that is suppose to help you perform at a Superior level, you want it to work and to work every time for you.

A Keyword Research & Management Tool should be able to provide you with the minimum following information –

* It should display all the Website Competition, website’s online using the Search Term (Keyword or Keyword Phrase)
* The Volume of searches performed daily and per month online for that Keyword
* SEO Score – this will let you know if the keyword has a good enough score within Google to generate traffic or not You want a QSR less than 300 for it to be effective in in search results
* Options to save keyword list specific to your Niche
* The ability to check top ranking websites using Search Term
* Display different variations using the Keyword Phrases (Alphabet Soup)

Those are options on the average Keyword Tools found online. In just a moment i am going to introduce you to the power of Jaaxy.

The trouble with so many Research Tools, is that you pay for there service an chance’s are they will not show you how to use there tools or service. You will be left alone to figure it out. That is not the case with Jaaxy, you will have step by step instruction, a video walk through from the co-founder Kyle. He explains everything in great detail.

If you use Google Keyword Tools it is a mind twisting confusion, it took me half a day to figure out how to use Googles tools.

Many of the keyword search tools give you result according to PPC ( Pay Per Click) search volume’s and most of the information is useless, and of no relevance to your need’s. You want to avoid useless information. it does you no good and will never give you the quality traffic you pay for.

It is astonishing how much it cost for useless information. I did a search for Keyword Research Tools and the first two I see were Spyfu.com $49 – $299 and the other is Semrush.com $69.95 – $549.95 A MONTH people are out of there minds to pay that much for useless information. That is between roughly $600 – $6,600 A YEAR. I just can not believe it. I did not see any walk through training on how to use there research tools, just a bunch of flashy screen shots and TRY IT NOW buttons.

Those are usually the five indicators I avoid in a keyword tool services. It proves they are of lower grade service and they usually are the ones who have really high prices and not very good services.

At this point, I have told you what the basic’s of what a Keyword Search Tool does an things to avoid. Now I would like to tell you about the only Keyword and Management Tool worth investing your time and money into.

Jaaxy is the best overall Keyword Research Tool I have come across.

My Top 5 favorite things I like about using Jaaxy are as follow’s (this is strictly my opinion)

Sound’s pretty much like a winner to me, I am stating my opinion about Jaaxy. If I didn’t feel so confident about using Jaaxy Keyword Management Tool you would not be reading this now. I feel so confindent that you will like it also that i am sharing it with you because I personally think everyone who is starting a new online busioness or already has one should be using Jaaxy. It is Simple and it opens up new dimensions to keyword research that no other keyword tool company has.

When i do a search I look for these three thing in my results –

Let me give you an example of a search term so you can see for yourself how it works. I will search for the first thing that pops to mind (Binoculars). So say I was thinking of creating a niches website about Binoculars I will go to Jaaxy and type it into the search best binoculars for hunting because I know hunters use them and the following result come up for the search term.

As you can see the keyword phrase we used for this example has a lot of usable keywords with great ratings, indicated by the green dot. It has 371 monthly searches, if you rank on the first page of Google your cite will get about 64 visitors a month. The QSR is the number of competing websites using the exact same keyword and that is 174, which is very good. ideally you do not want to use keywords with a QSR higher than 300. You can see some of the keyword have no competing websites. The lower the competition the better your chances are, the higher your seo score is the better chance you have of being ranked on the first page.

If this page seems a little confusing don’t worry about it, once you use it a couple of times you will see how easy it really is. I want to share this training video with you to give you a more detailed demonstration of how Jaaxy works. The video is done by the co-founder Kyle and it really gives a great training for you.

What do you thin? Pretty awesome right? You see all the tools offered with Jaaxy, and every one of the tools is designed to maximize your result to find you the most relevant best quality keywords online. With result that Jaaxy find for you niche, it will be hard not to get first page rankings as long as your Content is relevant and full of good usable information. Do you understand why I wanted to share Jaaxy with the world?

Here is a Jaaxy Search Tool if you would like to take it for a test spin. Just type in a Niche idea or a keyword for your existing website. You will like this


I think by now you may think that Jaaxy is a great tool and if that’s the case there are plan option to suit your need’s. Take a look at the options below and choose the one that best suits you. They are all great options as for which one is up to you.

* Jaaxy’s Free Starter Option – Free
* Jaaxy Pro Option – $19 a month $199 a year –
* Jaaxy’s Enterprise Option – $49 a month $499 a year – this option is like the “Bentley” of Keyword Tools it has all the belles and whistles

Choose the Option that is best suited for you online business, do you dabble, do you have a few websites or are you really driven and have 10 or 20 websites? Enterprise is more detailed for Power User’s. Pro is the option i use personally because i am not a power user but i use it enough to need access to more of the tools. The Free option is pretty much just trying it out and seeing what I can come up with until I can make a decision. Either option is a great way to enhance your online business niches and to help get your first page rankings.

Another Great thing about Jaaxy is that it is web based so you can log on from any device as long as you have a internet connection.

Get Jaaxy today and your website will begin to live in plain view of the world upon the First Pages of the search engines.


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